Friday, December 19, 2014


fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois
A little back Fabletics held a little master classs with Sebastian Drabow, one of Fabletics very own masters, who educated us on all things Paleo.
I don't know if you have heard of the diet known as Paleo, it was my first time to be honest, but a Paleo diet is no different to that of a man from the stone age. Thinking about it, everything on the Paleo No-Go list is a creation by our food industry, and sugar to Paleo comes pretty close to what Osama Bin Laden was to the United States of America, #1 enemy. Right up on that list you'll find anything processed, cereal products, pulses(legumes) and milk products. My initial thought was, "Ehm ok so.. what's left to eat, because last time I checked, that was all I was having.."

Monday, December 15, 2014


Oliveda beauty lisforlois Oliveda beauty lisforlois
Hey dear ones!
It's been a while since I last posted a beauty post. No, it's been too long. Anyway I wanted to share some products I have been trying for more than a month now. I was kindly sent a few items of my choice by the Oliveda team and I have to admit I've never heard or tried any of their products before. I did some research and I agreed to having some sent to me. I took my time testing, because I didn't just want to introduce you to some fancy looking products. I wanted to be able to speak from personal experience. I think more than a month of trying and testing good enough to pen a post.
So let's get right to it, shall we?

Sunday, December 07, 2014


I remember the first time I heard about LuisaViaRoma, or better said read about the online shop and boutique from Firenze(Florence, Italy). It was on one of my fav blogs. And I immediately fell in love with their sortiment. From Givenchy to Elie Saab, from Balmain to Chloe, from Dolce to Kenzo or Dolce&Gabbana to everything designer a girl could dream of! From Handbags to shoes or clothing and accessories - anything I couldn't afford, but secretly saved up for.
And just like Net-A-Porter and Shopbop, I frequently visit and loose myself in a world of fashion I'd love more than anything to style myself in on a daily basis. Not for the name, but for the art and craftsmanship those Label-ed pieces come with.

Friday, December 05, 2014


Guess I'm back to Youtub-ing again. After your great reception of my first videos,  but I finally uploaded a new video. I'm talking about my favorite products from the last couple of months.
Click the image to see the video on Youtube or click here.
Ps.: I've linked all the products in the info box.

Also please leave a comment to let me know what I can improve. Is the music to loud? (It's a little boring, sorry! Finding good royalty free music is a pain the ass! -.-)

Anyway... See you next week! I'd love for you to subscribe :)

Hope you like it!

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Oh Christmas season I'm beginning to like you a lot, a lot more than I already do! Ok confession time:
I've never had a Christmas sweater. Ever. Not because my grandma can't sow, but in Ghana a Christmas is the last thing my grandma would be thinking about. I don't know but if I was a grandma in Africa I'd probably be making handmade Christmas Flip Flops for my grandkids or so.

Since Forever 21 wanted to indulge me in the spirits and traditions of the one true original Ugly Christmas sweater, they invited me to have fun in their X-Mas workshop admits a small group of classy yet sassy enough for the good ol' Christmas sweater fashion bloggers such as Ebba freaking Zingmark, who is even prettier in reality. Her fairytale pictures hardly do her any justice. With Glühwein and cookies and christmas music, the early evening felt perfect. And my create-shit-game was strong.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


footlocker week of greatness
This week was the Week of Greatness at Foot Locker, a very special week for all sneaker enthusiasts out there, because Foot Locker released 50 different style of pairs across the entire week with sneakers and classics from Nike to Adidas to Asics, Reebok and more. For me day 5 (26th November) had the most interesting release - the Nike Flystepper 2k3.
In celebration of the week, Foot Locker sent me a pair of Adidas Sneakers to style up. This is by far the

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


patrick mohr k1x mk5 launch berlin patrick mohr k1x mk5 launch berlin
So last Friday I stopped by the Patrick Mohr x K1X sneaker launch of the brand new MK5 with my girl Joeva (read her post here). Unlike last year's party, its launch was celebrated in a small in-store event held at the Overkill Berlin store (Tipp: In need of unique, special edition or simply rad Sneakers? Stop by Overkill!) with limited access and early access to purchasing the highly limited Patrick Mohr x K1X MK5 sneakers which dropped midnight.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Patrick Mohr K1X MK4 DCAC T-Shirt lisforlois
In honour of the latest K1X x Patrick Mohr sneaker, the highly anticipated MK5, dropping tonight at midnight, I decided to show you an outfit with my limited edition Patrick Mohr x K1X T-shirt I received during the MK4 DCAC sneaker launch. Of course I'll be at the launch party tonight and I'll bring you all the details and pics form the party. Hopefully in real time on Instagram @LisforLOIS. (phone stolen - still no new one -.-')

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Bloomy Days x Rosenthal Adventskranz workshop
Christmas is coming. It's nearer than you may think. 5 more weeks, I think? And honestly nothing has exactly has put me in christmas mood, except for that one night - that one night at Rosenthal with Bloomy Days.
It was one of those exceptionally cold November days, too warm for snow, yet cold enough for you to see your breath fogging up every time you exhaled. But inside the scent of hot wine Punsch and Lebkuchen lingered in the air. Inside, I was wrapped up in our own little Christmas bubble.
Rosenthal had the most amazing table set up I've ever seen.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


joop-crazy-night-at-felix-felix-clubrestaurant (7) Okay so a little back I had one the craziest nights ever. And trust when I say EVER.
You can take my word for it.
It was the Joop! Crazy Night and Jasmin being without a date invited me to come along. So I jumped one of my party dresses I got at the ASOS Sample Sale and got ready for a girls night out with my girl Jasmin.
Our night started with an open bar overlooking the dancefloor of the Felix Club before the club even opened. We had strip dancers on the end of each bar and kinky toys and glitter make up to get us into the mood of the crazy night ahead of us.
Joop! invited a few selected guests (Jimi Blue &Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht and friends) plus a small hand full of bloggers AnneAmandine, Laura, and the homme to go boys + Josie. That night

Monday, November 03, 2014


Lois Opoku fall fashion lisforlois michael kors mini bag
Hey Guys,

How have you been? I'm back at uni. I've pretty much hated uni the past year, but this year is different. I'm motivated, and I've even managed to programme some really awesome shit. Yeah, yeah i know it's pretty basic sofar, but I won't let anyone rain on my parade. Having no prior knowledge to computing whatsoever, I feel elated and very much like an OG when I write my own programes and get them to actually work.
If you don't already know I study Business + IT here in Berlin since last year. Ehem this year. Last year was more of an alibi thing. I was struggling and ended up not going at all, because at uni you are free to choose to attend. And one thing I like to do is avoid and stay clear from things that I don't like, that make me uncomfortable.
This year is going to be different.

I chose some cute pieces from Wallis for today's look. Perfect for fall transitioning I chose this sweater with lace detail - its accent matching perfectly with my lil Michael Kors. For accessorizing I limited myself to arm swag and statement studs which I also got from Wallis. (How cute is that glittery buckle belt bracelet?!)
I've always been a huge fan of patent leather loafers and I wore my first pair I got from H&M to death. So I can't be more happy to finally have a new pair. They still need adjusting to my feet and once they get comfortable, my feet and them slippers will be inseparable.
These faux ponyhair slippers are everything.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
I had the honor and pleasure to train for 3 months one of Berlin's most luxurious recreation and sports centers and one of Europe's finest Member's club Aspria.
Aspria offers exclusive memberships and they come with one hell of advantages. From a separate Spa to Club Hotel, Bar and Restaurant and the main gym, Aspria has a lot to offer and the Aspria Berlin at Ku'damm is only one of 8 around the world. And being a member you can check into any of their clubs.
I'd love a weekend at the Aspria Harbour Club in Italy. And if I was a full year round member, I'd treat myself twice or trice a year to an Italian weekend getaway of recreation, sports, fine dining, soul searching and reconnecting body, mind and soul in that very Aspria Club.

The services are endless, and for 3 months I got lost in a completely different world, a world that puts your health and body first and totally values every individual.
A membership at Aspria has its prize, but if there is one thing I realized during my time there, it is that we are worth it, as any L'Oreal Paris ad would word it.
And coming to think of it, the amount of money I've wasted on clothing only to end up in the back of my closet or unwearable after only 3-4 washes, I could have limited myself to 1 or 2 designer purchases a year or membership like this.
It's about priorities..

Living a healthy life is priceless.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


lady gaga eau de gaga, moroccanoil, the original beauty blender, ysl rouge volute, h&m statement earrings blue 2014
Hi my lovely munchkins,

it is my 21 birthday today! A day of celebration! And I like to give love on my special day. As a sign of my appreciation for living another full year I put together a little giveaway for you guys which includes the infamous MorroccanOil, the beauty blender every beauty guru seems to be gushing about from The Original Beauty Blender, the very new Lady Gaga scent Eau De Gaga, that has just been released, a pair of stunning statement earrings and a lippie from YSL Beauty. Consider this my present to you. <3
As of now I am legal in any country of the world.

Upload your birthday greetings to me via Instagram or Twitter by tagging me @LisforLois or post one to my Facebook page wall with the hashtag #lisforlois21. Fill out the form for extra entries.

I will choose a winner at random once the giveaway ends.

Winner is: YOYO K!

Love Lois xxx

Monday, October 06, 2014


Lois Opoku waterfall skirt streetstyle lisforlois
I shot some really awesome pictures with my friend Mali a little while back. I've shot a couple of outfit pictures in this location, yet I never realized how stunning this place could look in pictures.
It's all about perspectives.
Mali and me make a great team. Whoever is behind or in front of the camera, it feels comfortable, natural. And the results never fail to amaze me. Sometimes I can't stop taking pictures of her and I feel like I've got it, but she disagrees. I know it's not me, or the pictures. It's something personal. I really enjoy taking pictures of her. She's naturally beautiful and her style is amazing. Two things that make it impossible for me to stop pressing the shutter release.
She's perfect to practice photography skills on (of which I have none), and developing the eye, which seem like a pair of sunglasses I put on whenever I'm with her, shooting her.

I'm loving the pictures I've shot with her. Of course it would only be cruel not to share. Hope you enjoy jet another set by wonderful Mali.

I'm off to hang out with the Keds Team. See you on Insta!
@LisforLois if you have forgotten ;)

Saturday, October 04, 2014


Palazzo pants kitty flats Streetstyle Lois Opoku
Been enjoying the last couple of days as summer decided to finally make an appearance. It's hard to believe it's October already and I'm turning 21 in 4 days. This year has passed by so quickly. It feels like my last birthday was just a couple of weeks back, but a complete year has passed. A complete year.
University is starting again in a week plus minus a couple of days, but it'd be like it's starting in a few hours given how I perceive time these days. Is it just me or is it like everything is sped up? Life is sped up? It's like life is stuck on rush hour. Like your thumb is stuck on the 4x fast-forward button on the remote control and there is no way to release it.
Time is not what time used to feel like.
This year I'm just gonna go through with uni, go to all classes, write all exams. Get it over with. Before I know it I'll have my bachelor degree in Business IT. It will feel like a few weeks. Life and time is passing me by and I have a hard time making the best out of it. Living in the now. People alway say "Live in the present! Enjoy every Moment"
How do they do it when you've lost complete feel for the measure of time. I for one feel in complete dissolution with time.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Lois Opoku x mexx lisforlois bw outfit fashion
I've teamed up with Mexx to celebrate the opening of their brand new store in the new Mall of Berlin at Leipziger Platz. Having worked the best job evaaa at LP12 last weekend, I am already a huge fan of the new Mall. It's so big, it's easy to get lost in it for some hours of shopping. There is no store you won't find there.
As for Mexx, it's situated not far from the entrance, perfect. I had a look at their latest collection with their lovely team during the opening. I instantly fell in love with this blouse. Classic, white, and a very timeless cut - elegant yet super cute thanks to the dotted holes as the perfect little detail. It's the beginning of fall and fall beginning always makes me feel like bringing out my all leather pants. In a classic black and white look I combined my new Mexx blouse.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Lois Opoku Summer Outfit Berlin lisforlois
Summer is definitely coming to an end in Berlin, although we enjoy the occasional hot days every now and then which were truly missed during the actual summer months and honestly it feels like August again. Something like September Summer?
I'm loving the backdrop of today's pictures. This huge ass fountain completely out of place. I have walked passed it. Several times. Often actually.
Anytime I'm on my way to my best Friends house after gym.

Sometimes you walk through the world, blind, completely shutting out your surroundings, and then you open your eyes and discover treasures. Treasures that have been there all along. Treasures you've seen ever so often before, but never took a minute to appreciate. And sometimes you happen to have you're camera along with you and you can capture those places, that moment.
It looks like I'm in Bali right? Oh Bali, I so desperately want to discover you.
This is my little Bali getaway right here in Berlin.
This is as close as I'll get to Bali this year.
I'm coming for you next year, Bali.
I've started saving.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Lois Opoku green dress Michael Kors bag lisforlois
These shots were taken right after my morning at the Uniqlo store for the Ines de La Fressange collections launch and my awesome afternoon with Levis. I'm totally loving the reflections in the huge windows, perfectly matching to one of my favorite dresses. This dress is a piece from the last ASOS Africa collection. I got it at the ASOS sample sale where every dress cost 5€! (So lucky I grabbed it before Hadnet Tesfai (truly beautiful German TV personality), because she was really digging that dress and couldn't stop complementing me on my find.) Btw I never really revealed what I end up buying at that Sample Sale, but this is one of those dresses. Trust me, Sample Sales are THE B.E.S.T.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Michael Kors
Finally mine. The little designer bag of my dreams and a great quality rose gold watch. Check! Both had been on my wish list and my personal "Essentials for a timeless Wardrobe"-List. When Larissa sent me a pic of this bag via Whatsapp beginning of this year, I knew it was the one. The little not-so-ordinary designer bag I'd save up on for my timeless wardrobe. I nearly had all the money together with the 100€ gift voucher I got. But then I just lost the voucher. Moment of Horror! Owning this bag seemed so far away again. What a set back! But I was patient.
And then came along the collaboration with Designer Outlet Berlin and a Thank You gift card.
So after holding on very tightly to my new voucher and checking every 10 mins if it was still there, first thing I did after all work was done, was run to the MK Boutique and purchase my new baby. Turns out this baby was even reduced to 139€ from the initial 209€ (original price 339€).

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_111 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_61
Last Thursday with Levi's felt like a perfect end to summer. The sun was back out, it was the beginning of Berlin Festival and Levi's invited us to the Oberhafenkantine (huuuge yard with a cute little wooden house and a glass house) to celebrate the launch of Levi's latest project: #LiveInLevis. The campaign features so many different people - people with different backgrounds - artist, dancers, barbers, singers, social media managers, Alexandra from 4thandbleeker (<3) in an image trailer whose lives couldn't be more unalike. It follows them in their Levi's as they uncover their tales. The trailer itself is pretty inspiring. But that's not all, if you visit your local Levi's Store, you'll discover more #LiveInLevis stories from local characters. The Berlin Kudamm store got a makeover from none other than the dudes from Dandy Diary & Jessie from

Thursday, September 04, 2014


The Designer Outlet Berlin is celebrating its birthday with a birthday week full of surprises and style (think special offers, live concerts and more!). And in all things style, they asked Özi from Fashion Monger, Dustin from Shiggers On Street, Anni from Bildhübsch Blog and me for our expertise and to interpret and come up with a modern Rock'n'Roll party outfit in a blogger challenge for their birthday party. This is the look I created. I chose a marble print shift dress from Mango which I combined with not one but two statement belts, because you know, it's rock'n'roll to go against norms, held together in around my hips. The total gem of this outfit is this stunner of a jacket by True Religion covered with black studs.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Dream now Lois Opoku black white look monochrome lisforlois
I spent Saturday with Mali, Tissi and Joeva at the Blogger Bazaar. The entrance fee of 8€ was way too much, but we kinda hung around until 8 downing as many Ciroc drinks and Haägen Dasz Cookies & Cream as we could and chilled out on the roof top until we made amends that there was no way we could get those 8€ back or make it worthwhile. Kudos to the girls from Blogger Bazaar for organizing everything and making it happen, no doubt, but those 8€ were definitely too much for an entrance fee. Especially if you were planning on going to actually shop there you kinda already left a lot just at the entrance. Nonetheless I had fun with my girls and I was really happy we could convince Mali to waste some cash as well and come hang out with us.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Saudade Street One Lois Opoku lisforlois

Saudade. One of my favorite words I've ever heard of. Just like Serendipity. I used to wonder why my super hot husband Neymar used this word so often on his Instagram along with long messages and pictures of people who I assumed to be dear ones of his. So I googled it and kept that word in my heart ever since. Its meaning so hard to translate but beautiful as the sound of it.
This currently one of my fav T-Shirts and I'm really proud to wear it. Not only because it says Saudade but because it was designed by my friends Desi & Nisi in collaboration with Street One during a recent blogger workshop and sort of press preview. I've been practically living in this T-Shirt. According to comments this shirt is highly in demand and I sincerely hope Street One decides to reproduce some more.

Street One. If I think about Street One, I don't exactly think "fashion forward!" or "yeah must go

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Okay this has been a step I've been thinking about for a looooong time. Trust me, I have considered stepping into the Youtube world since the end of last year. Well actually about a year ago just before my trip to L.A. I told and he suggested Youtube to me and kinda inflicted that thought within me. Then I started helping Nisi filming some of her videos and it really became something I seriously considered.

Now I've finally done it. I took the step.

Here it is. The next step. And I'm ready for new adventures and creating new content. New kind of content. You'll finally get to see me in action. I decided to start with an outfit video, something I do on my blog already anyway, just that it's in motion this time. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. So let me know what you think about my first video, which I couldn't have done without the help of my friend Nisi.

Do you like it? I really hope you do. Because I really enjoyed making it.

For outfit details, head over to my new channel: Lois Opoku and watch the video Outfit of the Day - Waterfall Skirts and Leather Jacket on Youtube. You'll find everything in the description box and I've directly linked a few items incase you want to shop them. Oh and hit the "thumbs up" and "subscribe" button while you're at it. It'll make me really happy.
Okay. Okay.

Oh and just a piece of advice, whatever you've been planning or considering on doing, may it be this week, the last couple of months or right this second - JUST DO IT <3

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Lois Opoku mittsommer nokia #lumiasummerglow lisforlois
About a month ago Nokia invited for a celebration of summer with a pop of color. I first thought about coming in a yellow summer dress to match the new Lumia 930, 630 & 635 with Windows Phone 8.1, which come in bright orange, green, yellow or black or white, and live up to summer brights but then decided for this white hippie touch dress I got from Esprit during their beautiful Mittsommar afternoon. Anyway Nokia chose the roof deck of the Nhow to introduce the new phone. It was a really nice chilled early evening with the lovely Nokia team.
Naturally I got to test the new Lumia 630, Lumia 635 or Lumia 930 and play around with the new functions. I practically took over one of the testphones and infiltrated it with a few too many (*cough* read= a lot!) selfies of myself. Can't waste moments of perfect selfie - sorry I mean lufie - light x finding your right angle for a change, right? RIGHT?! Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Scroll a bit up in your camera roll and I know you got at least one set of a minimum 30 same looking selfies, missy ;)
To be honest I didn't really discover all the functions this new phone brings with its launch. I was #busytakingselfies.. #DontMindMeWhileIgoTakeAnotherSelfie #GoodFaceDay oh and the classic #ShamelessSelfie #obsessedWithMyselfMuch..

Sunday, August 03, 2014


BenefitLiner They're Real Push Up Liner Tour
A couple of weeks ago Benefit invited me to their very fancy partybus in celebration of their new They're Real Push Up Eyeliner. Actually we got a sneak peek a week prior to to its official Germany launch. The bus and the Benefit Team was enroute from Munich to Cologne bringing their energy all they way to their final stop: Berlin.
And as a Berlin girl I sure wasn't going to miss out on the fun. Admits Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers we rode through Berlin with this really cool bus - music ofcourse at full blast, a few glasses of champagne too many, lots of laughs and some really crazy Benababes who were up to no good, we drove through Berlin. Benefit had some surprises for us on board. We found each other into little groups and had to solve some tasks as a team. The game is turned out to be really fun and my team won a few stages. No one remembers who was announced as winners, but I'm pretty sure it was us. Team #trashyissexy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Selena Gomez Adidas NEO Lois Opoku lisforlois
Hey Guys,
How have you been? Just wanted to share my outfit I chose for the NEO Brunch with Adidas NEO in Munich earlier. Finally get to show you one of my favourite summer jackets which is this flower bomber from the Selena Gomez for Adidas NEO collection.
I've been living this combination lately:  a pair of rad ass and comfortable sneakers, high waisted skater skirts (perfect to accentuate my rather small waist and hide my growing belly under them ;) Reasons to wear high waisted skater skirts: Check! Double check! These kind of skirts were made for my body shape and I adore them!). Paired with a crop top as to give the illusion of me being super skinny, because you know, crop tops are for skinny girls.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Adidas NEO brunch lisforlois Adidas NEO Brunch lisforlois
A little while back my favourite Adidas NEO team invited me to come brunch with them in Munich, hang out and have a look at the upcoming collection and what's new for Selena Gomez x Adidas NEO, which will be in stores next week.
The night before NEO treated us to some really good burgers (Hamburgerei, München goood!) reunited with my NEO girls, Anni and Chi. And we were joined by the rest of the Today Is girls and my baby girl Serah.
During brunch at Little Charlottchen München, I browsed through the new pieces and simply enjoyed the time with the team. NEO has some cute pieces coming up, also within the Selena Gomez x NEO collection, which we weren't allowed to show you guys yet. My favourite piece has to be the jacket with leather arms and wine red checked material (I tried it on below) that's perfect for fall.
We kinda all stayed a while until brunch turned to lunch, before it was time to catch my train and head back to Berlin.

Monday, July 28, 2014


First all let me start by saying, sorry I've been so M.I.A. lately! Been stuck learning for my first exams and I haven't even gotten around to update you from my crazy Fashion Week week. Well I'm back and I have lots to tell you about. Let me start with one of my favourite things of that week: my beauty treatments.
Now I had quite a few beauty treatments that week, but one I looked forward to the most was my post-fashion week treatment at HENDRICK'S Gin Salon of Curiosities. HENDRICK'S Gin transformed the Concept Store Wheadon into a little beauty salon/cocktail bar/barbar shop paradise.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Esprit Mittsommer event Lois Opoku lisforlois Esprit Mittsommer event lisforlois
Just a few days ago Nisi took me along to as her friend of choice to celebrate mittsommer with Esprit. Together we spent a beautiful afternoon in this really cute dreamy location somewhere in a backyard of Berlin with flower crowns and mittsommer inspired cocktails and a live performance session from beautiful Anna F, whom I've fallen in love with since the Diesel Loverdose launch during Fashion Week last summer. Anna's performance made the afternoon perfect.
Meanwhile, Esprit hung out two racks full of their current summer collection and we got to take home all our favourite pieces. Between elegant black maxi dresses with a leg slit, oversized jackets, maxi jumpsuits in cute floral prints, aztec prints, two-pieces that reminded of the Sahara desert or Moroccan vibe and white hippie like dresses that really evoked the Mittsommer Spirit, almost everything was too big for me, but I managed to snag a really cute effortless chic vibe striped blouse and a simple blue acid wash T-shirt that has the most amazing feel on my skin.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Last weekend was the Karneval Der Kulturen in Berlin.
It was by far the hottest day of the year, way too hot to be spending it outside actually. But no one cared, because when it's Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin, there is no other place to be than at the march on Sunday. I wanted to start my day of looking at some of the wagons pass by Südstern with Tissi and Gina, then meet up with my friends but I bumped into my babe Mehtap and a few streets down Carina instead, saw Aminata from Germany's Next Topmodel and lost Nisi in the crowd of the YAM wagon, when it all went to fast. I only had my iPhone camera with me because it was either two bottles of iced water or my DSLR camera in my bag and surviving KDK seemed more important than HQ pictures. I gotta admit though that my iPhone diary has a more personal touch to it. Turns out it wasn't such a bad thing I wasn't out without my camera.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Nike House of Phenomenal The Last Game Berlin lisforlois Lois Opoku

The Nike House of Phenomenal was a paradise for all boys passionate about football (only Americans can call this game soccer, only Americans..) and men who deep down inside still stayed boys at heart clinging onto their dreams and love for this game, fan girls and aspiring WAGs (<- me).
Sadly it came to an end last night after two weeks of football games and special events, such as the Abdi and Celo concert or EasyDoesIt and finding the winning team all being open to public and football fans, but not before premiering Nike's new short movie The Last Game with a special closing event.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Lois Opoku Pepe Jeans Blogger Event look 2 lisforlois
Hey Guys,

I've been thinking about visiting Fashion Week abroad. It's time for me to see more than Berlin Fashion Week and Fashionchick is giving away this huge opportunity with the #FCfindyourlook competition. With the first Save The Dates popping up in my inbox I'm left with a is it already Fashion Week yet?! feeling and the desire to explore more than just Berlin.
Of course London, Paris and New York have been a huge dream for me and crazy enough I have received invitations to London and Paris before. But I never went and I've never attended for reasons like buying a plane ticket and the expenses of staying. Another city that's always been of interest for me has been Stockholm and Amsterdam Fashion Week.
With this huge opportunity from Fashion Chic, an all paid expense trip including tickets to shows and meetings with other bloggers and fittings, it seems like a dream so close to come true. Hopefully I'll win! I cant wait to blog from Amsterdam and share my adventures with you. Keeping my fingers crossed! Will you vote for me?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Designer Outlet Berlin Michael Kors lisforlois
Last week I got my girls Desi and Nisi to join the mini road trip for a shopping spree at the Designer Outlet Berlin with some really awesome shopping companions.
We were all hot for the new Michael Kors Store at the outlet, which btw is 2x the size of the store at Rosenthaler Straße, and holds lots of treasures from watches, to clutches, sunglasses and so many amazing bags. I immediately fell in love with the little red Michael Kors bowling bag I have been eyeing for a little while. But I didn't get it, because although a great deal at the Designer Outlet Berlin (309€ to 209€) I wasn't sure if I wanted to invest in it yet. I'm going back to get it! Can't stop thinking about it. And honestly I only got my red Mango bag because it reminded me of it.
Instead a bought this really cute Stella McCartney x Adidas collection sports top which was reduced to 15€.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Lois Opoku Pepe Jeans London lisforlois
This is one of the looks I created during the Pepe Jeans Event. I immediately fell in love with this two piece set with the graphic print made of old school fotos and what looked like newspaper excerpts I their really gorgeous showroom amongst all the other pieces we got to discover. The lemon colored leather jacket (colorful leather jackets are my Must Haves for this summer!) was a stunner and I loved pairing it with the two piece. There's a second look I created which I'll show you soon. Hopefully the weather is going to be warm again soon. (hello summer?! where art thou?) And then it's finally no tights, colorful leather jackets and cute little two piece sets weather!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Red Dress Bunny Ears Lois Opoku lisforlois
Hope you guys are enjoying your easter weekend so far! I wanted to share an easter themed look with you guys and finally put on this amazing red dress. It's one of the dresses I got at the ASOS sample sale, which is a total dream. I love the tulip shape of it. And honestly I wish my hips were always this wide, because I believe the sexiest curve on a woman's body are her hips. The earrings were a gift from Lola & Grace, because I was one of their weekly winners for the Instagram competition (you guys seemed to love that picture as well! Click). They've got Swaroski stones in them and are a super great statement piece. Btw I'm totally into the combination of a vibrant red and rose gold accessories since this look. I don't even mind that I mixed it with a pair of gold heels.
As for my lace bunny ears? I will never get enough of those..
Happy Easter!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Nike Free Lois Opoku lisforlois Nike Free 5.0 Launch Berlin lisforlois

I visited the Nike Free 5.0 Pre Launch experience together with the Nike Team. Everyone was welcome to the event, given that you showed up in any pair of Nike Frees. Luckily I own a pair, my only shoes I use for gym and love ever since I got them. The event was fun! They had a photo wall inspired by the new Nike Free 5.0 campaign, drinks and snacks. You were able to try on the new Nike Free 5.0 and even hit the block for a quick run with one of the trainers in the shoes. I even got to design my own pair of Nike Free 5.0 with Nike ID. It took my forever to design my shoes because of the limitless options and color ways Nike ID offers. But finally I decided on something.
Can't wait to hold my pair in my hands and see the results!
I hope they'll look something like on screen!