Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I posted an outfit post. Winter here in Berlin seems never ending atm and so I'm still walking around in my winter coat. I'm wearing my oversize coat that I bought at Pimkie maybe two years ago for 12€. It's actually not meant to be oversize, but I deliberately chose the coat in size 42 to give it the oversize look. Size 40/42 is my perfect oversize. Any tee/top/T-shirt transforms into a wearable dress for me in size 40. That's how tiny I am haha!
Anyway I wanted to thank all of you who participated in my Ostercountdown giveaway. It was quite a success and the winners have been chosen. I'm sorry if you weren't among the lucky ones, but I'm sure there'll be another great chance here on my blog soon!
Thanks for being part of my blog everytime.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hey Guys!

Today you can win a whole packet with the Berlin Bloggers Easter Countdown we have organized. I have two prizes, which means there will be two winners. First of you can win a shopping trip with me to the Peek&Cloppenburg Fashionation department here in Berlin or (simply a shopping trip to any Peek&Cloppenburg store if you can't be in Berlin) and shop your heart out for 100€. On top of that I'm giving you a pair of Slippers by Blink in size 38 or 40, a gift box from Motel Rocks plus 25pounds gift voucher and They're Real Mascara from Benefit.
Sounds good, huh?


Hey ihr Lieben!

Heute gibt es ein gesamtes Packet zu gewinnen mit dem Berliner Ostercountdown. Ich habe gleich zwei Preise für euch. Das heißt, es wird zwei Gewinner geben. Als erstes gibt es einen Shopping Trip mit mir bei Peek&Cloppenburg's Fashionation Abteilung für 100€ hier in Berlin zu gewinnen (oder einfach nur einen Shopping Trip bei P&C, falls ihr nicht in Berlin sein könnt.) Zusätzlich verlose ich noch ein hübsches Paar für den Sommer von Blink in Größe 38 oder 40, eine "gift box" von Motel Rocks inklusive 25 Pfund Gutschein und den They're Real Mascara von Benefit gibt es noch oben drauf!
Klingt gut, oder?

And the second winner will win a gift voucher to woth 100€!   I  Der zweite Platz erhält einen 100€ Gutschein für !

 How can you win? 
1.Find the easter egg hidden in one of my older posts. (Tipp: Post is on the front page.)
2.Click the egg and a form will open that you'll to need to fill.

You've got 24hrs to enter. Giveaway ends tonight!

 Good Luck babes!!! Tomorrow the hunt and fun continues at E&P.


Wie kann man mitmachen?
1. Finde das Osterei, dass sich in einen meiner bereits veröffentlichen Post befindet. (Tipp: Der Post befindet sich auf der Startseite.)
2. Ei anklicken und Formular ausfüllen.
Ganz einfach, das Ganze!

Ihr habt 24h um mitzumachen. Giveaway endet um Mitternacht!

Viel viel Glück euch!!! Morgen geht es weiter mit E&P.

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Love Lois xxx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Beginning February I had the pleasure to go bowling with Franklin&Marshall and the team.
Truth be told: I was really bad. I figuratively sucked balls. But I did throw a strike though! Yay me! What happened to my turkeys and five in a rows on Wii Sports skills? Where were they when I needed them the most wanted to win a Franklin&Marshall college jacket of my choice??

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hey Guys,

Got two great news for you. First of all I'm done with school, which means I can return to blogging like pro! Secondly - omg the Berlin Bloggers Easter Special finally launched!!

Which means to you for two weeks straight there is going to be daily giveaways on our Blogs.
Angie had the honor to open up our special. And today you can win 3 amazing necklaces from Stella&Dot on Anh's blog. All you have to do is find the hidden egg on her blog and fill out the giveaway formular so she can contact you.

I'm really lucky to take part in this project and you guys are extremely blessed because there are 2 weeks filled with amazing gifts waiting ahead of you. My turn is soon, so stay excited. But for now go hopping from Blog to Blog in search for the hidden easter eggs and discover great gifts.

Above is an overview of all the girls participating and of course the dates. Hover over the image and click their profile pictures to visit their Blogs!

Love Lois xxx

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Hey Guys,

Finally found a little time to update you guys! There is so much still left unposted, but don't worry you'll get to see it. All of it! ;)
I had the pleasure to visit the American Apparel store for their exclusive styling session and peek at their upcoming Spring Summer 2013 collection that will be in stores soon. I went through the racks filled with clothes that had just made their journey all the way from L.A. to Berlin, tried on as much as I wanted, whilst my friend Louisa patiently waited skimming through magazines and enjoyed some drinks.
Haaah, I could get used to this!