Saturday, January 31, 2015


Lois Opoku outfit berlin fashion week lisforlois
Last week was that time of the year again - Berlin Fashion Week frenzy, buzz, parties, events, runway shows and more fashion shows. This year I took it upon myself to take a more relaxed approach to fashion week and declined most invitations. I wanted to have time to still go to uni and choose only a handful of events that seemed most interesting for me. Nevertheless my schedule was pretty exciting and still quite packed. Here is the first post of my fashion week adventures. Let's get started!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


ioana ciolacu berlin fashion week januar 2015 lisforlois
I have been a fan of Ioana Ciolacu since I first saw her. It was at the press conference with Stella McCartney. I was rooting for her to win the Award, not only because I her showcasing piece and her collection "Paradox" completely blew me away. But there was something about her that I immediately liked. I remember her, shy, but so genuine. She won the Designer for Tomorrow Award of 2013 and last summer she presented her debut collection as the official winner of the DFT Award, which again was one of my favorite collections by far presented at Berlin Fashion Week.

This season she returned to Berlin on her own with a new collection. Her being one of my favs since she emerged, for two seasons straight - imagine my joy, when I received a personal message from her via Facebook if I was interested to attend her show. She herself invited me to her show! Soon after I received the official invitation, backstage passes and one of her runway dresses to attend her show in.
(A little bit of gossip on the side: I even organized some friends to walk her show. Salimata, you looked amazing!). Enjoy a post full of runway and backstage impressions.
ioana ciolacu berlin fashion week januar 2015 lisforlois

Friday, January 16, 2015


Next Monday marks the beginning of Berlin Fashion Week. A week full of events, fashion and frenzy, but it also the day of the Berlin Premiere of a movie I've been long waiting for and following on all the behind the scenes shenanegans on their Instagram (@3tuerken1baby #3t1b) with pleasure. And Monday it's finally here: 3 Türken 1 Baby! - starring Kostja Ulman (Hi boyfriend!), Kida Khor Ramadan and Deutschrap-star rapper turned actor Ekrem Bora aka Eko Fresh.
The movie looks to be a full of entertainment, classic clash of cultures, German meets Turkish - a comedy full of laughs. I can't wait to see it!
And we have some German Youtube stars going big screen in mini roles or supporting acts like Simon Desue and Joyce Helbig.
I for one can't wait for Monday night because a premiere of a movie calls for a party of course! The official Aftershow Party will be held on Monday in attendance of the 3 stars of the movie at The Grand Berlin. I won't miss it! I will be there as well, so make sure to follow me on Instagram for some real time action @LisforLois. Music will be provided by DJs Beatzhoven, Ozzy Brown and DJ Binichnich aka Harris.

Coming to Cinemas: 22.January 2015

Check out the Trailer! (in German only)

PARTY IN A NUTSHELL - get all the dets!

Date: 19.01.2015
Location: The Grand
Hirtenstraße 4, 10178 Berlin
Time: 22h
Who: Your girl Lois, her boyfriend Kostja Ullman, the actors & crew of 3 Türken und 1 Baby..

Facebook Event:

Love Lois xxx

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


fur winter look outfit zara guess lisforlois

What's up guys?
How have you been holding up in the new year? Fashion Week is just around the corner and I'm finishing of some last arrangements and finalizing some projects.
Just wanted to share an outfit with you guys. It's very casual and I can guarantee you it doesn't take more than 10 minutes to get ready.
The look is simple, really.
A pair of ripped jeans, an oversized blouse loosely tucked into your favorite pair of jeans and a fur coat to keep you warm and cozied up. Paired with some black kitten heels it becomes casual with a touch of glamour or elegance if you will. And finally a beanie to keep your ears all warm.
No Make Up, no stress. (Had to fill in my eyebrows! Doesn't count).

It's all good.

Off to finish of last emails and prepare next week. It's going to be buys and eventful. Very eventful.. But you can guess, I mean it's fashion week.
Sending love to wherever you're reading this from. Enjoy your day! See you around.

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


lois opoku deichmann blogger dinner lisforlois
Welcome to the first post in the new year! I've been offline for a couple of weeks on the blog and recently also on Instagram. I just needed a little time away from the Internet and the blog to refocus and reevaluate what I want from it, where I want this to go and realize if my heart is still in it.
2014 was good to me, no doubt, but I think I did get kinda lost somewhere along the lines because I was dreaming bigger than reality was, and making my dreams reality felt like being lost in translation.
I was lucky to have lived what are now memories of 2014 and because I appreciate all that's happend, I'll still be sharing a couple of events and things, that took place especially in the last months of 2014.
And one of those things was a magical night I spent with Deichmann in a fortress, the 4 walls of Schlosshotel Grunewald. Deichmann invited me and some pretty rad girls - some new faces, some old, (Hi Nina! Hi Vicky!) for a Christmas Dinner. I had a couple of those Christmas Dinners, but none came any close to the night with Deichmann.