Thursday, February 04, 2016


Lois Opoku fashion Week Streetstyle Grey Coat Leather culottes lisforlois
This is by far my favorite look of this season's Fashion Week. I wore it on the last day, so yeah technically this is day 4, but my following fashion week posts are in no particular order which is why I'm just going to be labeling as they come to keep things in order here on the blog.

As I said this was my favorite look, mainly because I got to wear this stunning jacket by designer VANESSAMORIN. I stumbled across her label through my homie Jean-Claude's Instagram and immediately fell in love with some of her key pieces. We got in contact and she allowed me to style this piece to fashion week. It was perfect for layering while still being the center of attention of the entire look. VANESSAMORIN is a Munich based Designer and manufactures her pieces in Europe. She even worked for Parisian fashion house Damir Doma after design school, but her label itself is what I would call clean and contemporary, casual yet luxurious.  "A woman wearing VANESSAMORIN appreciates and never loses the lightness of being."
Go check out her amazing label. I'm keeping an eye out for her as I can't wait to see how her label will evolve over the next years.


Guess I'm back at it! My return to Youtube is officially complete.
I shot a short video of my one of my looks for Berlin Fashion Week and completely edited it myself.
I'm still waiting for Nisi's verdict and approval. Other than that I'm super happy with the outcome! I hope you like it too.
Head over to my youtube channel, subscribe and give it a thumbs up! (lol, but do, ok thank you bye!)
Oh and don't forget to watch it :)

Full oufit post: here!

*claps own shoulder*

Love Lois xxx

Monday, February 01, 2016


Dawid Tomaszweski Backstage Show Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
What I realized this season is that Berlin is not dead - Berlin's fashion is not. Berlin is Berlin. And that's okay. There is absolutely no point in constantly comparing it to Paris, New York, London, Milan and co. because last time I checked nobody compared apples to bananas.
And that's fine.
What I discovered for myself this season is that the real treasures, Berlin's new talents and great designer are hidden in the Berliner Modesalon, an initiative by the German Vogue. Exclusive to invited guest in attempts to separate the cynical fashion clowns desparate to do nothing but stage themselves from the true German fashion scene - the IN crowd (editors, insiders, buyers, elite bloggers..), who have not forgotten that fashion week is and should be primarily about the designers and the fashion itself in it's truest form. Among the designers privileged enough to be invited by Vogue to present their upcoming collections and months of hard work and art, was Dawid Tomaszweski, a favourite of mine since my very first fashion week. I too was privileged, privileged to be granted access to this show and for that I want thank Wella. Thank you for allowing to roam around freely very last minute and gather my own impressions and especially for the backstage experience.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Lois Opoku fashion Week Streetstyle Winter lisforlois
Fashion has come and gone in what seemed like a blur! I pretty much did all the shows with my partner in crime Phillip who helped me take all the pictures this season and I was part of the Blogger Apartment project (more on that later!).
Brace yourself for a few fun posts from Fashion Week. This time I hardly attended any events and I pretty much bailed on all parties. Shocker! I know right? But I had a lot of fun peeking behind the scenes and being able to get a lot of backstage access.
I was able to concentrate on the designers and their work rather than all the tata tata and heckmeck and fake glitz and glam around it. I selected a handful of designers I was really interested in seeing and a got a whole new perspective being able to watch from backstage as it all unfolded.
People still belittle Berlin Fashion Week. Yes, it's not Paris, nor London or anything close to New York.
But Berlin is Berlin and it has a few gems to offer.
Here is my first outfit. But brace yourself for more to come..

Friday, January 15, 2016


Fyodor Golan Berlin fashion Week Juli 2015 lisforlois

Lost in my archives I found these images of the Fyodor Golan show and my backstage experience I shared with Eileena. It's pretty much how we met and ended up becoming friends and filming a youtube video together. I was part the youtube loves fashion project, and since my main bae Joeva was down with the flue I offered to take her along.
I love the images and I can't believe their nearly got lost on my hard drive and flickr album. Unretouched, Unpublished, Unseen.

Next week is Berlin Fashion Week and I was pretty sure I was simply going to attend the Gigi Hadid Maybelline Show and Dimitri (must every year!) and go on with uni life. But in true DJ Khaled Snapchat fashion, let's be honest a big fat "You played yourself." is on order.
Of course I'll be running from A to Z next week and I'm a little over excited because this time I'll be working with an new personal photographer, a young talent, and we'll be creating content together.

I still pretty much remember the Fyodor Golan show clearly. Mainly because it was odd in all aspects. But the good kind of odd.
Thank you again Sane Communications for the really nice welcome from the first minute and making the backstage experience and the show happen so pleasantly.
I owe you these pictures.
And I owe Fyodor Golan sharing these images with you all and the net, because although this might not be my style at all (You can give me the white dress though! I'll wear it any day), I still remember the exact feeling I had when watching it. Seated in the second row I had the perfect view, it felt so close and the best thing above all: no heads to ruin my pictures. The music and use of lightening was spacey and all part of the show. Makeup just as bold as the neon color palette: bright green mascara and nails to match it all.
It was one of the only shows that really stuck to my mind.

Scroll down for more and especially the backstage photos.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Blue Coat Winter style Bruno Banani Lois Opoku lisforlois
I'm loving this bright blue coat that I got from Otto. It is perfection to cure the winter blues. Sounds ironic. It's not.
It took me a while, but Otto surprisingly has a few hidden gems tucked in their online shop, waiting patiently for you to uncover them. Patience is the key word. Look through it with time.
Also I've been pretty much living in these sweatpants I got from Footlocker during the press days. It's an exclusive to footlocker piece and it's made winter so much more bareable. You'd probably associate sweatpants with a lazy-at-home look or as King Karl would say: "if a woman is out in sweat pants she's lost control over her life."
Who said sweatpants couldn't be chic?
I, for one, am regaining control of my life.
Yes, in sweatpants.
Blue Coat Winter style Bruno Banani Lois Opoku lisforlois