Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Gucci Soho Keychain lisforlois
Yet another Gucci purchase! And I haven't even shown you the first. But as I said in my wish list post I wanted to make myself a little gift and I got it: the Gucci SoHo key holder.
I was lucky enough to get the last one of Breuninger. How gorgeous is this little Gucci SoHo keychain? The leather is so soft and it feels very luxe. Not only can I fit in my keys, but it's actually big enough to fit a little credit card, some coins and mini sized lipsticks (like these ones from YSL I often carry with me but get lost in my handbag) without being to big or bulgy.
The zip really is a bonus! I have been thinking about getting a new key holder for a while now, because my old one from H&M has gotten super rusty over the years. I wanted to go for something

Saturday, October 08, 2016


Beefeater Gin x L is for Lois
It's my birthday today!! And I turned 23!
In honour of this very special day I teamed up with the lovely of Beefeater Gin to celebrate this very special day! We created a drink especially for me:

Friday, October 07, 2016


Can't believe another year has passed. Time is at such a speed right now, I feel like life is rushing me by. I'm turning 23 tomorrow so I decided to post a little wish list here and the blog. Oh and make sure to stop by tomorrow for a little giveaway!
The Gucci SoHo keychain will be a gift to myself, where as the DionysusPrincetown slippers and boots will be on my list of things I'm saving for this year and the Gucci belt probably my next purchase. I hate backpacks but I'm obsessed with this cute little bag from Zara, as it can be worn like my dream bag from MCM - the bebe boo.  The MAC wants are my beauty wishes that I stumbled across whilst out shopping with my friend Grace. The purple matte liquid lipstick is on my wish list since last week when I saw my friend Julie rocking it (you probably saw that on Snapchat!). As for chokers? I'm obsessed and I want all three packs I spotted at Zara plus very much the Acne choker copy that seems to be sold out everywhere already.. oh well

So yeah these are a list of material things I could come up with to wish for my birthday. But I'm not really the person to wish for things.. It doesn't really matter what it is you gift me and I mean it when I say "I don't mind at all.", after being asked what it is I want. Fact is I will most probably even forget what it is you gave me for my birthday (Sorry!). But what I don't forget is the feeling I had in that very moment realizing you thought of me, you took your time to get me something and that smile and excitement on your face being happy to gift me something..
As for non-material wishes.. My biggest wish is that I find my smile again I lost in the last couple of months. I wish to I find my way, place and purpose in this world. But above all I wish that all lost and broken souls find someone or something to mend their heart. I wish for peace and a little less pain in this world and to never have to see someone I care about be so self-destructive and break anything and anyone good they've got left in the process.

Love Lois xxx

Saturday, October 01, 2016


Diesel loverdose Tattoo eau de Parfum lisforlois
This post is dedicated to my favorite scent of all times Diesel Loverdose Tattoo. It's my signature scent. I know for a fact that it smells particularly different on my skin. It wouldn't smell the same on you or on friend the way it smells on me. I don't know what it is but the fusion with my skin and probably own odor see for a perfect match.
It's very sexy and smells very pleasant without being too much. It's the right kind of subtle without being lost, the right kind of without being heavy. It's sensual.
I haven't been wearing it lately since I've run out of it, but it kept me for good three years. I still remember the event Nisi took me to during Fashion Week 2013 where the scent was presented for the first time and since then we have not parted ways.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Odlo Girls Time_FW16_House_Running_119
I have to admit I would have never come this far, had I read the invitation from Odlo properly, for I would have politely declined the invitation and stayed at home safe. Me and heights are a mismatch like socks and sandals. They do not match.. unless you are open to it. Odlo invited my to their first Odlo Girls Time last week and it was no ordinary event. House running. HOUSE RUNNING. Let me repeat again, HOUSE freaking RUNNING was on the agenda.
Imagine my shock when I got there in my cute little outfit (btw the comfiest sports bra and tights I've ever owned! Thank you Odlo!) ready to run in a house not on its walls.
Sitting here on the edge was the farthest I got. Jacky, Amandine and I were pushing each other all evening until we got geared up and said at least we would try.

Thursday, August 04, 2016


lois opoku levis 505c fashion week party lisforlois
What's up guys?
How have you been? It's been super quiet here lately, but I'm back motivated as ever! I finally got my hands on all my fashion week material I shot together with Phillip, which is why I'm ending the drought here on my blog with my first event from fashion week - the Levis 505c launch party that took place on the first night after my first shows right at the Ramones museum. I made a quick outfit change somewhere in the city and opted for my new 505c of course. It's a very loose fit/straight cut kinda jeans that kinda of looks like a hybrid of a mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. Super casual.
But you can dress it up any way - casual, edgy (which I tried here), you name it and go for it..
The event itself was nice. Berlin's fashion crowd gathered in the middle of the street, people enjoying a beer, a drink or two and street food served right of a food truck whiles polas were being made to save all the memories of that night.
I took home two polaroids, two memories caught on film.

It was a good start to fashion week..