Thursday, June 23, 2016


Ioana ciolacu Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
Today I need to share an unpublished post with you. I don't know how I forgot to hit the publish button on this, especially because it's one of my favourite. It's about a very special designer, a designer I have been following and supporting since her beginning as a nominee for Designer of Tomorrow Award. Ioana Ciolacu won as deserved and has since come a long way. She returned to Berlin Fashion Week every time following her win as DfT and I visited every show. Her designs and fashion inspire me and I love following her and seeing how each season evolves. The Ioana Ciolacu show was one of my favorite experiences during fashion week. I visited her backstage with Phillip, talked to her as the tension minutes to the show built up. I took a closer look at the pieces that were ready to hit the runway just minutes after and watched as the make up artists created her runway makeup looks and got the models dressed and ready.
I watched the show from the runway as Phillip stayed backstage and experienced the entire spectacle from behind closed doors. He captured all the special moments for me, as I watched my favorite looks walk the runway. Enjoy the post! I love all the images!
Fashion week is coming up again next week and in honour of it returning I'm throwing it way back to last season. Let the rumble begin..
Ioana ciolacu Berlin fashion Week lisforlois

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Lois Opoku Moet World Party Day lisforlois
Last Saturday Moet invited people all around the World to come together and celebrate with them, sip cocktails and endless amounts of champagne and enjoy the day eating the most fancy finger food (which tasted divine btw!) while they had a few surprises in store. All around the globe in different cities it was the Moet World Party day.

The location was magical. The Ku'damm beach turned new Cappucino Cafe (one of Berlin West's new hotspot and It place for the rich) was the perfect spot. Moet had turned the place into a Pinterest heaven or something of Tumblr, a place I would have easily gotten married at. Although at first I was a little irritated about the snobbish vibes it turned into an amazing day.
My best friend and I enjoyed ourselves, met a few familiar faces as we lay in the sun and had time to catch up on what's been going on in our lives. I had so much fun on the pool floaty!

In the evening the stage opened up to a surprise act: Adesse!
Adesse's live performance was great. I found him through Instagram one day and have been following since. To hear his music live is quit the difference from hearing him on the sub with my iPhone.
Have fun looking through the pictures. I hope I was able to catch at least a glimpse of the atmosphere from the Moet party.
Moet World Party Day lisforlois

Thursday, June 09, 2016


YSL beauty x galeries Lafayette lisforlois
A few weeks ago YSL held a special event at Galeries Lafayette in celebration of the launch of their newest products and trends. It was a huge afterwork event with lots of champagne, discounts on everything and a special make up show by YSL's famous makeup experts who traveled all the way to Berlin. As a Thank You for attending, Galeries Lafayette and YSL Beauty offered free make-over appointments and of course I couldn't say no to such an opportunity. I made an appointment for the next day, perfect in time for Shery's birthday party.

Sarah from YSL Beauty made me feel comfortable from the very first moment. She gave me a lot of beauty tips as she explained step by step what she was doing.
Struck in all awe I forgot to snap a picture after my look was done. I did however share my finished face and the entire make up session on Snapchat (Make sure to follow to keep up to date with my shenanegans! Add loisopoku!).
Huge thanks to Galeries Lafayette for this opportunity and Sarah for the amazing look! I looked fabulous for Shery's birthday party night out.
I bought a few new products. But more on those in a new post.. and possibly a new video? ;)

Sunday, June 05, 2016


Der Nachtmahr premiere lois opoku lisforlois
Last week I attended the premiere of Der Nachtmahr and I was able to take one of you guys, my readers along. But I didn't just take her to the premiere - I planned something special. A unique experience and a special day. It was a day full of fittings, hair and appointments and of course the premiere and aftershow party. READ to find out more...