Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Lois Opoku white dress summer lisforlois
A couple of week back, we got very lucky in Berlin. Well summer has decided to return this week, but that day, the sun decided to grace us with her presence after weeks of rain and Pflanzenfreude.de took us on a boat trip across the Spree. What a perfect day to wear white, Joeva and me did not .
I wore my white dress I got on a little shopping spree with Domi and Mali to Forever 21. It's the perfect summer mini dress. Cute, flowy and a sweet front detail. I chose to wear espadrilles, simple, comfy and still chic, especially navy striped espadrilles or chanel look-a-likes (my personal favorite).
It was a beautiful day and I had a lot of fun. Some of you followed my story on snapchat (loisopoku), you know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry, but you just can't suppress your inner Beyonce ;P
Surrounded by pretty flowers and plants, endless cups of froyo + fruits, summer lemonade with the sun kissing my skin as the swift breeze of Berlin's Spree cooled my face - a moment of total bliss.
You know that tingling sensations on your skin? That's summer.
If every day could start like that... *sigh*
Thanks for having me on board, Pflanzenfreude.de - Thanks for filling my morning with a little more Freude (def.: happiness)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


icracked iphone screen reparation lisforlois icracked smartphone reparatur lisforlois
The horror scenario: You drop your phone, you get the spider app for free. Great.
You can't get an immediate appointment at the Apple Store for reparations. Super Great.
You are forced to walk around with a broken screen for weeks. Tripple Great.

Now, I love the Apple store, but I absolutely hate getting appointments there. Whenever something is wrong with my Macbook Pro I can never get an appointment in the same week, let alone the week after and it's dreadful. The Genius Bar is always fully booked. Don't even let me get started on trying to get an appointment for an iPhone. ugh!

I discovered a new service from Silicon Valley (btw anyone watching that show?? So obsessed! haha) called iCracked which pretty much is an instant repair on demand service. They've recently expanded their services to Germany and last week I had the chance to try it, because I've been running around with a broken screen since last Fashion Week. I booked an appointment, which was super easy. Depending on how many at service, you can have them come to wherever you are right away. Your favorite coffee spot, your home, school..

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Lois Opoku blue jacket ootd lisforlois
A couple of weeks back I enjoyed a cocktail evening with Jil Sander Navy. For the occasion I wore my midi-length figure hugging H&M Trend dress paired with a cobalt blue biker jacket and the perfect black bucket bag from Berlin based Designer Nina and her label Zookie. The is suede leather amazing.
Jil Sander Navy is very modern, clean cuts and silhouettes; the color scheme very simple: navy, bold green, black & white graphics and the occasional signal color orange as a subtle highlight. The store concept is a mirror of the Jil Sander philosophy. Jil Sander Navy reminds me a lot of COS but much more high end and quality. I was surprisingly very much into the new collection and I nearly picked the loafer high-heels to come home with me. The collection is very unlike me and what I'd usually wear. I prefer anything tailored at the waist, since that is what looks good on me.
But that's fun in fashion, being able to try new stuff out. Don't let yourself be defined by what's been, what you are accustomed to or people's idea of who and what you are. Be brave enough to try new things, new styles.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


lois opoku lisforlois x hella nike werunberlin fitness
Ok girls, 20th of June is coming closer! You know what that means, it means Nike #werunberlin 10k run is just around the corner! I'm still sore from my training session on Friday with Nike and trust me, my thighs still feel very heavy. As the day get closer I get more anxious, nervous and super excited. I get a little worried that I won't make the 10k, but I feel like I've got my asthma under control at the moment and that each time I go for a run, my breathing gets better.  Nike has so many surprises lined up for us girls and teamed up with many amazing sponsors this year, such as Marina Hoermanseder who designed the finishers gift or hella who'll make sure to keep us hydrated.


Lois Opoku Nümph print pants lisforlois
Time is a funny thing.
Looking at the time stamp on my latest post. 35 days ago... wow. This is the longest time I've gone without blogging. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen I'm still attending events, still embarking on adventures and little stories, so still a lot of content to blog about. The blank space that has been growing and stretching out uncontrollably here as if exponential, you see, was not due to lack of content. But rather to a sense of my own unhappiness, ever growing dissatisfaction, discontent and finally disaffection with this space.
When there is no progress, no growth (not in terms of followers but rather self growth and in terms quality), no development I feel at unease. Yet time is ticking (way too fast), this space is getting older but it's not growing up. It feels like it's staying an infant child forever, stuck in one developing stage, impossible to advance.
That's what gets me.