Monday, May 28, 2012


Hey guys!
Sorry to have abandoned you for about a week (feels like a month), but I was unable to post content to my blog. I have quite a bit to tell you about; from new make up and nail polishes I received, to my first ever online shopping (!!! hello?! I've finally arrived in the year 2012!), new pieces from Love clothing, appearing on TV, major wishlist at Bershka, a new side project I've started and designing my own parfume. See? It's getting interesting :P

Monday, May 14, 2012


I finally have the pictures from the Mango crazy shopping minute event held at the big Kudamm store with drinks and music. Two lucky winners had the chance to keep everything they wanted that they picked from Mango within one minute. That's the Crazy Shopping Minute.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Wednesday night my friend Claire and I went to the Sony Center Cinestar, because I prefer watching movies in English and this is the only place I can do so on a big fat super screen. And besides that, Cinestar is the best cinema in town. As I told you before I waiting to catch Project X on the big screen and it was awesome. Totally enjoyed it :)


Mittwochabend gings mal wieder ins Kino mit meiner Freundin Claire - ins Sony Center, da ich Filme viel lieber auf Englisch gucke und das der einzige Ort ist, wo Filme in Originalsprache laufen. Außerdem ist das Cinestar einfach mal das beste Kino in der Stadt. wie ich euch schon gesagt habe, wollte ich seit einiger Zeit Project X auf der großen Leinwand schauen und gestern Abend war einfach nur klasse. Fands total geil :)

1.-4. Sony Center Cinestar
5. Shoes  I  Schuhe
6. My outfit  I  Mein Outfit
7.-8. U-Bahnhof Bismarckstr.
9.-10. Details
11. Lipstick  I  Lippenstift
12. Bathroom  I  Badezimmer
13. passed cinema hall 7  I  am Kino 7 vorbei
14. tickets  I  Kinokarten
15.-17. shoes, outfit, lipstick  I  Schuhe, Outfit, Lippenstift
18. New Lotus Mendes Ring  I  neuer Lotus Mendes Ring
20. Looking from cinema above  I  Wenn man vom Kino nach oben schaut
21. View into the cinema from above  I  Wenn man von oben ins Kino reinschaut
22.-23. Sony Center at night  I  Sony Center bei Nacht
24. Dunkin Donuts
25. Goodbye!

Love Lois xxx

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Monday, May 07, 2012


Summer is knocking on our doors, because it's just around the corner, which means it's time to get out the sunnies again! After all what is summer without a pair of shades? I have teamed up with MisterSpex to give away 2 gift vouchers each worth 50€.

Saturday, May 05, 2012


via Topshop

1. Topshop  2. Topshop

I'm trying to make up for my lacking French skills and the disappointment I caused my French copine Victoria, by trying another post header in French.
This time I'm a hundred percent sure I got it right. Je veux indeed means I want. And I want these Topshop heels. So bad! Because they are rad.

.. wow that even rhymed..

You can find them here: Black pair. White pair.
Again, this enough to put me in a color dilemma, because I love both colors and I can imagine lots of outfits for both pairs, but I know for a fact I'd purchase both colors.
Which color do you prefer?

Love Lois xxx

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Friday, May 04, 2012


I hope Bonsoir is French for Good Morning. But there is a huge chance I'm mistaking. Let's just pretend I'm right :P

The last few days have been super chilled for me. I've been enjoying miniature holidays (just a few days off school) and the superhot weather Berlin is suddenly graced with. On one of the days I went to visit my friend Jasmin and carried a shit load amount of stuff with me, because she was going to help me with my project. It's the first time I'm wearing my Zara ballet slippers. Those slippers are horrible! They may look cute but they scratched open both my feet in only 5 minute of walking. :( Never experienced that before. I'm forced to wear open shoes at the moment, so my feet can heal of without pain.

Also it's time to announce the giveaways winners!
Congratulations Paddi on winning the dress and congrats to Lisa for winning the surprise second pack.

I'll send an email out to you tonight for the details.
Now I gotta run and finish getting dressed, because I'm going to the Marc Jacobs event and after that I'll continue to school.

Dress I Kleid: Primark
Shoes I Schuhe: Zara
Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: H&M
Bracelet I Armband: gifted
Bag I Tasche: Bershka
Ring: Primark

Love Lois xxx

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


While in England during the Easter holidays I had to visit my favourite UK shops. Think Topshop (****), Primark, New Look etc. But this time I found surprising little, which was good, because it left me with more money to splurge at the duty-free section at the airport after a morning that's become famous in my family as 'Horror at London Luton Airport'.
But that's another story (which will follow up on the blog, once I feel like typing it out ^^).

I found a super cute blouse and blouse/dress at Primark and probably the best deal ever: The blue pants were only 2 pounds!
Also can't stop wearing my new New Look necklaces. I'm currently pairing them with EVERYTHING in my closet. New Look has these great deals were you get a piece for jewellery for the price of one. 2 for 1! Pretty rad. Plus I get 10% student discount, but that saves you like a pound or something.

 New Look

Good night, sleep tight!

Love Lois xxx

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Dear Cashmere opened launched its online store for the first time today. I was allowed to pick a few pieces to style up.
First up is the cream colored cardigan. I'm madly in love with this cardigan, because the feeling of it against my skin is just the best.
Nothing beats cashmere!
You can visit the newly launched online store here.


Dear Cashmere hat heute zum ersten Mal seinen eigenen Online Store geöffnet. Ich durfte mir einige Pieces zum stylen aussuchen.
Als erstes war der creme-farbende Cardigan dran. Ich bin total verliebt in diesen Cardigan, weil er sich so toll auf meiner Haut anfühlt.
Nichts ist besser als Cashmere!
Ihr könnt euch den neuen Onlineshop hier ansehen.