Saturday, December 26, 2015


 Lois Opoku Christmas lisforlois

Hope you enjoyed the festive seasons with your family, friends and loved ones and christmas time was good to you. Yesterday we celebrated my dads birthday and christmas of course. We had some long time family friends over and their kids and it basically was a full house. I celebrate like the British - on December 25th. But that didn't stop my phone from blowing up on Christmas Eve with texts and love notes from my friends, because they do it the German way - on Decmber 24th.
On Christmas Eve my family went to Church and I had a blast (my snapchat followers seemed to have had too! But the children's choir performance and the Stomp The Yard meets Step Up 2 The Streets Church rendition was quite entertaining! The kiddies funny actually. Add me: LoisOpoku).
After that we went home and just had a very little quite dinner in peace.
Lois Opoku Christmas lisforlois

Monday, December 14, 2015


Camel Coat reserved brand Lois Opoku lisforlois
Hi Guys,

How are you? How have you been? I could tell you how crazy it is that it's almost Christmas or how yet another year is almost over or how cold the weather has become. Water is wet. But then again I would rather tell you something you don't already know..
Sometimes I don't have anything to say, nothing to write about to accompany my posts.
Nonetheless I want to share my pictures with you.

A look I shot a couple of weeks back with Lori featuring one of the pieces I picked out from Reserved. Paired with my all time favourite camel coat, my new favourite golden frames and some ankle booties.
All good.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015


DIESELWATCHESBERLIN_064 Diesel watch Berlin exclusive Party
About a week ago I attended a very exclusive event in celebration of the launch of the new Diesel watches held at the Diesel Store at Ku'damm. I look around and they're no bloggers, just the girls from Blogger Bazaar and the boys from Dandy Diary. But the store is packed, packed with the it-crowd.
Amongst the crowd, the man of the hour himself. We met Andrea Rosso of Diesel, lovely Janne introduced us to him. It was a pleasure meeting him and having a quick chat as everyone was looking to have a little bit of his attention and time, yet he listened to us intently and turned out to be such a down to earth kinda guy who happens to love Berlin.
What we are doing in the first picture is taking selfies and making Andrea part of my snapchat story. He was more than happy to be part of it and not shy to pose with us. Welcome to 2015, this is the way we keep memories.