Saturday, December 26, 2015


 Lois Opoku Christmas lisforlois

Hope you enjoyed the festive seasons with your family, friends and loved ones and christmas time was good to you. Yesterday we celebrated my dads birthday and christmas of course. We had some long time family friends over and their kids and it basically was a full house. I celebrate like the British - on December 25th. But that didn't stop my phone from blowing up on Christmas Eve with texts and love notes from my friends, because they do it the German way - on Decmber 24th.
On Christmas Eve my family went to Church and I had a blast (my snapchat followers seemed to have had too! But the children's choir performance and the Stomp The Yard meets Step Up 2 The Streets Church rendition was quite entertaining! The kiddies funny actually. Add me: LoisOpoku).
After that we went home and just had a very little quite dinner in peace.
Lois Opoku Christmas lisforlois

Monday, December 14, 2015


Camel Coat reserved brand Lois Opoku lisforlois
Hi Guys,

How are you? How have you been? I could tell you how crazy it is that it's almost Christmas or how yet another year is almost over or how cold the weather has become. Water is wet. But then again I would rather tell you something you don't already know..
Sometimes I don't have anything to say, nothing to write about to accompany my posts.
Nonetheless I want to share my pictures with you.

A look I shot a couple of weeks back with Lori featuring one of the pieces I picked out from Reserved. Paired with my all time favourite camel coat, my new favourite golden frames and some ankle booties.
All good.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015


DIESELWATCHESBERLIN_064 Diesel watch Berlin exclusive Party
About a week ago I attended a very exclusive event in celebration of the launch of the new Diesel watches held at the Diesel Store at Ku'damm. I look around and they're no bloggers, just the girls from Blogger Bazaar and the boys from Dandy Diary. But the store is packed, packed with the it-crowd.
Amongst the crowd, the man of the hour himself. We met Andrea Rosso of Diesel, lovely Janne introduced us to him. It was a pleasure meeting him and having a quick chat as everyone was looking to have a little bit of his attention and time, yet he listened to us intently and turned out to be such a down to earth kinda guy who happens to love Berlin.
What we are doing in the first picture is taking selfies and making Andrea part of my snapchat story. He was more than happy to be part of it and not shy to pose with us. Welcome to 2015, this is the way we keep memories.

Monday, November 23, 2015


The ICONIC, the every-girl's-dream bag.
The level of sophistication and .
This is a vintage Chanel passed on to generation after generation. And over the years the respect and admiration for a Chanel only grows. I too want to pass on a Chanel to my daughters and their daughters. I want them to feel what it is like to grace yourself with a bag like this.
I suddenly feel especially lady like, empowered, exclusive and extraordinary.

It is amazing what one little bag embossed with a double C can make, how it can have such a strong hold and impact on you. How you suddenly carry yourself in the presence of that sign.
Chanel will always stay magical.
It is the embodiment of iconic.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


puma creeper rihanna 
Last night I attended the Puma preview party and latest sneaker release of Puma by Rihanna The Creeper. Great music, the best drinks I've had at an event so far (hell yeah blinking mug Absolut cocktails!) and a good crowd. You know, I love the sneaker scene and their parties. The people are the realest. And yes finally a party they don't play crappy electro beats, but some good old hip hop. The new store located directly at Hackescher Markt looks good and it's spacious spread across two floors. I enjoyed my evening with my main squeeze Joeva and met Sara Joleen and Nhi who happen to be the cutest!
Not only were we celebrating the opening of the new Puma Mitte store, but also the first and early glimpse of the new Puma by Rihanna creeper. And judging by the crazy amount of likes I got on my picture on Instagram yesterday, I think it's safe to say, these babies have caused a major hype.

I of course immediately alerted you on Snapchat as the shoes went live on and of course you were able to be with me at the party right as it was happening. (my SC handle: loisopoku - yes, you are welcome ;) )

Monday, November 09, 2015


Levis 700 los Gallery lisforlois
When it comes to jeans Levis is a classic, iconic. A brand you immediately associate with the word 'jeans'. Levis organized a little gallery opening celebrating their 700 jeans line in forms of works of art. All shot by a gifted photographer Stephanie Pfaender. Curated by girls like me - fashion bloggers/influencers. I was lucky to be part of the evening in my Levis 710 and get a glimpse of the photography admits the artists themselves.

It was then I met one of my favorite bloggers I've been following ever since I discovered the bloggersphere: Sabrina of afterDRK. Struck and completely in awe I forgot to ask Sabrina for a selfie, you know as a little memory to keep. But I'll keep the moment as a memory forever.

Friday, November 06, 2015


hm balmain pre launch party lisforlois
Hey guys!

Here are the pictures from the H&M x Balmain Pre-Launch party. The clohtes themselves were gone before I could get there as I came late thanks to work. Word on the street was that the clothes were gone within the first 15minutes, long before the entire guests were even admitted. So attending a H&M pre-launch party does not necessarily come with a relaxed shopping experience.

However I really loved the collection and it is by far my favorite designer collaboration H&M has ever done. Balmain itself has gotten a lot of attention in the last year so the hype around the collection was immense, and that even long before the launch. H&M shops were literally raided the next day on the official launch and I think it even was the fastest selling collection to date.

Did you manage to get a few pieces from the collection? Were you planning on?

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


emu australia event lisforlois
Hi my lovely people,

On Friday I stopped by the Görtz store on Ku'damm after EMU Australia invited my to come by and customize my own pair of EMU boots. September has passed, October is here and slowly, but gradually autumn has arrived. The temperature is dropping like the leaves.
But Berlin has been blessed with that September Sun the last couple of days.
I'm ready to change my flats for booties and throw over thick knits instead of light cardigans.
In the customization lab I choose the classic light brown boots. With the buttons on the side I can easily fold over my new boots.
We were able to choose from crazy designs and patterns, snowflakes and typography.
But I choose to keep it simple, very simple. A mere L.O. gracing the outer side of my right boot. My initials. With my new boots I'm ready for fall.
Thank You EMU Australia.
lois opoku volcom outfit lisforlois

Monday, September 28, 2015


New video guys!!
I shot a lookbook with Nisi with four of my looks I wore to fashion week. The video turned out amazing with her help. Nisi's talents stun me everytime. Anyway go see it for yourself!
Click the image to head over to my youtube channel and the video directly or watch below. Don't forget to subscribe, because guess what? It's free and it'll make me super happy to be on this journey with you together.

You can find all the details to the looks and blogpost here:





Love Lois xxx

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Umami Berlin Opening Lois Opoku Louisa Rachor lisforlois
I was going through pictures on my external drive, my laptop and flickr account. I found so many unpublished pictures and stories, so many finished and barely started scraps of what were supposed to be blog posts for you. Stories, reminders, memories for me. A journal and account of my life for us.
So much has gone lost, stuck in internet limbo because I never finished typing my thoughts, or unready to hit the publish button.

Among those I found these pictures. I still remember that day vividly. It was the opening of Umami Berlin, tucked in side street behind SoHo House. (Dikjubi had successfully opened his little restaurant - Umami. It's really good!) The taste of his mini burgers and the conversations we had. How especially pretty I thought Louisa looked, the sound of Lisa's laugh in the middle of a conversation and the exact temperature of that day on my skin.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


business look women Lois Opoku lisforlois
Hi guys,
So here is the full outfit post for the picture I posted on Friday on Instagram as part of the #GentlemanFriday campaign for the movie "The Intern" auf deutsch Man Lernt Nie Aus (Go watch the movie!!! It's so so good).
The first thing I associate with a Gentleman is a suit. Classic. Mostly a business man. He's educated, well mannered and knows how to treat a lady. He has values and principles. And class.
There's nothing more attractive than a man in a suit.

As part of the #GentlemanFriday I was asked to interpret a female look.
A lady. My mind instantly wandered to a woman in body con dress, not too short - that length that grazes the knees, simple yet elegant. Funny thing, again I associated being a lady with being a business lady, educated, strong, a level of sophistication and class. It's the way she carries herself, not just her groomed outer appearance but also her beautiful well kept soul. She is her own boss. She is strong on so many levels. But above all she is a do-er and she works endlessly. If it's from her office at work, at home keeping her family together or building her own business step by step online or elsewhere. She follows her dreams. She is the modern lady.
I've always looked up to that woman.

I've always looked up to that woman. She is my ultimate #goals. Although with the change of society and what's viewed as business, endless startups and more and more casual attire at the workspace, I still associate anything Rachel, Donna and Jessica wear on Suits(best freaking show ever! Lord please send me a Harvey Spectre!) with a classic business lady.
It has something to do with sophistication and being decent. With a level of class. With tradition.
There's nothing that beats a clean look. And a man in a suit!
..Except for a man in a suit with stubbles!
Oh that makes me weak. *sigh*

Have a wonderful evening!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Le Specs
Nailpolish I Nagellack: YSL
Earrings I Ohrringe: Orelia
Bag I Tasche: Chloé Marcie via Farfetch
Pullover: Edited - THE LABEL
Bracelet I Armband: Katie Rowland
Necklace I Kette: Katie Rowland
Shoes I Schuhe: Buffalo
Watch I Uhr:Karl Lagerfeld
Keychain I Schlüsselanhänger: Sophia Hulme

Hey guys! Whats UP? Hello!

It's been forever since I've done Style Ideas, but I've kind of missed doing these collages with pieces I covet and wish to style up, mentally dressing up in clothes I don't necessarily own. Girl's gotta dream! They're planned as a regular part of my new blog concept I'm working on. You guys let me know what you think.
For the first Style Ideas revival I was inspired by the cold breeze and the falling leaves today. The whole look is centered around my personal IT bag: the MARCIE. I know Chloé has created the bag of the moment - there is no way getting around the Chloé Drew(LINK), especially in the bloggersphere. But can I be honest for a minute? Yes, I'm a huge fan of Chloé bags, Chloé and Céline to be exact. Drew is cute for a night out. But my favourite Chloé handbags have always been the Chloé Paraty and the Chloé Marcie medium totes as perfect everyday companions. They're part of a little obsession of mine I've kept well cultivated by regularily adding them to my shopping basket while browsing online, feeding directly into my obsession, ever since I started my blog.
The look is very heavy on nude as you can tell. But I wanted to kept it fun with loose leo print pants and an eggshell white cozy knit to keep it casual, functional, cozy yet flirty & fun. Tbh, I didn't really think about the look much, I just created as I went along, just like the way I get dressed. I was just really feeling those pants in combination with nude and that stunner of a bag.
Also, I think you can never go wrong with rose gold accessories and a little mush green to embrace fall. (Need to buy that shade asap!).

Love Lois xxx

Sunday, September 20, 2015


eileena lois youtube fall fashion beauty must haves
Hey guys!!

What's fall without a cozy knit, some overknee boots or bordeaux nails? It's been a while since I uploaded content to my Youtube Channel but I during Fashion Week I had the chance to be part of the #YoutubelovesFashion movement and met some really cool Youtubers, one of them being the lovely Eileena. We hit it of well and a collaboration was bound to happen sooner or later. If you have been stalking me on Snapchat(loisopoku) you already know it happened sooner.
So we filmed a two part fashion and beauty pieces/essentials/must-haves for the coming fall season and discussed our personal favourites. Enjoy some Sunday inspiration for fall. Have you guys updated your closets yet? What's your personal must-have for autumn? Let us know! Here on the blog in a comment below or on Youtube.
Also be sure to subscribe to my humble channel (it's free!) and make sure to visit Eileena's new blog and of course leave some love on both our videos and channels.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Reserved Brand fashion showroom
Stopped by the Reserved Showroom last week and picked out a few (too many!) pieces for my wardrobe. Can't thank Häberlein&Maurer enough for inviting me to choose some pieces. And I can't wait to style them up!
I already wore one of my hot pieces, the hot pink stunner, to Vogue Fashion Night Out but totally forgot to snap it. Boo me!
Anyway stay tuned for more looks :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Monster x Chanel headphones Lois Opoku lisforlois
The first glimpse of the exclusive collaboration of Monster and Chanel was first seen on the runway in Paris of Chanel's Fall 14/15 collection in Karl Lagerfeld's famous Chanel Supermarket installation. After Swizz Beatz and King Karl posed for a picture on Instagram everyone was talking about them.. and the hideous 12 000$ Chanel shopping basket. By that time I had long had confirmation that Monster was indeed working on a Chanel heaphone and I couldn't wait to see the product. Then the hype about the headphones died down a little. One week ago at IFA was the first ever official press reveal of the luxury headphones taking Monster to a whole new level. And I was one of the only few to lucky enough to be present.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


lois-floral-13 fashion week street style
Hey guys!

How have you been? How was your summer? I just got back from 3 weeks in Kenya. I apologize for the awful quietness here on the blog. Initially I auto-planned some posts for you but it all got lost in the hectic of getting ready for Kenya.
Anyway I can't wait to share my travel pictures from Kenya with you! But first I want to complete my fashion week diaries and show you my last outfit. Also, I'll still be posting some material from Fashion Week throughout the next weeks, well because I can. Don't be confused.

I held day 4 at fashion week super low key, I was in an awful lot of pain but I dragged myself to two shows because I had backstage appointments too, opportunities I really didn't miss out on. My energy however was not enough for the much sought after Marina H. show (which blew minds btw!) or her closing party at night, even after coming back to rest at home. Sometimes when your body says no, you gotta respect that.
Nevertheless I never forgot to wear my smile as my prettiest accessory.
lois-floral-22  fashion week street style

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


It's been a while since I've done a lookbook post or simply posted pictures of a collection I liked in a kind of an inspiration. Amidst my fashion week diaries I wanted to take a minute and share a special designer collaboration and images of 3 lookbooks with you guys.
Special because it is a collaboration between a giant and three new faces on the horizon of fashion. The french fashion house giant La Redoute known for fashion from shorts to evening robes, has teamed up to support three up and coming fashion talents in a designer collaboration highlighting these young creatives - Coralie Marabelle, Christine Phung and Etienne Deroeux for A/W 2015 collection.
I love seeing big houses collaborating and supporting young designers. It's one of the most refreshing things seeing a new designer at fashion week and thinking about whats next for them. Now they are out in the open, what will they create next? Now that they have the resources and exposure, what will they make? Anyway I very much liked the capsule collections and the lookbooks, which is why I had to share.


Monday, August 03, 2015


Another day, another Fashion Week report! Let's embark on my adventures for day 3. This time again in my usual colourful spirit. I wore the most luxe Sandro piece on which I spent my savings on without a blink of an eye, paired with the coolest shoes in my entire closet. I'm so in love with this piece and the heels. Both new. But naturally I didn't leave the house without a pair of flats in my bag, which is why part of the day I wore flats. But, yes my outfit was on point most of the day! ;P

Thursday, July 30, 2015


lois opoku berlin fashion week streetstyle black blazer-cat-ears- lisforlois
For day 2 I choose a one of the boys but still sexy feminin look. ..Or at least I tried. I think this was my most daring and fun look, although it's all black errthang. I say that because during Fashion Week I didn't actually wear a bra, underneath the blazer. But during the outfit shooting the blazer wouldn't stay in place (hence the hideous looking fit. It's actually very form fitting and complementing. Usually..) so I had to play it safe. I'm so in love with my Selena Gomez x Adidas NEO joggers/harem pants and they were perfect for the look I was trying to create. I wish I wasn't so color blind when I choose my bag, because clearly that red MK was a complete different hue and didn't quite match my berry lips or shoes. Oh well..
Nonetheless I loved wearing this look although it made me sweat A LOT during the hot and hectic day.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


lois opoku fashion week streetstyle outfit lisforlois
Hey guys!
How have you been? I've finally been able to upload my first fashion week diary. And like in true old fashion I will take you along my day from morning to end and show you my outfit. Although I didn't do particularly much on day one as opposed to the million shenanigans I used to be up to, I had a fun day that left me tired and happy to be in bed afterwards.
Scroll down for outfit details. (All the way at the end of the post like always ;) )
Let's get started.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


berlin fasihon week miley cyrus gif
via Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Miley Cyrus by Terry Richardson, gif by me

Well, the fashion world is filled with superficial people. *Shocker* It's nothing new, and it comes with the territory. That is the business and it's been like that every fashion week. Yet somehow blogpost complaining and ranting and assessing and judging have been surfacing like fake Chanels in a Chinese factory - quicker than you can spell F.A.K.E and in multitude. *Sigh*.. Don't get me wrong, most of the posts are legit and have a very good point.
But honey, misery is not a good color for you, complaining doesn't suit you and judging makes you look fat.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


vlog lois opoku youtube
The music-cockblock-association aka GEMA fucks my brain. Getting this vlog up was next level struggle.
After my video being blocked in 27 countries (of course Germany was first on the list) for using a remix that sounded too close to the original for the content ID claim robot, I had to cut the video again after finding a great indie musician on soundcloud.
Turns out this not-so-undercover indie artist got somewhat famous so her old song became subject to a copyright claim. Same game over again.
At this point I couldn't care less about being able to monetize the video or not. After being stripped of that right, GEMA still had the audacity to block that song SOLELY in Germany. Like fuck why??? I just wanted it to be viewable regardless of where you are. And I came so close to saying, well fuck it and fuck you Germany, if want to see my video go to
From here on out, it's not my wahala.
Bye. I'm out!

But being as caring as I am about my readership and viewers (hello to every 176 of you on Youtube!! <3), I couldn't let it not by my wahala.

So I finally beat the music-cockblock-association and the content ID claim robot, while still being able to find somewhat acceptable music for my video (actually I'm digging this song very much), but I couldn't bother to cut the video according to beat anymore. Forgive me.
Anyway I'm happy that my first vlog is up and it is like a homevideo of a really cool day. I take you shopping with me and my friend Sophie, just us girls being girls. Later we get to have some fun with INDIE Magazine + a shooting and I met the cutest fan girls!
I don't want to say to much since I want you to waste your next 12 minutes of your life watching my video! ;)
#GoSubscribe and #GiveItAThumbsUp!
Peace, Love and BYE-Felicia-BYE-gema

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Lois Opoku INDIE Magazine shooting x Youtube Fashion Week is over and soon I'll bombard you with all of the pictures and posts from last week. I'm already happily sharing images under the hashtag #lisforloismbfwb. Do check it out, if you can't wait to see what I was up to.
But the Friday before Fashion Week, before all madness began, Youtube invited a few bloggers and vloggers for a get-together and styling session with INDIE Magazine in the newly opened Youtube Creator Space Berlin. The session was fun and I tried on two overalls, an olive one from Topshop and this one in the pictures, which I finally opted for. (Thanks Sarah for your expertise!). But you guys seemed to LOVE the olive one on Instagram. What you couldn't see though, was that you could tell it was way too big in reality. It's all about the angles on Instagram ;) Facetune, Photoshop, plastic surgery.. what for when you got angles? LOL.

Anyway, I'm totally digging overalls atm, from a lace insert overall to the sexy front criss crossed overall for a sexy plunging cleavage... They are just so cute!

I don't actually think these pictures will appear in the INDIE Magazine, but nonetheless they are great shots for a blogpost. Leni has always shot amazing Streetstyle pics of me.
Thank you Youtube, and especially Claudio for organising! If this event was a video, I'd give it a big fat thumbs up.
Speaking of thumbs up and videos, I filmed a little vlog from that day which went live on Youtube, beginning of last week, but GEMA had to cockblock me of course. I've just selected new music and the vlog will be live any minute. Be prepared to go shopping with me as I take you backstage of the styling session and more. You can watch it here.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Lois Opoku Olympus PEN generation Fashion Photography Gallery Opening BERLIN
What used to start out with inofficial parties on Monday's - Monday's have become part of Fashion Week. So my first stop this year was the Opening of the Olympus PEN Generation Fashion Gallery (had to sit out on the European Fashion Award FASH 2015 and Zalando Fashion House. It was just too much to start off fashion week and frankly too little time).
The Gallery featured amazing photography by some of my favourite bloggers, such as Kayla from Not Your Standard or my dear friend Amandine or Chloe, a Fashion Blogger from the Netherlands, who I met 4 years ago during my very first Fashion Week.
The Gallery was good. The photography pretty amazing and it was a great way to start of fashion week, especially because there were so many international bloggers present.
My highlight had to have been when I met Ivana Carpio (goddess of Love Asthetics), who I've been following since day one. I've always looked up to her and I briefly met her about two years ago at Fashion Week. Didn't think she would remember me. But she did and she came up to me. She really is amazing.
Ivana Carpio Love Asthetics Olympus PEN generation Fashion Photography Gallery Opening BERLIN

Monday, July 06, 2015


2015-01-25 01.01.49 1 2015-01-25 07.05.09 1 2015-01-25 01.01.39 1 2015-01-25 12.46.50 1
Shop The Runway 

If you're reading this, Berlin Fashion Week frenzy has officially re-begun!
Can't believe 6 months have passed so quick...

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Lois Opoku white dress summer lisforlois
A couple of week back, we got very lucky in Berlin. Well summer has decided to return this week, but that day, the sun decided to grace us with her presence after weeks of rain and took us on a boat trip across the Spree. What a perfect day to wear white, Joeva and me did not .
I wore my white dress I got on a little shopping spree with Domi and Mali to Forever 21. It's the perfect summer mini dress. Cute, flowy and a sweet front detail. I chose to wear espadrilles, simple, comfy and still chic, especially navy striped espadrilles or chanel look-a-likes (my personal favorite).
It was a beautiful day and I had a lot of fun. Some of you followed my story on snapchat (loisopoku), you know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry, but you just can't suppress your inner Beyonce ;P
Surrounded by pretty flowers and plants, endless cups of froyo + fruits, summer lemonade with the sun kissing my skin as the swift breeze of Berlin's Spree cooled my face - a moment of total bliss.
You know that tingling sensations on your skin? That's summer.
If every day could start like that... *sigh*
Thanks for having me on board, - Thanks for filling my morning with a little more Freude (def.: happiness)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


icracked iphone screen reparation lisforlois icracked smartphone reparatur lisforlois
The horror scenario: You drop your phone, you get the spider app for free. Great.
You can't get an immediate appointment at the Apple Store for reparations. Super Great.
You are forced to walk around with a broken screen for weeks. Tripple Great.

Now, I love the Apple store, but I absolutely hate getting appointments there. Whenever something is wrong with my Macbook Pro I can never get an appointment in the same week, let alone the week after and it's dreadful. The Genius Bar is always fully booked. Don't even let me get started on trying to get an appointment for an iPhone. ugh!

I discovered a new service from Silicon Valley (btw anyone watching that show?? So obsessed! haha) called iCracked which pretty much is an instant repair on demand service. They've recently expanded their services to Germany and last week I had the chance to try it, because I've been running around with a broken screen since last Fashion Week. I booked an appointment, which was super easy. Depending on how many at service, you can have them come to wherever you are right away. Your favorite coffee spot, your home, school..

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Lois Opoku blue jacket ootd lisforlois
A couple of weeks back I enjoyed a cocktail evening with Jil Sander Navy. For the occasion I wore my midi-length figure hugging H&M Trend dress paired with a cobalt blue biker jacket and the perfect black bucket bag from Berlin based Designer Nina and her label Zookie. The is suede leather amazing.
Jil Sander Navy is very modern, clean cuts and silhouettes; the color scheme very simple: navy, bold green, black & white graphics and the occasional signal color orange as a subtle highlight. The store concept is a mirror of the Jil Sander philosophy. Jil Sander Navy reminds me a lot of COS but much more high end and quality. I was surprisingly very much into the new collection and I nearly picked the loafer high-heels to come home with me. The collection is very unlike me and what I'd usually wear. I prefer anything tailored at the waist, since that is what looks good on me.
But that's fun in fashion, being able to try new stuff out. Don't let yourself be defined by what's been, what you are accustomed to or people's idea of who and what you are. Be brave enough to try new things, new styles.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


lois opoku lisforlois x hella nike werunberlin fitness
Ok girls, 20th of June is coming closer! You know what that means, it means Nike #werunberlin 10k run is just around the corner! I'm still sore from my training session on Friday with Nike and trust me, my thighs still feel very heavy. As the day get closer I get more anxious, nervous and super excited. I get a little worried that I won't make the 10k, but I feel like I've got my asthma under control at the moment and that each time I go for a run, my breathing gets better.  Nike has so many surprises lined up for us girls and teamed up with many amazing sponsors this year, such as Marina Hoermanseder who designed the finishers gift or hella who'll make sure to keep us hydrated.


Lois Opoku Nümph print pants lisforlois
Time is a funny thing.
Looking at the time stamp on my latest post. 35 days ago... wow. This is the longest time I've gone without blogging. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen I'm still attending events, still embarking on adventures and little stories, so still a lot of content to blog about. The blank space that has been growing and stretching out uncontrollably here as if exponential, you see, was not due to lack of content. But rather to a sense of my own unhappiness, ever growing dissatisfaction, discontent and finally disaffection with this space.
When there is no progress, no growth (not in terms of followers but rather self growth and in terms quality), no development I feel at unease. Yet time is ticking (way too fast), this space is getting older but it's not growing up. It feels like it's staying an infant child forever, stuck in one developing stage, impossible to advance.
That's what gets me.

Monday, May 04, 2015


Lumia in granada lisforlois
Hey guys!
I'm finally sharing my pictures from my very short but sweet trip to Granada. It was a much needed getaway to the country side of Spain Andalusia. I was lucky enough to be Microsoft's (and yet again a Nokia) guest for their #lumiaingranada trip. I'm pretty sure you've been wondering what it was all about, since I have been bombarding you with tumblr-esque pictures on my Insta Feed (@LisforLOIS).
Amongst digital influencers - from mobile photographers (yes, that is a thing!), instagramers and bloggers - from different countries I had the chance to discover Granada through the Lumia 930 mobile. But that wasn't all.

Friday, April 10, 2015


douglas beauty event lisforlois
Last week I had a wonderful time during my short trip to Hamburg, which allowed me to take a break from uni studies and some emotional stress. The reason for my short less-than-24h- trip was an invitation from Douglas allowing me to be part of their exclusive launch celebrations for their very first and very own Make Up line, which started with a blogger breakfast and finally getting to know the faces behind the various mails and the pretty amazing Douglas team.
If you're from Europe there is no way you don't know Douglas. If you don't, Douglas is pretty much your destination for High End products from Chanel to Lancome, Estée Lauder to M.A.C., Benefit Cosmetics and Co. It's the only place I know of to go to when looking for good Make Up and I'm ready to splurge a bit. It's also the only place I shop for beauty presents. Until recently Douglas only sold other brands, for the first time you'll be able to buy their own Make Up line.

We started with a delicious breakfast with all the girls and we which really turned into a beautiful relaxed event, that didn't get boring and we got to do what bloggers love and do best: play with make up and Instagram,Instagram, Instagram! from a greatly lit location. #bestselfielight everrr!

So here's what you've been waiting for, let's talk Make Up!

Monday, March 30, 2015


foot locker air max day lois opoku lisforlois airtime air max day foot locker lisforlois
Air Max, oh Air Max!
26th March marked the Air Max Day, a day dedicated to a sneaker that's become a classic around the world and cultures, men and women, kids and grown ups. Everyone has their personal stories, childhood memories, their first summer at the lake in Air Max, stealing or their first homeparty in these sneakers.
I still remember when I first acknowleged the beauty of the sneakers, my neighbour got me so fixated on them. Not long until I got my first pair, a surprise present from Nike, Limited Edition Nike Air Max 1 in Julep Lime that seemed sold out everywhere. Soon after I practically started living in Air Max, my most comfiest sneakers. But I think Air Max have become a fashion statement too. Next to Stan Smiths or Superstars, Nike Air Max have been the choice of sneakers during Fashion Week and they've been popping up everywhere on Streetstyle Blogs and even Vogue, Elle and Nylon.
I teamed up with Foot Locker to celebrate the Air Max Day.

Everyone got online using the hashtags #airtime and #airmaxday, creators and you, have been sharing your personal Air Max Day stories and pictures on Instagram and Social Media. I really enjoyed stalking those hashtags that day. Here's my picture I created for Instagram and below are all the outfit pictures. Hope you enjoy this post!
Until next year Air Max Day!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Dior So Real
Bag I Tasche: Chloe Drew
Dress I Kleid: Chloe SS15
Hat I Hut: Lack of Color
Sandals I Sandalen: Miu Miu
Necklace I Kette: Madeleine Issing
Bracelet I Armband: Chloe
Lipstick I Lippenstift: MAC Velvet Teddy

I'm a huge fan of Resort collections. Inspired by Monaco's flair and some of my favorite resort 2015 collections (Chloe SS15 and Zimmerman Resort 2015 are *HEAVEN* sent) and the lack of sun, summer and salty beaches (major case of wanderlust!) I'm reviving my Style Ideas category created to inspire you.
Today's edition is all about your Monaco Luxe Escape wardrobe. Monaco for me is all about the luxury, flowing gowns, the colors white or black paired with cotton candy pink or cognac leather, navy stripes of a day out on the yacht, total elegance and the feeling of sipping glasses of bordeaux or Chardonnay as the sun sets from a balcony (Hotel Martinez perhaps?) with a killer view overlooking the endless ocean and palm trees.


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Celine Papillon
Hair I Haar: Moroccanoil
Bathing Suit I Schwimmanzug: Norma Kamali
Hat I Hut: Eugenia Kim
Sun screen I Sonnencreme: Skinceuticals Brightening UV Defense 30 SPF
Bracelet I Armband: J. Crew
Wedges: See By Chloe

Total LOOK: Petit Bateau

But Monaco isn't just a destination it's a perfect family get-away too. Imaging sailing away into the never ending ocean for a couple of days on your yacht with your family and kids. Going to Monaco you'd want your kids to dress the part too. Luxury and stylish dressing isn't limited to grown-ups, as little Miss North West keeps proving day by day. (How does this 2-year old have a better wardrobe than me?!)
I found the cutest luxury kids and baby wear label: Petite Bateau via Melijoe. The label itself means little ship. So perfect for your luxe escape. The latest Petite Bateau collection is supercute and has lots a pieces that just make me want to have lots of little babies so I can dress them up in all of Petite Bateau's new pieces
I picked out a luxe escape wardrobe for Little HIM and Little HER.
But please, can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute stylish kids are?!
Petit Bateau near you? Try the Ladenfinder.

Hope you enjoyed Style Ideas. I'm planing on doing more posts like these.

Love Lois xxx