Thursday, July 30, 2015


lois opoku berlin fashion week streetstyle black blazer-cat-ears- lisforlois
For day 2 I choose a one of the boys but still sexy feminin look. ..Or at least I tried. I think this was my most daring and fun look, although it's all black errthang. I say that because during Fashion Week I didn't actually wear a bra, underneath the blazer. But during the outfit shooting the blazer wouldn't stay in place (hence the hideous looking fit. It's actually very form fitting and complementing. Usually..) so I had to play it safe. I'm so in love with my Selena Gomez x Adidas NEO joggers/harem pants and they were perfect for the look I was trying to create. I wish I wasn't so color blind when I choose my bag, because clearly that red MK was a complete different hue and didn't quite match my berry lips or shoes. Oh well..
Nonetheless I loved wearing this look although it made me sweat A LOT during the hot and hectic day.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


lois opoku fashion week streetstyle outfit lisforlois
Hey guys!
How have you been? I've finally been able to upload my first fashion week diary. And like in true old fashion I will take you along my day from morning to end and show you my outfit. Although I didn't do particularly much on day one as opposed to the million shenanigans I used to be up to, I had a fun day that left me tired and happy to be in bed afterwards.
Scroll down for outfit details. (All the way at the end of the post like always ;) )
Let's get started.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


berlin fasihon week miley cyrus gif
via Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Miley Cyrus by Terry Richardson, gif by me

Well, the fashion world is filled with superficial people. *Shocker* It's nothing new, and it comes with the territory. That is the business and it's been like that every fashion week. Yet somehow blogpost complaining and ranting and assessing and judging have been surfacing like fake Chanels in a Chinese factory - quicker than you can spell F.A.K.E and in multitude. *Sigh*.. Don't get me wrong, most of the posts are legit and have a very good point.
But honey, misery is not a good color for you, complaining doesn't suit you and judging makes you look fat.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


vlog lois opoku youtube
The music-cockblock-association aka GEMA fucks my brain. Getting this vlog up was next level struggle.
After my video being blocked in 27 countries (of course Germany was first on the list) for using a remix that sounded too close to the original for the content ID claim robot, I had to cut the video again after finding a great indie musician on soundcloud.
Turns out this not-so-undercover indie artist got somewhat famous so her old song became subject to a copyright claim. Same game over again.
At this point I couldn't care less about being able to monetize the video or not. After being stripped of that right, GEMA still had the audacity to block that song SOLELY in Germany. Like fuck why??? I just wanted it to be viewable regardless of where you are. And I came so close to saying, well fuck it and fuck you Germany, if want to see my video go to
From here on out, it's not my wahala.
Bye. I'm out!

But being as caring as I am about my readership and viewers (hello to every 176 of you on Youtube!! <3), I couldn't let it not by my wahala.

So I finally beat the music-cockblock-association and the content ID claim robot, while still being able to find somewhat acceptable music for my video (actually I'm digging this song very much), but I couldn't bother to cut the video according to beat anymore. Forgive me.
Anyway I'm happy that my first vlog is up and it is like a homevideo of a really cool day. I take you shopping with me and my friend Sophie, just us girls being girls. Later we get to have some fun with INDIE Magazine + a shooting and I met the cutest fan girls!
I don't want to say to much since I want you to waste your next 12 minutes of your life watching my video! ;)
#GoSubscribe and #GiveItAThumbsUp!
Peace, Love and BYE-Felicia-BYE-gema

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Lois Opoku INDIE Magazine shooting x Youtube Fashion Week is over and soon I'll bombard you with all of the pictures and posts from last week. I'm already happily sharing images under the hashtag #lisforloismbfwb. Do check it out, if you can't wait to see what I was up to.
But the Friday before Fashion Week, before all madness began, Youtube invited a few bloggers and vloggers for a get-together and styling session with INDIE Magazine in the newly opened Youtube Creator Space Berlin. The session was fun and I tried on two overalls, an olive one from Topshop and this one in the pictures, which I finally opted for. (Thanks Sarah for your expertise!). But you guys seemed to LOVE the olive one on Instagram. What you couldn't see though, was that you could tell it was way too big in reality. It's all about the angles on Instagram ;) Facetune, Photoshop, plastic surgery.. what for when you got angles? LOL.

Anyway, I'm totally digging overalls atm, from a lace insert overall to the sexy front criss crossed overall for a sexy plunging cleavage... They are just so cute!

I don't actually think these pictures will appear in the INDIE Magazine, but nonetheless they are great shots for a blogpost. Leni has always shot amazing Streetstyle pics of me.
Thank you Youtube, and especially Claudio for organising! If this event was a video, I'd give it a big fat thumbs up.
Speaking of thumbs up and videos, I filmed a little vlog from that day which went live on Youtube, beginning of last week, but GEMA had to cockblock me of course. I've just selected new music and the vlog will be live any minute. Be prepared to go shopping with me as I take you backstage of the styling session and more. You can watch it here.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Lois Opoku Olympus PEN generation Fashion Photography Gallery Opening BERLIN
What used to start out with inofficial parties on Monday's - Monday's have become part of Fashion Week. So my first stop this year was the Opening of the Olympus PEN Generation Fashion Gallery (had to sit out on the European Fashion Award FASH 2015 and Zalando Fashion House. It was just too much to start off fashion week and frankly too little time).
The Gallery featured amazing photography by some of my favourite bloggers, such as Kayla from Not Your Standard or my dear friend Amandine or Chloe, a Fashion Blogger from the Netherlands, who I met 4 years ago during my very first Fashion Week.
The Gallery was good. The photography pretty amazing and it was a great way to start of fashion week, especially because there were so many international bloggers present.
My highlight had to have been when I met Ivana Carpio (goddess of Love Asthetics), who I've been following since day one. I've always looked up to her and I briefly met her about two years ago at Fashion Week. Didn't think she would remember me. But she did and she came up to me. She really is amazing.
Ivana Carpio Love Asthetics Olympus PEN generation Fashion Photography Gallery Opening BERLIN

Monday, July 06, 2015


2015-01-25 01.01.49 1 2015-01-25 07.05.09 1 2015-01-25 01.01.39 1 2015-01-25 12.46.50 1
Shop The Runway 

If you're reading this, Berlin Fashion Week frenzy has officially re-begun!
Can't believe 6 months have passed so quick...

Love Lois xxx