Thursday, November 28, 2013


G-Shock G-sessions BBQ party at Voo Store Berlin lisforlois

I'm going to final G-Sessions Party tonight held by G-Sessions. Searching my computer for the invite my search also gave me these pictures. Don't know why I never published these. Especially because it was a really great evening in the backyard of Voo Store. I even bumped into some long lost friends that made that night super fun. Voo Store was packed and the XXL burgers and sweet potato fries (best thing I tasted this summer) along with the soft ice were beyond. It was one of the warm summer nights with the right crowd of people at the right place at the right time. And inside the G-Shock watches were ticking away counting every second we enjoyed.


Googlehaus Hamburg lisforlois
Last Wednesday Google invited me to Hamburg into the Googlehaus. Google gave a tour around the house, showing their latest products. The tour was arranged according to rooms you find in a normal household, kitchen, masterbedroom, teens room etc., directly showing how the products can be used in all the different aspects of life.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Valmano Festina UK St. Oberholz lisforlois

St. Oberholz is a great place to get some work done. It's a small cafe in Berlin Mitte and the dress code is: Bring your Laptop (Macbook to be precise..).  I've had a few business meetings here. And I always left the place enriched, inspired and ready to conquer the world with new ideas.
Last time I was at St. Oberholz with a group of friends we were working on #THESECRETPROJECT (News will follow. Details as well... Time will tell) which has kind of been put on hold for now. Oh well... How awesome is my XXL sized watch please? It's by Festina UK and was a gift from Valmano I got to keep after my shooting for Powerkeks PR. It's one hell of a watch, but I've just discovered that I'm really into huge watches on my wrist. Yeah I'm that girl. Kinda like Go Big or Go Home! My kitty flats that I got from Mirapodo have been safely tucked away until next Spring. How I will miss those! I was practically living in them 24/7..

Monday, November 25, 2013


caseable lisforlois caseable lisforlois caseable lisforlois

Been a crappy day for me today but whatever. I finally wanted to show you my new iPhone case and laptop sleeve. I designed my own with Caseable for my iPhone and Mac Book Pro. I loved creating my own cases. Once I got started I couldn't stop until I was done. I actually made the pattern myself out of a picture of Matthew Williamson's 35th Look from the Spring 2012 RTW Show which I then uploaded unto the Caseable case designer. I'm super happy with the outcome. The result was a little scaled for my laptop sleeve but the iPhone case turned out 1to1 with my design. I'm also happy that the colors turned out exactly as I planned. That was my biggest fear; that during actual printing colors might change. The cases themselves are of good quality.
Hands down, this service is great!
I've already decided that I will use my laptop sleeve as a clutch as well as it has a perfect size for that. See, multipurpose!

I think this a perfect idea with Christmas coming up and all. You can get all artsy and create your own designs or choose from pre made ones, but I think thats the beauty of Caseable, the freedom to create your own. And I'm thinking about giving my brother a voucher for christmas or so..

I got a little for something for those who want to get started right away!
Use the code lisforlois15 at check out to get a discount. It's valid until 06.12.13.

Good night people, gotta hit the pillows. Who am I kidding? Haven't left bed all day as I'm not feeling so good...

Have a good night.

Love Lois xxx

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Monster Products Diamond Tears lisforlois

One of the coolest presents I've ever gotten are the Monster Headphones Diamond Tears in crystal that Monster sent to me for my birthday with a sweet birthday note. Louisa and I had been admiring them nonstop in "girls room"(a section dedicated only to women's headphones) back at the IFA in September, so you can imagine how super happy I was when I unpacked those. Believe me, they are a dream. Sound quality is beyond and I don't leave the house without them anymore.
Everywhere I go people stare at my headphones. No wonder, it's not everyday a girl walks around with  huge ass diamonds on her ears.
The jumper I've been wearing almost daily now was a birthday present by my super duper friend Mallyn. It's been a while since I've seen her. Miss her! It's becoming colder and colder day by day and I'm starting to get into a chunky knits mood and overknee boots. I love my overknee boots and it's always a challenge to dress them up without looking like a slut but channeling the classy/effortlessly/chic vibe.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Patrizia Pepe Goldenized Event Berlin lisforlois Patrizia Pepe Goldenized Event Berlin lisforlois
Last week Thursday I was invited to the launch event of Patrizia Pepe's Goldenized capsule collection.

The campagne that features fashion bloggers Sylvia Haghjoo, Patricia Manfield and one of my very favourite, Gala Gonzalez was shot by Berlin based street style photographer Sandra Semburg and Nima Benati just two days prior to the launch right here in Berlin at one of my secret hotspots I've recently taken lots of outfit pictures at. Have you guessed? Yes, it's the Museumsinsel. The campagne looks amazing and it's great to see the fusion between a designer label, fashion bloggers and a street style photographer. This campagne is the perfect example of the rising influence of fashion bloggers. Bloggers are the new models, new It girls, new faces and as the latter the new ambassadors.
Our passion for fashion and our following allows us to be taken serious in the fashion industry and end up on posters and displays in stores. No wonder Patricia Manfield, Sylvia Haghoo and Gala Gonzalez were asked to bring a little girl power to the campagne. Besides the street style flair shots there are also classic fashion posters for the campagne that also features the three lovely bloggers.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event

Last week the #GEOXONTOUR made a stop in Berlin and the store at Friedrichstra├če momentarily turned into a shoe heaven for all invited bloggers as we were allowed to choose from any pair in the entire store to take home with. Shoe boxes everywhere and girls trying on a million pairs while Dandy Diary handled the DJ Set - pretty much last weeks scenario. Meanwhile Yvan Rodic aka Facehunter, possibly one of the most famous streetstyle photographers was there to present his streetstyle book and snap some of the guests for GEOX. On the side note: I have been facehuntered before. Very funny picture actually...

Anyway I was kinda going back and forth between choosing the love of my life (the most perfect shoe - it was love at first sight) and being reasonable (boots for winter. kinda in desperate need of those.). I spent probably an hour doing what I do best: being indecisive, when deep down I know damn well what I want and how the story's gonna unfold.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


road to Amsterdam MTV EMA 2013 with DNA Monster lisforlois road to Amsterdam MTV EMA 2013 with DNA Monster Monsieur Komplex lisforlois

So my weekend ended with a great night with the Monster team. Monster invited me to come celebrate the beginning of the Road to Amsterdam Music Week series leading up to the final event: the MTV EMAs with them and DNA headphones (pure Monster sound! ;) ) in their VIP lounge at the PURO Sky Lounge, Berlin's MTV Hauptstadt Club. And let me tell you I had a blast!
Monsieur Komplex (you may remember him from my IFA with Monster post) played some sick tunes and I enjoyed getting to know Julia and Polga better and hanging with the Monster crew and also the guys from VIVA and MTV and Monsieur Komplex himself, who all happen to know how to enjoy a good party. I think the pictures tell ;)
Such a shame I wont be in Amsterdam for the actual EMAs, but judging from Saturday's party which was only the start, it's going to be good - real good!

Monday, November 04, 2013


Yeni Raki the spirit of istanbul festival berlin lisforlois Yeni Raki the spirit of istanbul festival berlin lisforlois

My weekend started with a little journey into a different culture - the orient to be exact. Yeni Raki brought a bit of Istanbul's flair, its magic and culture to Berlin. Turkish delight, culinary specialities, belly dancers, performances, dances and music.. all of it! The Arena Berlin turned into an oriental bazaar for one night. The Spirit of Istanbul Festival by Yeni Raki, raki is a Turkish alcoholic bevarage, open its doors to the world of the Turkish raki culture and left room for us to stroll around and discover more than 20 designers and dealers showcasing their designs and products, try some raki and take our tastebuds on an oriental ride.
I got lost for a bit into this world with my friends, shaking my hips with the colorful and beaded clothes. How I love belly dancing costumes, made me reminiscent of my days as a kid when I used to belly dance...