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fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois
A little back Fabletics held a little master classs with Sebastian Drabow, one of Fabletics very own masters, who educated us on all things Paleo.
I don't know if you have heard of the diet known as Paleo, it was my first time to be honest, but a Paleo diet is no different to that of a man from the stone age. Thinking about it, everything on the Paleo No-Go list is a creation by our food industry, and sugar to Paleo comes pretty close to what Osama Bin Laden was to the United States of America, #1 enemy. Right up on that list you'll find anything processed, cereal products, pulses(legumes) and milk products. My initial thought was, "Ehm ok so.. what's left to eat, because last time I checked, that was all I was having.."

Instead, Paleo focuses on vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts, fish and meat and healthy fats.
The coolest thing, Berlin being Berlin, we actually have some Paleo restaurants (e.g. Eat Performance) and with Stefan's little tips and tricks, he made it seem not that hard to dine Paleo. What Paleo also achieves is a more attentive and selective way of consuming food and an increased way of thinking about what you put into your body by focusing on local quality grown food.
Instead of bread with Nutella in the morning, you have Paleo bread which is made from chestnut flour and more little food hacks to a Paleo way of life.

After the talk we got to cooking and tasting. I surprisingly loved the Paleo bread, plus we cooked some Paleo pancakes, which btw are super easy to make! They're just like pancakes made from banana but fried in Paleo friendly coconut oil and instead of normal flour we used coconut flour.
Oh and of course I couldn't resist flipping through Fabletics upcoming collections, which just make me want to hit the gym daily! The prints and pinks are so much fun to play and combine outfits with, bye basic bitches! Gym can be so fashhhh! No but I'm serious, their Sports Bra designs are everything.

fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois fabletics master class paleo diet lisforlois

I learned a lot and I thought the class was highly educating. On another note, it's great to see that fashion brands can be more than "just" a brand and not only promote a lifestyle through their brand identity and their products but also in real life with events like these by engaging their customers too. Usually only bloggers and press get to taste and experience what a fashion brand truly stands for through stepping into their world during events like these.
But this was for you, the customer - the actual consumer, and I think I was the only blogger present during the class. Judging from the rest of the small crowd, I think we all got some new knowledge to take home with and a few easy recipes and tipps to try at home.

Anyway to find out about more events like these, I think it's best to just like their facebook page or follow their regional blogs (German blog click!, English click!) to keep up to date with upcoming events. Have you heard of Fabletics yet? I have been stalking their online shop since their German launch and I just ordered some stuff online, plus I'm impatiently waiting for them to arrive.
Nothing to keep you more motivated than a set of new cute gym clothes, right?
After all I only started working out so my dad would by me my beloved purple Nike trainers..
More on Fabletics itself as soon as I jump into my cute new head to toe outfit! :D

Ps.: Also if you are wondering about all the foodporn that looks like straight outta tumblr in this post (btw follow my tumblr yet?), Fabletics kindly shared all the recipes for the chia pudding and Paleo pancakes on their blog here.

Love Lois xxx

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