Friday, April 10, 2015


douglas beauty event lisforlois
Last week I had a wonderful time during my short trip to Hamburg, which allowed me to take a break from uni studies and some emotional stress. The reason for my short less-than-24h- trip was an invitation from Douglas allowing me to be part of their exclusive launch celebrations for their very first and very own Make Up line, which started with a blogger breakfast and finally getting to know the faces behind the various mails and the pretty amazing Douglas team.
If you're from Europe there is no way you don't know Douglas. If you don't, Douglas is pretty much your destination for High End products from Chanel to Lancome, Estée Lauder to M.A.C., Benefit Cosmetics and Co. It's the only place I know of to go to when looking for good Make Up and I'm ready to splurge a bit. It's also the only place I shop for beauty presents. Until recently Douglas only sold other brands, for the first time you'll be able to buy their own Make Up line.

We started with a delicious breakfast with all the girls and we which really turned into a beautiful relaxed event, that didn't get boring and we got to do what bloggers love and do best: play with make up and Instagram,Instagram, Instagram! from a greatly lit location. #bestselfielight everrr!

So here's what you've been waiting for, let's talk Make Up!