Monday, April 29, 2013


Looking to satisfy my snapback and Nike Blazer addiction and the inner hip hop swagger chick hood bitch (not kidding I LOVE snapbacks and sneakers!) within me I turned to my regular sneaker online shops and finally Defshop because they usually offer their stuff at good prices. I have heard of Defshop before and occasionally browse the website when comparing prices for sneakers. But browsing through Defshop thoroughly for once, I realized they have much more to offer than just street wear, sneakers and snapbacks.

Friday, April 26, 2013


The Zanox Expert Day was a great opportunity to communicate and get know some experts in the field of advertising and monetarizing all the great work one puts in a blog, as well as talk to representatives of brands like Otto and Douglas. While being spoiled with delicious food at the afterwork party I enjoyed a nice day getting to know new faces.
Again this time the atmosphere was great and I felt free to talk to the experts and learn new things about blogging and widening my horizon. Of course it would be a dream to live from blogging, but there is so much work that needs to be done and a lot of effort and dedication and know-how involved. The Zanox Expert Day served as a plattform for us, the bloggers - the creative end of it all - to win a bit more know-how.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Visited the 7 for all mankind store to support Amandine at her cocktail reception in celebration of the new 7 for all mankind Black & White collection. Fell in love with the pants. Had fun with Defne, Lisa and Nelly. Met René from Styleranking and I think I bumped into Franzi aka Zukkermädchen. If it's her, she's real zukker in reality.
My favorites from the collection are the white ones with the top to bottom rose gold zipper and the print ones. Seriously loving the mini collection. Such a shame it's limited edition and won't be in stores forever.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yeah yeah I know it's still very early to be looking at bikinis or swimwear in general but I have been on the look out for them for a while now because I wanna pack a suitcase with cute bikinis for my Abifahrt (which is like a final class trip after the A levels have been completed except the whole year is going instead of a single class) and partly because looking good in a bikini has been my driving motivation for attending gym. Bikini browsing = finding cute bikinis = all the more reason to hit the gym.

To be honest Esprit hasn't been on my mind ever since the invitation to the store opening at Friedrichstraße that I unfortunately couldn't attend because I was out of town. And since then I never found time to visit the store. But being on the look out for good swimwear I like looking at different places. After a little incentive I directed my attention to Esprit. I must say I'm a little surprised I don't shop at Esprit more often, you know, at least for a few key pieces. I'm loving the entire swimwear collection by Esprit. Esprit's swim & beach 2013 collection has great pieces.
Although I'm personally not a big fan of swimsuits one of my favourite pieces from this collection is the black and white swimsuit. It looks so elegant. But I'm also loving the sixities inspired high waisted bikini set. I think the collection is mix of elegant and fun because of the polka dots, mixed with few print and floral pieces.

My top 3 pieces have to be:

pictures via  Esprit

I think I'm going to buy the white bikini with the pink wave print on it...kinda in love

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Love Lois xxx

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I never told you about my very first night a Lafayette. It was pretty magical and ever since then the Galerie Lafayette holds a special place in my memory. Maybe one day I'll come around and talk to you about it, but unfortunately my friend deleted all the pictures from that night.
Anyway about 3 weeks ago Galerie Lafayette invited me for their Printemps/ Été 2013 fashion show inside the Galerie Lafayette. It was a great show and it amazes me every time how such a department store can turn into such a fascinating location for a runway.