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LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_111 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_61
Last Thursday with Levi's felt like a perfect end to summer. The sun was back out, it was the beginning of Berlin Festival and Levi's invited us to the Oberhafenkantine (huuuge yard with a cute little wooden house and a glass house) to celebrate the launch of Levi's latest project: #LiveInLevis. The campaign features so many different people - people with different backgrounds - artist, dancers, barbers, singers, social media managers, Alexandra from 4thandbleeker (<3) in an image trailer whose lives couldn't be more unalike. It follows them in their Levi's as they uncover their tales. The trailer itself is pretty inspiring. But that's not all, if you visit your local Levi's Store, you'll discover more #LiveInLevis stories from local characters. The Berlin Kudamm store got a makeover from none other than the dudes from Dandy Diary & Jessie from Journelles.com.
LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_02 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_295 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_153 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_179 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_168 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_262 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_264
The launch event itself was awesome. I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Nisi and Jacky on the compound. Everyone present had the chance to pick out a piece and get it customized - from jackets, to denim vests or even pants, it was all there. Levi's tailor shop
I finally settled for a denim jacket, which I personally customized and I've now branded The Spine. See the pictures, you'll get why I called my jacket The Spine.
Between displays from German Artist showcasing their favorite Levi's pieces and contemplating on what kind of canvas to pick for my very own #LiveInLevis story, I was so wrapped up in customizing and creating my own DIY jacket, because it was way too much fun personalizing and giving that denim jacket the beginning of its own personal story. The day went on with an awesome DJ Set by Dandy Diary (some crazy Hip Hop beats! I was definitely feeling that music!!), endless polaroids,  burgers, waffles and bees, who made it impossible for me to enjoy my applesauce sugar coated waffle. But that's summer. And I was grateful such a wonderful day.
LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_271 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_159 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_110 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_174 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_12 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_26 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_66 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_58 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_201 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_310 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_300LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_190 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_51 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_296 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_249 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_256 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_232 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_255 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_247
ph.: Pascal Rohe

#LiveInLevis is a digital platform, a social campaign, giving a voice to each and everyone of us. If you check out the hashtag #liveinlevis you'll discover stories and personal moments from all over the world. Pictures by young and old. Whether it's the 501 or a denim jacket, everyone has a story.

..So what's your Levi's story?

Love Lois xxx


  1. Was für eine coole Eventidee!!! Da hätte ich auch Freude dran gehabt!

    LG aus der EDELFABRIK

    P.S: Wenn Du Lust auf zwei Tage Hamburg mit mir und einem Workshop mit 8 x 4 und Jorge Gonzalez hast, dann mach HIER bei meinem Gewinnspiel mit.

  2. sieht nach einem richtig coolen Event aus!



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