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Sunday, December 11, 2016


puma footlocker lois opoku
Every year the same old story: Foot Locker's Week of Greatness. It's a become a tradition here on the blog and I never get tired of it. Foot Locker releases a crazy bunch of super cool sneakers and I get to highlight my favorite here on the blog. This time I chose the Puma Fierce that I styled up in four completely different ways. Can we just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that Puma has made a major comeback this year? Ever since Rihanna took over it's been going uphill. Well played Puma, well played. Of course Foot Locker released a few new Pumas (like the Puma Fierce I'm wearing) during Week of Greatness, along with some sick Jordans and Adidas NMDs, some in exclusive colour ways to Foot Locker.
In honour of Week of Greatness I decided to show you 4 different ways I'd rock sneakers. Here is my week in sneakers lookbook. Friday's we wear high heels to party :P
If you know me, you know I hardly ever wear heels IRL. Nothing goes over the comfort of a sneaker..
But keep reading to see the looks! :D

Thursday, August 04, 2016


lois opoku levis 505c fashion week party lisforlois
What's up guys?
How have you been? It's been super quiet here lately, but I'm back motivated as ever! I finally got my hands on all my fashion week material I shot together with Phillip, which is why I'm ending the drought here on my blog with my first event from fashion week - the Levis 505c launch party that took place on the first night after my first shows right at the Ramones museum. I made a quick outfit change somewhere in the city and opted for my new 505c of course. It's a very loose fit/straight cut kinda jeans that kinda of looks like a hybrid of a mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. Super casual.
But you can dress it up any way - casual, edgy (which I tried here), you name it and go for it..
The event itself was nice. Berlin's fashion crowd gathered in the middle of the street, people enjoying a beer, a drink or two and street food served right of a food truck whiles polas were being made to save all the memories of that night.
I took home two polaroids, two memories caught on film.

It was a good start to fashion week..

Monday, November 09, 2015


Levis 700 los Gallery lisforlois
When it comes to jeans Levis is a classic, iconic. A brand you immediately associate with the word 'jeans'. Levis organized a little gallery opening celebrating their 700 jeans line in forms of works of art. All shot by a gifted photographer Stephanie Pfaender. Curated by girls like me - fashion bloggers/influencers. I was lucky to be part of the evening in my Levis 710 and get a glimpse of the photography admits the artists themselves.

It was then I met one of my favorite bloggers I've been following ever since I discovered the bloggersphere: Sabrina of afterDRK. Struck and completely in awe I forgot to ask Sabrina for a selfie, you know as a little memory to keep. But I'll keep the moment as a memory forever.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_111 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_61
Last Thursday with Levi's felt like a perfect end to summer. The sun was back out, it was the beginning of Berlin Festival and Levi's invited us to the Oberhafenkantine (huuuge yard with a cute little wooden house and a glass house) to celebrate the launch of Levi's latest project: #LiveInLevis. The campaign features so many different people - people with different backgrounds - artist, dancers, barbers, singers, social media managers, Alexandra from 4thandbleeker (<3) in an image trailer whose lives couldn't be more unalike. It follows them in their Levi's as they uncover their tales. The trailer itself is pretty inspiring. But that's not all, if you visit your local Levi's Store, you'll discover more #LiveInLevis stories from local characters. The Berlin Kudamm store got a makeover from none other than the dudes from Dandy Diary & Jessie from

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Levis Revel curve ID Fitting Lois Opoku
Spent the entire Thursday, which was quite busy and super fun, with my girl Jacky and our day started at with a fitting with Levi's. Levi's invited us for brunch to the VEVO Lounge, a townhouse in Berlin, and a personal fitting with the Levi's Team. After the Grazia x Levi's event I've been quite a fan of the Levi's Revel. Tried on the perfect pair, but I never went home with one, sadly.
You know my problem when it comes to jeans that I like to call the African Bootylicious problem - big ass, tiny waist. Never have I felt more addressed than in Big Sean's A$$ "How your waist anorexic but then your ass is colossal? Whaaat?" My waist is nowhere near anorexic. But it's still tiny and the difference between my waist and butt section makes it nearly impossible to find a good fit jeans on the European market, especially when they're not low rise.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Levis Grazia Magazine Event Berlin Revel lisforlois
Last Thursday Ina and I headed to the Grazia x Levi's Shopping Night, which was a ladies-only event organised by Grazia as sort of an Meet&Greet between Grazia and readers, but the actual highlight of the night was the presentation of the new Levi's Revel Jeans, which I have to admit fit quite amazingly and make a really good ass. With drinks by Ciroc (SO GOOD!!) and finger food, we had the chance to shop all night with a 15% discount all accompanied by a DJ set. But what was more exciting was the fact that we had the chance to get styled by Grazia and complete the look with Make Up by Rituals and get snapped infront of the Levi's photo wall.

Ina and I took the opportunity for a styling session with the Grazia Team and with Mirjana we searched the store for nice outfits. After waiting for what seemed like forever (the store was packed!) but with drinks to get by, Ina and I made our way into the changing room and I finally got to slip the new Revel jeans over my legs. Kinda digging my all jeans look. Check out the pictures below.
Ina went for a festival look.
Levis Grazia Magazine Event Berlin Revel lisforlois