Sunday, September 29, 2013


BabyLiss IFA outfit lisforlois
My BabyLiss Bürste zu kaufen

What does a fashion blogger do at a electronic trade show? It's not that farfetched. After all I am a consumer and I consume goods. So I was here to check out the latest consumer goods that are of interest to me.
The reason I visited IFA in the first place was because BabyLiss invited me to come check out their newest products and for some hair styling. Since I'm having extension (however I still use the BabyLiss curling iron that I got at the Berlin Blogger Meet Up to curl my extensions every now and then. And it has worked well til now without burning my face of xD ) I asked Louisa my best friend to test the products for you.

BabyLiss IFA

Friday, September 27, 2013


UGG Australia 35th Anniversary event lisforlois

UGG Australia turned 35 in the last couple days and invited a few bloggers to come celebrate and showcase their latest collections. Now you know I kinda was a hater regarding UGGs at first. A year later I bought myself a pair of fake UGGs for 5€ at H&M and thought I found the most comfortable but really whack ass quality (didn't even last one winter!) pair of shoes on earth. I had no idea what true comfort really felt like until I got to open and try on my present from UGG Australia.

UGG Australia 35th Anniversary event lisforlois

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Face Of Africa Germany lisforlois

Hey Guys,

I was busy all Saturday working at the auditions of Face of Africa Germany. And we're currently shooting season 1. Can't wait to see the first episode. I'm kinda like Bryanboy at America's Next Topmodel for Face of Africa Germany, my brother says. I'm doing the social media for them: taking care of their Twitter, Facebook page and doing all their Instagram shots. It was really fun though yesterday and we had so many gorgeous girls from all over Germany at our auditions. The team is amazing! Everyone's really into it and helping the project grow and Ernest's vision is slowly steadily coming together and becoming a reality. It's a really open team with interesting backgrounds and a great environment to work in.
Can you believe it, at 19 this is actually my very first job?

Speaking of first times. I finally visited Tube for the very first time. It's one of Berlin's best Hip Hop clubs. And Miles (my partner in crime from Face of Africa Germany) made sure to make it memorable first time. Haha! Loved last night! <3

Did you have any "first time"s this week? :D What was your weekend like?

Love Lois xxx

Friday, September 20, 2013


my beauty problems lisforlois
huge eyes
hell no! I was kidding.
my eyes are a gift of God! I get compliments for them on the regular.
but daaaammmnn I do have huge eyes..

I. eyebrows
THE most hated part of my body.
Need not say more.
When God created my eyebrows he must have gotten bored from all them pretty ass swag bitch eyebrows out there and decided to grant me with none at all for no apparant reason ?! I can count the hairs of my none exisiting eyebrows.
Why me??? I ask myself..

II. dry lips
I'm cursed with this issue! I don't know if I was born to be the walking example of all day every day dry-lips-omnia. (dry-lips-omnia Defininition: The art of having dry lips.. pretty much 24h a day?!) It's like a real condition. And it sucks balls. Come winter, come worse lips.. yay! NOT.

III. black spots - post inflammatory hyper pigmentation
I'm a little scared to do something against this issue though. There are a lot of creams out there claiming to help against black spots.
With my common sense there are only two ways I can think of how creams tackle this issue.
1. cover up. Simply a cream that covers up the black spots well enough. Yeah that's not really getting rid of the actual problem in the long run...

2. fade the spot. 
Does this mess with my melanin level or what? I'm scared I'll end up with light spots and in the end all that's changed are black spots to light spots in my face. I think I'll pass...

Plus this issue it's not that bad really, for me. You just see them with extremely extrem close up. You'd be creepin to find them. Also I've noticed they fade by themselves over time. A very very long time though..
And after all for pictures I've got photoshop right? :P (No, I actually don't. True Fact :) )

EDIT: I DONT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPING BUT I'M HAVING A REAL BLACK SPOT PROBLEM LATELY AND THIS SHIT NEEDS MONTHS TO YEARS TO FADE!!! Stupid summer sun has turned the pimples that didn't heal of well because lets just say I scratched or squeezed them, which of course you are not ever supposed to do, into black spots. Curse unto the broken ozon layer and the increased amount of ultraviolet sun rays. Black spots have just moved up to Level 2 of my beauty problems. I will be working on it!

IV. the occasional break out
I get pimples once in a while. I thank God that he gifted me with an alright looking skin. I usually get a few pimples I can count on my one hand post or prior to my period most likely due to the change in hormone level.

In the next few weeks, years, minutes.. coming time I will try and tackle these issues by finding a beauty routine optimized for my personal problems.

Yallah! Let's go on a ride, my beauty ride!

Love Lois xxx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Benefit Boutique Opening Berlin lisforlois

The San Francisco magic has landed. That's right Benefit BOUTIQUE not counter. It's the second boutique in the whole of Germany and were are lucky to finally have one in Berlin. With a new boutique come new offers. Besides the benefits of the eyebrow bar, testing and/or buying Benefit products, a quick fresh up or professional application of false lashes before you head out to a party, you can now go for a spray tan in light, light to medium or dark, fully body waxing (Brazilian included!) and facial waxing.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Monster IFA 2013 lisforlois

I returned to the IFA site one more time after all my official appointments (on the blog soon!) and I took Nima, my partner in crime, with me. We were back for Monter's Keynote speech, Xzibit, Swizz Beatz and a aftershow party with the Monster team and guests hosted by Xzibit himself. I really enjoyed the presentation by Noel Lee, founder of Monster, who was cool enough to show up on his roller that has golden wheels. He actually stayed on that roller for the entire day. How awesome? Anyway Susanne did not make empty promises when she told me that Monster had something special and interesting prepared for their Keynote speech which was the perfect mix of performance, arts & fashion and an informative insight into the headphones industry and the world of Monster.
You see fashion & technology are closer linked than you may think. Especially when it comes to headphones.

Monday, September 16, 2013


lisforlois outfit double denim beanie

If you ask my friends to play the association game and my name came up, especially during winter, pretty much all of them would say: neon pink beanie.
Ah my beloved neon pink beanie. It actually became my trade mark. You couldn't see me in the dark, but when you saw a 1-50 midget (I'm taller than 150!) with a neon beanie at far you could be 100% sure it was me. Adidas Neo sent me this cute beanie that can be worn inside and out. Good thing I have more beanies to choose from for this fall/winter. They're having a "How do you rock your beanie?" Competition on Twitter at the moment for you guys. You are supposed to show your own style either via twitter or using the social mirror in store. The most creative picture wins.
Be sure to enter for a chance to win a 100€ NEO voucher before September 18th. It's your last minute chance :)


Skyy Swapping Market 2013 liforlois Skyy Swapping Market 2013 liforlois

Last week Friday was my favourite (well, one of my very favourite) parties of the year: the Skyy Swapping Market! Together with Louisa my best friend I enjoyed an amazing night swapping, drinking, swapping, dancing. Well honestly I was there for the drinks, as usual, and donate whatever I couldn't drink. But Louisa did find a cute little jumpsuit which was so me so I had to swap for it. And she seems to be the Queen of Swap, because she just found so many nice pieces to take home. It was a great party just like I expected. And Bonnie Strange played the sickest Hip Hop beats so it was doomed to be a great party. Frank and Designer Scouts keep doing a great job, and I'll keep going to their parties.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Darya_2_01 guess sexy without question Andy_1_01 guess sexy without question
I am a big fan of companies that work with bloggers, companies such as Mango and Adidas Neo Label that recognize the potential and power of fashion bloggers. And the latest project that has caught my attention is the fall/winter campaign by Guess.
Guess teamed up with 5 Fashion Bloggers, two of my personally favourite, Andy and Kenza, for their fall/winter collection with the motto "Sexy Without Question".

I have been patiently reading Kenza's Behind The Scenes post from her latest collaboration with Guess on her blog, which then already looked like a great collaboration and had me wanting to see the final product.
And today it finally launched.
The Denim Diaries - "The European Edition" are part of the Sexy Without Question campaign. Each blogger got to choose and style her own outfits. And starting today you have a daily chance to win their complete outfits for the next 10 days, check out their pictures for the campaign as well as have a look at their videos at But this is not all. Guess is having a celebration for the months of September and October and has prepared a few surprises. Besides the Denim sweepstakes, every Guess jeans purchase whether online or in store from 6. September comes with a code that is in chance of winning Denim supply for a year. And every purchase from 4th October -20th October comes with a specially designed denim iPad case by Guess.

I love what Guess has done here. (Not to mention I really really adored the Elin Kling collection for Guess by Marciano. Still drooling over the mustard colored oversize jumper! Which of course I need in my life for this fall..). I love the campaign. It's great to see blogger's style a campaign and have their personal spin on things and not to mention the pieces of the collection are to die for. I love the outfits they came up with, especially Kenza's looks and Veronica's jacket (last picture). I've already saved my favourite looks in my denim inspiration folder.

Kenza_2_01 guess sexy without question Veronica_1_01 guess sexy without question Karolina_1_01 guess sexy without question Karolina_2_01 guess sexy without question Andy_2_01 guess sexy without question Darya_1_01  guess sexy without question Kenza_1_01 guess sexy without question Veronica_2_01 guess sexy without question
ph.: Guess

Check out the video below for more inspiration and impressions.

Love Lois xxx

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Killerqueen by Katy Perry Perfume lisforlois
One of the cutest surprises was when this big red velvet box arrived at my doorstep. It even came with a red velvet flower, that is part of the perfume's composition, wrapped in a tiny water container and a golden envelope sealed with Katy Perry's kitty logo.
My first time smelling Killerqueen, I found it way too sweet, although I have sweet tooth for scents (if you can say that?). What I mean to say is usually I am a real sucker for sweet scents. But Killerqueen was another level. I've used Killerqueen several more times occasionally and it smells a bit different now. Right now I gotta admit, I'm kinda digging the cotton candy scent. It's very intense, heavy, very overpowering and also a bit oriental. But it's not something I could use everyday.
It's something I'd use when I want to make a statement. Something very occasional and rare.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Blogger Shooting lisforlois

When Ricarda asked me to participate in her Blogger Shooting for Powerkeks PR I felt more than honoured to take part in it. We had met previously at the Stylight Shooting during Fashion Week (which btw I still need to post about. Life is moving so fast, I can't keep up with my blog xD ). And I just sat there in the room admiring her and Masha.
Ricarda picked out some really cool outfits for me. And the best part was that they looked like I outfits I'd wear. We shot my two looks for Fall/Winter, which meant jackets and long clothes and it was an exceptionally hot day in Berlin! But I survived.
In the evening we went out for dinner at Chen Ché, a really nice Vietnamese Restaurant in Mitte.

Here are the results. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Monday, September 09, 2013


Media Meets Music lisforlois

When you get a call in the morning from Point Rouge asking you to accompany them, throwing all your previous plans for the day over board and you end up walking the red carpet at the Music Meets Media at the Grande Esplanade you don't simply say no. I was planning on doing a bit of Vogue FNO with my best friend and stop by the Grey Goose cocktail I was invited to.

Friday, September 06, 2013


Adidas Neo Team blue challenge lisforlois

Here are the pictures of my latest collaboration with Adidas NEO and it's part of the NEO Pants Challenge. Together with Laura from The Limits of Control I represent Berlin Team Blue. Our task was to style a blue trousers from the A/W collection (yes that's the collection we shot in L.A.) and go out to the streets and shoot our style. We ended up at Warschauer Straße and had a great afternoon and fun shooting these pictures. I hope you can see this in the pictures and video as well. I was really happy to work with Laura because she's a really good friend of mine and I was lucky to be put in a team with her. Also we were really lucky with our team color. Being team blue meant I got to pick my favourite trousers I already adored back in L.A.
Keep your fingers crossed for us, because we want to go to the Adidas HQ!!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Adidas Neo Alexa Reynen Chloe Blanchard Kalysse Anthony Shannon O'Connor Jessey Stevens Peter Adrian Sudarso Maxwell Runko Julian Stahler fall campaign shoot Los Angeles lisforlois
I wanted to share some more pictures from my 2083483923090343 I took during the shoot in L.A. Adidas NEO has a wide range of colorful pants for this season. You'll be seeing more of the pants collection for my latest collaboration with Adidas NEO. I was assigned a team color and had to style up that trousers. And guess what? I got my favourite pants! As if they knew :D
Can you guess which ones I loved the most?

Monday, September 02, 2013


Sunset Marquis

As if being called at every single lay-over just to make sure I was alright and being picked up by a driver  (same driver who picked me up and brought me back to the airport when it was time to say goodbye to L.A.)  in a Lincoln having my own party in the backseat with Kendrick Lamar playing at full blast (my driver was the best!!) wasn't already cute enough, I was allowed to call the beautiful Sunset Marquis my home for 3 days. It was all very overwhelming and quite fascinating for me. Sunset Marquis is a beautiful place to stay at. It's right in the center of West Hollywood. A walk away from La Cienega :D
Me and my best friend had googled the hotel prior to my trip, but those Google images do no justice.