Sunday, July 28, 2013


And when I thought Day 1 was going to be my busiest, I was mistaken. I didn't see many shows that day (missed 1 or 2 because of my full schedule), but had lots of events to attend and places to be at the same time. Fashion Week Day 2 in it's full blast!
 All about it below.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


ph. Friederike

On the same night of the Starbucks Discoveries Presents: Alice M. Huynh, just a few hours before, Nisi took me along to the Diesel Loverdose Tattoo Perfume release party. Which was a great party! Live performance by Anna F. and face lace.. Nisi and me definitely had a good time until mother nature decided to rain on our parade.. But then again we were already off to the next party/event/show.
The Loverdose Tattoo Launch was one of those parties that were held in a small gathering of invited guests. It took place in a small studio with the party continuing in the cozy backyard.
A small dark lit room held an installation with two longhaired models gracing what must have been like the most gorgeous bathtub I've ever seen (hello?? where can I get that for my future appartement?) and a huge XXL sized king bed amongst black roses. Right above the bed the new advertisement for Loverdose Tattoo was projected onto the wall, showing Anna Brewster's bare back covered in a full body tattoo. Is it just me or are perfume adverts always really gorgeous? That same room held a mini bar with one of the most interesting cocktails I've ever drank (The Calvin Klein Encounter cocktails that were made of the main ingredients of the Encounter perfume was pretty interesting too!), but tasted horrible in my opinion. I'm just not a bitter chocolate kinda girl!
Every corner was decorated with the heart shaped black tinted flacon.
I pretty much loved the launch.

More pictures here.

Love Lois xxx

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Twice a year there is this week that revolves solely around fashion. And it's called fashion week. 4 wonderful hectic days filled with nothing but shows, presentations, openings, cocktail receptions, launches and parties all in the name of fashion. This season was yet again pretty crazy for me.
Day 1. Here we go!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


After fighting my way through the crowd of screaming, crying and overexcited Selenators, which by the way felt like Mission Impossible: Selenator Edition at the time, with Nisi and Annie, going through security check and having to hand over my camera, it was #SelenaNEOLaunch time and I was ready for Selena Gomez, her collection and her personal thoughts about the collaboration.
Press was present during the Media Morning such as Teen Vogue and journalists from Latin America and even a few invited bloggers that came all the way from Asia to Berlin just for Selena's Launch. It started with a walk through the collection, before we were joined by lucky fans for the Q&A and Meet&Greet session.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So how do you dress for a perfume launch, a fashion show and a pool party at once, without bringing along a whole new second outfit to change into? Well this is what I wore to the Diesel Lover Dose Tattoo Launch, the Starbucks Discoveries presents Alice M. Huynh event (read about it here) and the Dandy Diary Fashion Week Pool Party kick off Party.
In the end I didn't go to the Dandy Diary Fashion Week kick off pool party... I could have worn just a normal outfit. Oh well.. At least my bikini top came in handy for mother nature's rain party. I was beaten by the rain and it felt like a taste of Dandy Diary's Pool Party right there in the streets of Berlin.

Monday, July 08, 2013


When I received my invitation for the Starbucks Discoveries Show and saw the nominees I accepted the invite knowing I was going to Alice's Fashion Show.
My confidence did not let me down, Alice did win and received the chance to present her designs, a mini collection, at the new Starbucks at the Sony Center as a Berlin Fashion Week Pre Fashion Week event hosted by Bonnie Strange. I couldn't help but feel over joyous for her and in a way a bit proud that she had made it.
I remember looking up to Alice, reading her blog, too shy to ask her to explain how fashion week works to me. In the end I summed up all my courage and penned down my questions. I was surprised at the immediate response answering all my questions and how kind she was.
And just last week, here she was, having her very own Fashion show.

Sunday, July 07, 2013


It's Sunday, superwarm outside and I've slept off an entire week of fashion week frenzy. Between shows, openings, parties and amazing BBQs, driving a boat across the Spree, carrying shitload amounts of goodie bags, make up appointments, breakfasts, having enough of fashion and regaining my love for fashion, shootings, getting to meet new bloggers and my readers, seeing boring collections and some that blew me away, I think I can say this Fashion Week was good to me and I'm content with the fact that this crazy week has come to end.

Monday, July 01, 2013


I'm giving two of you lovely readers the chance to join me for fashion week on Tuesday, 2 July for Bonnie Strange's THE SHIT SHOP show. Plus you get to join me for the aftershow party as well. You still have a few hours to join the competition. You just have to leave a comment below this picture on my facebook page.

Today I'll do some last minute shopping before I'll head to the Diesel event tonight and afterwards the Starbucks Discoveries Fashion Show.
I want to stop by Esprit in hope to find the pink bikini that I've shown you on the blog before. It would be so cute to wear to the Dandy Diary Fashion Week opening Pool Party tonight. I've been checking the Esprit Onlineshop but didn't find it there yet, so I guess I have to stop by.

My schedule is packed! But I'm ready for one more week of fashion week frenzy. I'll have so much to see, so many parties, presentations, shows, events and brunches!

What's your day looking like today?

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Love Lois xxx