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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Umami Berlin Opening Lois Opoku Louisa Rachor lisforlois
I was going through pictures on my external drive, my laptop and flickr account. I found so many unpublished pictures and stories, so many finished and barely started scraps of what were supposed to be blog posts for you. Stories, reminders, memories for me. A journal and account of my life for us.
So much has gone lost, stuck in internet limbo because I never finished typing my thoughts, or unready to hit the publish button.

Among those I found these pictures. I still remember that day vividly. It was the opening of Umami Berlin, tucked in side street behind SoHo House. (Dikjubi had successfully opened his little restaurant - Umami. It's really good!) The taste of his mini burgers and the conversations we had. How especially pretty I thought Louisa looked, the sound of Lisa's laugh in the middle of a conversation and the exact temperature of that day on my skin.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Le Specs
Nailpolish I Nagellack: YSL
Earrings I Ohrringe: Orelia
Bag I Tasche: Chloé Marcie via Farfetch
Pullover: Edited - THE LABEL
Bracelet I Armband: Katie Rowland
Necklace I Kette: Katie Rowland
Shoes I Schuhe: Buffalo
Watch I Uhr:Karl Lagerfeld
Keychain I Schlüsselanhänger: Sophia Hulme

Hey guys! Whats UP? Hello!

It's been forever since I've done Style Ideas, but I've kind of missed doing these collages with pieces I covet and wish to style up, mentally dressing up in clothes I don't necessarily own. Girl's gotta dream! They're planned as a regular part of my new blog concept I'm working on. You guys let me know what you think.
For the first Style Ideas revival I was inspired by the cold breeze and the falling leaves today. The whole look is centered around my personal IT bag: the MARCIE. I know Chloé has created the bag of the moment - there is no way getting around the Chloé Drew(LINK), especially in the bloggersphere. But can I be honest for a minute? Yes, I'm a huge fan of Chloé bags, Chloé and Céline to be exact. Drew is cute for a night out. But my favourite Chloé handbags have always been the Chloé Paraty and the Chloé Marcie medium totes as perfect everyday companions. They're part of a little obsession of mine I've kept well cultivated by regularily adding them to my shopping basket while browsing online, feeding directly into my obsession, ever since I started my blog.
The look is very heavy on nude as you can tell. But I wanted to kept it fun with loose leo print pants and an eggshell white cozy knit to keep it casual, functional, cozy yet flirty & fun. Tbh, I didn't really think about the look much, I just created as I went along, just like the way I get dressed. I was just really feeling those pants in combination with nude and that stunner of a bag.
Also, I think you can never go wrong with rose gold accessories and a little mush green to embrace fall. (Need to buy that shade asap!).

Love Lois xxx

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Dior So Real
Bag I Tasche: Chloe Drew
Dress I Kleid: Chloe SS15
Hat I Hut: Lack of Color
Sandals I Sandalen: Miu Miu
Necklace I Kette: Madeleine Issing
Bracelet I Armband: Chloe
Lipstick I Lippenstift: MAC Velvet Teddy

I'm a huge fan of Resort collections. Inspired by Monaco's flair and some of my favorite resort 2015 collections (Chloe SS15 and Zimmerman Resort 2015 are *HEAVEN* sent) and the lack of sun, summer and salty beaches (major case of wanderlust!) I'm reviving my Style Ideas category created to inspire you.
Today's edition is all about your Monaco Luxe Escape wardrobe. Monaco for me is all about the luxury, flowing gowns, the colors white or black paired with cotton candy pink or cognac leather, navy stripes of a day out on the yacht, total elegance and the feeling of sipping glasses of bordeaux or Chardonnay as the sun sets from a balcony (Hotel Martinez perhaps?) with a killer view overlooking the endless ocean and palm trees.


Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Celine Papillon
Hair I Haar: Moroccanoil
Bathing Suit I Schwimmanzug: Norma Kamali
Hat I Hut: Eugenia Kim
Sun screen I Sonnencreme: Skinceuticals Brightening UV Defense 30 SPF
Bracelet I Armband: J. Crew
Wedges: See By Chloe

Total LOOK: Petit Bateau

But Monaco isn't just a destination it's a perfect family get-away too. Imaging sailing away into the never ending ocean for a couple of days on your yacht with your family and kids. Going to Monaco you'd want your kids to dress the part too. Luxury and stylish dressing isn't limited to grown-ups, as little Miss North West keeps proving day by day. (How does this 2-year old have a better wardrobe than me?!)
I found the cutest luxury kids and baby wear label: Petite Bateau via Melijoe. The label itself means little ship. So perfect for your luxe escape. The latest Petite Bateau collection is supercute and has lots a pieces that just make me want to have lots of little babies so I can dress them up in all of Petite Bateau's new pieces
I picked out a luxe escape wardrobe for Little HIM and Little HER.
But please, can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute stylish kids are?!
Petit Bateau near you? Try the Ladenfinder.

Hope you enjoyed Style Ideas. I'm planing on doing more posts like these.

Love Lois xxx

Sunday, May 05, 2013


It's been a while since I posted a wishlist and right now I'm really longing for this Hamilton bag from Michael by Michael Kors. Ah wouldn't it be nice to be able to say "I'm packing my Hamilton bag for the holidays.." end of this month? Although I'm not so sure if that's such a good idea. My Hamilton bag in Callela, amongst reckless Abiturienten...?
Maybe just to my next fabulous event. And in style of "What's in my Bag with" here's what you'll find:

1. A stack of bracelets from Hipanema
2. Nail polish from Face Stockholm. Always got a bottle of polish in my bag. I don't know why, I just do haha.
3. A wallet from Chloé
4. Sunnies from Thierry Lasry
5. A cute key holder by Juicy Couture
6. The Missoni scarf
7. A4 Kiss&Help Lipbalm to keep my lips from drying out leaving them with a kissable look

and finally

8. High heels by Sam Edelmann. YES HIGH HEELS in my bag. I go to events in flats, change into high heels and as soon I leave I'm back in my flats. How else am I supposed to survive hours in heels? I'm such a cheat I know! But pretending I'm opening up my bag to you before the event, you can bet a milli you'll find heels in my bag.

Here's the look I imagined to wear with it. I realize I haven't done a style inspiration in years..

1. Fashion Nerds  2. Balmain  3. Thierry Lasry  4. Micheal Kors  5. Sam Edelmann

Pretty much in love with this simple baby pink Balmain dress and the Sam Edelmann sandals to go with it. The cat eye sunnies from Thierry Lasry are classics. And I stumbled upon this statement necklace from Fashion Nerds which is a total stunner in my eyes!

Love Lois xxx