Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Came back from Pilates with my friend, went to the doctor's and I've done a successful shopping.
Now the sun is kissing my skin and laughing into my face. I'm happily sucking up all the vitamin D, enjoying a few pages of Chic Lit (Plum Sykes - Bergdorf Blondes always makes me chuckle!), listening to feel good music on Spotify and drinking the last sips of my homemade Smoothie from yesterday. The sun is shining directly onto my balcony, so it's actually warm enough to lay there in my bikini.
Later I'm going to get ready for the Calvin Klein Encounter Party, I'm lucky enough to attend, because a friend is taking me. He'll be landing soon!
Good news is that I've found a necklace matching my dress just the way I imagined it.
I cherish days like these. Days like these, that feel like everything is going to be alright and the world is ours to enjoy.
I'm probably feeling so good, thanks the combination of morning Pilates and great weather.
Music on, world off. Sun kiss my face. Don't wake me up.
Anyway enjoy the rest of your day!
Loving you lots!

My Bikini is my own design by Surania.

Love Lois xxx


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