Saturday, May 05, 2012


via Topshop

1. Topshop  2. Topshop

I'm trying to make up for my lacking French skills and the disappointment I caused my French copine Victoria, by trying another post header in French.
This time I'm a hundred percent sure I got it right. Je veux indeed means I want. And I want these Topshop heels. So bad! Because they are rad.

.. wow that even rhymed..

You can find them here: Black pair. White pair.
Again, this enough to put me in a color dilemma, because I love both colors and I can imagine lots of outfits for both pairs, but I know for a fact I'd purchase both colors.
Which color do you prefer?

Love Lois xxx

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  1. Oh schade!! Aber verstehe das werde auch manchmal in Berlin eingleaden aber da kann man ja nicht extra wegen einer Modenschau oder so so weit fahren :/ Man sieht sich bestimmt im Sommer auf der FW :P

  2. die schwarzen sind schön!

  3. schick :-D ich wär natürlich auch für schwarz ^^

  4. .... amazing...

  5. woa, die heels sind total hübsch ^.^

  6. Those sandals are so beautiful ! I like them both, too ! I am sure I'd wear black more but usually when I am torn between two colors I also go for both of them so I understand you :-)
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  7. Die Schuhe sind ja wuuuuuunderschön *___*
    Die schwarzen gefallen mir super gut.

  8. OUR FAVORITE GERMAN!!!:D:D:D I want them too!!!:O hummm... maybe I prefer the withe, black are more typical, right?
    a lot of kisses for you from Spain!

  9. Die weisse Sandalen gefällt mir serh! Ich finde sehr chic und feminin!

    xoxo aus München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  10. These heels are lovely, the black ones need to be in my closet.

    xo erica

  11. Awesome shoes!


  12. Love this sandals

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  13. Great shoes! I would prefer the black ones!

  14. Wirklich tolle Schuhe! Wie gerne ich die auch hätte...Liebste Grüße, Julia

  15. I love both of them, but i’d like to have the white ones since I already have black ones that are similar. thanks for sharing!


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