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Monday, October 07, 2013


1. MICHAEL KORS Hamilton Bag  2. JENNIFER ZEUNER Necklace  3. NASTYGAL Ring Set  4. NASTYGAL Caged Bracelet  5. NIKE Air Force 1  6. JOSEPH Leopard Sweater  7. SAINT LAURENT PARIS Purse  8. ISSUE 1.3 Olga Pants  9. SHEINSIDE Leather Jacket  10. NASTYGAL Sunglasses  11. HALSTON HERITAGE Cross Body Bag  12. RiRi <3 M.A.C. Talk That Talk  13. NIKE Air Yeezy 14. MARC JACOBS iPhone Case  15. J.COLE Born Sinner Album  16. BAUBLEBAR Stament Necklace  17. MICHAEL KORS Watch  18. NIKE Blazers  19. NASTYGAL Body Chain  20. CANON EF 50mm/1,8 II Standard Lens    

It's been a while since I've done a wishlist post on my blog and since it's my birthday tomorrow I thought this is the perfect occasion to do one again. To be honest all of the above are things I wouldn't mind owning but it's nothing I'm really dying for. I can't remember the last time I seriously wanted something - oh yes I do, the purple Longchamp Shopper I got for my 17th birthday. Since then all my materialistic wishes have been temporary wishes that come and go and I can surely live without. I'm quite content with what I have at the moment and there's nothing I seriously want or need. (Except well maybe the white Air Force 1 to take me one stop closer to a timeless wardrobe).
Anyway I just wanted to give you the opportunity to shop my wishlist, things I'm currently into and let us dive together into the world of materialistic fulfillment. At the end of the day true wishes are things money can't buy, those things that truly make you happy in the long run as opposed to just a momentarily satisfaction.
I'm really looking forward to a chilled night with my friends tomorrow evening.

Shit am I getting old and wise and poetic already? Relax, I'm turning 20..

Love Lois xxx

Sunday, May 05, 2013


It's been a while since I posted a wishlist and right now I'm really longing for this Hamilton bag from Michael by Michael Kors. Ah wouldn't it be nice to be able to say "I'm packing my Hamilton bag for the holidays.." end of this month? Although I'm not so sure if that's such a good idea. My Hamilton bag in Callela, amongst reckless Abiturienten...?
Maybe just to my next fabulous event. And in style of "What's in my Bag with" here's what you'll find:

1. A stack of bracelets from Hipanema
2. Nail polish from Face Stockholm. Always got a bottle of polish in my bag. I don't know why, I just do haha.
3. A wallet from Chloé
4. Sunnies from Thierry Lasry
5. A cute key holder by Juicy Couture
6. The Missoni scarf
7. A4 Kiss&Help Lipbalm to keep my lips from drying out leaving them with a kissable look

and finally

8. High heels by Sam Edelmann. YES HIGH HEELS in my bag. I go to events in flats, change into high heels and as soon I leave I'm back in my flats. How else am I supposed to survive hours in heels? I'm such a cheat I know! But pretending I'm opening up my bag to you before the event, you can bet a milli you'll find heels in my bag.

Here's the look I imagined to wear with it. I realize I haven't done a style inspiration in years..

1. Fashion Nerds  2. Balmain  3. Thierry Lasry  4. Micheal Kors  5. Sam Edelmann

Pretty much in love with this simple baby pink Balmain dress and the Sam Edelmann sandals to go with it. The cat eye sunnies from Thierry Lasry are classics. And I stumbled upon this statement necklace from Fashion Nerds which is a total stunner in my eyes!

Love Lois xxx

Saturday, May 05, 2012


via Topshop

1. Topshop  2. Topshop

I'm trying to make up for my lacking French skills and the disappointment I caused my French copine Victoria, by trying another post header in French.
This time I'm a hundred percent sure I got it right. Je veux indeed means I want. And I want these Topshop heels. So bad! Because they are rad.

.. wow that even rhymed..

You can find them here: Black pair. White pair.
Again, this enough to put me in a color dilemma, because I love both colors and I can imagine lots of outfits for both pairs, but I know for a fact I'd purchase both colors.
Which color do you prefer?

Love Lois xxx

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


X-Mas Wishlist
l-r: 1. COS  2. Casio watch  3. COS  4. Asos earrings  5. Carine Roitfeld - Irreverent  6. River Island  7. River Island   8. Gossip  Girl DVD Box  all seasons please!  9. Juicy Couture  10. Zara  11. Valentino Valentina 12. Asos  chocker 13. Zara pumps 14. Asos earings 15. Disney Couture earings  16.  Asos Necklace 17. Marc Jacobs Lola and Oh Lola!  18. Asos earrings 19.  Marc by Marc Jacobs  Laptop case  20. YSL red lipstick 21. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Influence 22. Asos bracelet  23. Zara boot 24. Timer

Christmas may be over (whatever!), but that doesn’t mean I’ll have to deprive you of my supercool wishlist I created with the help of Polyvore. (This time I made sure to disconnect Polyvore from my blog, twitter, facebook etc. to prevent another annoying Polyvore-spam-all-your-social-sites-with-completely-unneccessary-posts 2.0!).
I actually started this wishlist maybe 6 days ago but never finished it. What did you do with my time lately, Lois? Why have you been MIA?! you ask yourselves. Cleaning my stupid room. That’s what I did. And running around searching for presents, but that was last minute really. As usual I should add. I had to be cut of the internet, else I would have never completed (all emphasis lies here) cleaning my room.
Did you get any great presents? I hope you all got amazing gifts. Even though that’s not what Christmas is all about. It’s about spending quality time with your loved ones; family and friends.
Above all I hope you are happy.


Love Lois xxx

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Friday, November 04, 2011



Because my laptop deserves to be as stylish as its owner ;PP Just kidding, but now that I have a Mac and this thing is worth pretty much worth a fortune, it deserves to be tucked away carefully (and stylishly!). Also it would look so good during Fashion Week. Picture it.
Yes it has to be this hot pink Marc Jacobs cover!
The purple one would be my second choice…


Weil mein Laptop es verdient, so stylish wie seine Besitzerin zu sein :PP Mache nur Späße, aber jetzt wo ich einen Mac habe und dieses Ding ist nunmal ein Vermögen wert, verdient es vorsichtig verpackt zu sein (und stylisch!). Außerdem würde es so gut während der Fashion Week ausshen. Stellt es euch vor.
Ja es muss diese hot pinke Marc Jacobs Laptophülle sein!
Die lilane ware meine zweite Wahl…

Love Lois xxx

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Monday, June 20, 2011


MANGO. Mango is having a massive 50% off sale at the moment and I've picked out my favourite pieces. 
1-9 WANT WANT WANT! At this point I've already reached 500+ € . Anyone want to send me a gift card? ;P


MANGO. Bei Mango gibt es zur Zeit einen massiven 50% off Sale und ich hab mir meine Lieblingsteile rausgesucht. 1-9 WANT WANT WANT! Meine Liste geht jedoch weit über 500€ hinaus. Will mir jemand einen Gutschein schenken? ;P

Love Lois xxx

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