Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Before I go all fashion week on you, I want to tell you about the Primark opening. Primark finally open its doors to a two story center full of shopping. Along with other bloggers and Primark representatives as well as press, I was invited for the Pre-opening, which meant I was allowed early admission, treated to a breakfast, listened to a speech by the founder of Primark (Kudos to her German skills!) and given a tour of the store, before the official opening at 11. o'clock.
With the 50€ gift voucher I found in my goodie bag I went shop shop shopping! There was no turning back at that point. Haha!
It was nice to see a million familiar blogger faces and the Grayling Team was so kind as usual.
Welcome to Berlin, Primark!! Finally..

ph.: my friend Noha

Top: H&M Trend
Skirt: Dress THANKS TO Motel Rocks worn as skirt
Bag: TK Maxx
Necklace: THANKS TO Primark
Socks: THANKS TO Minga Berlin
Shoes: No Name

Love Lois xxx


  1. Das ist ja ein Paradies *__*
    Muss ich auch unbedingt mal hin :)


    Miau ♥

  2. I love this shoop!
    I will follow you!
    Can oyu follow my blog ? http://welcometothelouisesblog.blogspot.fr/

  3. lovely pics, you have such a nice blog, would you like to follow us each other? I can also follow you on bloglovin and twitter!


  4. Dankeschön :*
    Ich bin richtig neidisch, wäre auch gerne dort gewesen!

  5. aaaaaa where is it this ?
    Primark no in Serbia :(:(:(:(:(
    beautiful pictures, beutiful baggggg

    thanks for beautiful comment on my blog :) <3

    I follow your blog now :)
    amazing blog :)


  6. OMG, soooo jealous when I see this!! I love primark!

    I'm going to follow you! Feel free to stop by & visit my blog

    Love, Lise



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