Monday, June 18, 2012


Before I left for Italy I told you about a little side project I'm working on. I finally decided to start a tumblr where I can capture everything that inspires me, thoughts or pictures that underline my mood and I named it The Mind Candy. I have been busily reblogging and blogging all things pretty, sexy(Francisco Lachowski) and stylish (Olivia Palermo). I've been totally hooked on tumblr, as I really enjoy it. I hope you'll follow my tumblr and let me know what you think about it. Do you guys have a tumblr? I'm still looking for good tumblrs to follow.
You can visit my tumblr, The Mind Candy here.

Love Lois xxx


  1. wow, Italy!! :) Good luck there.

    visit my blog?
    and if you like it, feel free to click the follow button pretty! :)

  2. danke!:) ich find dein style echt toll!:)


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