Saturday, June 16, 2012


On Thursday Debenhams invited a few bloggers to Munich to celebrate its extension to Germany and the launch of the official German online shop.

When we landed in Munich we were picked up by a taxi driver who brought us to the location. There, a little surprise waited for us, since we were a few hours early for our 5 o'clock tea held at the Victorian House (super cute venue! Perfect for the English Tea Party!). The PR Team was kind enough to organize a rickshaw tour for us and this way we got to see a little (tiny) bit of Munich. :)
Back at the Victorian House the English Team, who came all the way from England, introduced us to Debenhams. We were handed iPads (welcome to the year 2012!) to browse through the store - there is also an app, enjoy delicious cake and tea as we listened to the kind team tell us about designer collaborations as we know of today from H&M, they have been organizing since 1993.
Debenhams has worked with designers such as Matthew Williamson (got my pom pom love from him!) and its latest collaboration is with Jenny Packham, she has become a household name latest after the Jenny Packham show on GossipGirl. Remember when Blair and Charlie(Ivy) walked that show?
After our tea we had the chance to look at some pieces or try them on and create a moodboard as part of a contest. Carla and me rocked that thing! I met so many new bloggers and I had a great time with Debenhams.
Thanks so much to everyone who made this happen!

My outfit:
ph.: Armandine, Carlinka, Lisa & Caro

Blazer: ?
Top: Mango
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Topshop
Hairring: H&M
Necklace: Gina Tricot
Ring: THANKS TO Lotus Mendes

Ps.: Tomorrow is the last day to enter my Lotus Mendes giveaway!!!! Good Luck guys ;)

Love Lois xxx


  1. tolle bilder. sieht nach sehr viel spaß aus:)

  2. super schöne Bilder. Und dein Style und deine Figur sind absolut wundervoll.

  3. 1. Siehst du großartig aus. :)
    2. Ärgere ich mich, dass ich keine Zeit zum Kommen hatte :/

    Sieht nach einem tollen Event aus.

  4. nice! I love Debenhams!))

    visit my blog please)

  5. oh wow! looks quite interesting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, want to follow each other??


  6. looks like a great event. your outfit is super nice!

    X, Annie

  7. Haha no problem :-) Thanks for the nice word :-)
    And greetings from Poland!

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment dear !
    Amazing blog , would you like to follow each other ?

  9. omg it must be fun, would love to go there! >< and you look beautiful and stunning dear. in love with your necklace and shorts. xx

    Letters To Juliet

  10. wunderschöne bilder xx
    danke für dein kommentar c:


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