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Better late than never. Receiving my invitation to the Premium really put me in a Fashion Week mood. Which is why I decided to look at all the pictures that captured my memories from my very first fashion week. Pictures on my blog, pictures on my computer and on my friend's blogs. Going through my archive I realized I never showed you day 4!

Yasin, Haiyen, Dung, Lukas, moi, Milly, Laura, Kai, Alizée, Jeffrey

Day 4 I met most of the lovely people I know now and like to call me Fashion Week buddies ;) It was all about hanging out with these people as Fashion Week was slowly coming to an end but I had quite a few more shows. It started with Mariusz Przybylski. 11.30am :

LOOVING the green skirt!!!!
I was interviewed for a polish TV show and asked to give my thoughts about the Mariusz Przybylski Show and talk about my outfit. Sadly I never got to see the footage. Probably better anyway, at least I didn't get to see what a fool I made of myself in front of the cameras. Hahah! :D

Irene Luft:
She is my friends older sister. Wish you all the best Lucy with your modelling career! Live it up big time in NY! :)

Japanese Designers:

Hien Le:

Minx by Eva Lutz:

Vapiano! This must be the one time in that week I got a real meal to eat during the day. Haha! Remember me telling you that I hardly ever found time to eat, so all I was eating were the mini pizzas they were serving in the tent?

Front Row at the closing show with Melissa, she is an editor for ... forgotten the name of the magazine she is working for xD This show is stuck in my mind till this day. I don't know why and don't ask me why, but A.F. Vandevorst decided to make the models walk as if they we're limbo dancing under an imaginary limbo stick!
A.F. Vandevorst:

More Pictures:

If I look back I realize that I was able to see almost every show and this was only my very first fashion week! And I'm pretty thankful for that :)
My favourite show? I really loved Hien Le and all the red dresses at Minx by Eva Lutz. I had heard all about the spectacular finale of Marcel Ostertags. Would have loved to see that show. But I know I'll be going in January ;D Oh yes and then there was the story about Chico being in town...
Believe it or not, but by the end of the week I was completely exhausted. :D

I wrote some posts with my Lomography project Fashion Week with Lomography and published them in their online magazine.

ph.: Jeffrey, Jessy, TopmodelnewsDung, Angelica, Hot Child in the City,

Blazer: Vintage
Top: H&M
Belt I Gürtel: H&M
Ring: Florence
Camera I Kamera: Diana F+ CYMK THANKS TO Lomography
Skirt I Rock: H&M
Necklace I Kette: H&M
Wedges: Billi Bi

Fashion Week ended for me with walking away from the tent at the Brandenburg gate along with my new found friend Jasmin, her sweet mom, Shayan and Kemara; walking all the way to Friedrichstraße as the day turned to night. I looked back over my shoulder at the Fashion Week tent one more time, knowing in my heart that 6 months later I will be coming back, back for another season, another week of fashion week frenzy with all these crazy people.

Love Lois xxx

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  39. Wow this looks like so much fun and you look amazing in your outfit! The colors look spectacular on you. The models are all so gorgeous too and such inspiring styles! I'm so glad you shared this with us, what an amazing experience!


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