Thursday, November 18, 2010


My auntie came back from America yesterday and brought the new baby girl with her. Her name is Sarah!  She left to visit her family in America a month ago when she was pregnant and gave birth to her before she came back. She's so sweet. My aunt brought me a little goodie bag. An Estée Lauder toiletbag (purple my fav color!), Calvin Klein parfum Euphoria, a tiny Clinique Blusher, Mary Kay Color Shield nail polish Rich RedTake It Away Makeup Remover from Estée Lauder and Estée Lauder Lipstick L75 Cherry Kiss! I seriously wasn't expecting this. I was really happy about the bag. But then I opened it and more surprises tumbled out.
I've been wanting to get a red nail polish because mine dried out. There's no need now :) And that lipstick is my personal favourite now. It smell-tastes (you know when you smell something and you imagine the taste, but it actually doesn't taste like anything?) like a sweet cake I've eaten before. I'm trying to remember what it was. And I keep liking my lips! But it doesn't taste. Haha :)

Lois xxx

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