Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hey Guys,

Puff jackets seem to everywhere ever since the red jacket from Balenciaga emerged on their runway and ad campaign - Balenciaga basically declared them the IT fashion statement piece of the season. I too have fallen for the trend even though Grace kept stopping me from buying them - literally. She made me hand the Zara one I spotted back. (Tipp: Zara is always quick to copy fashion trends, styles and designer It pieces. If you can't afford the real deal, take the copy. After all they say "Fake it til you make." -  Although personally I'm not a big advocate for copycats.) Thank god for Grace, because a little later I found the perfect one at Bershka for 16€!
To be honest I'm enjoying the idea of puff jackets so much because they are considered cool right now, and styled correctly I truly believe they are. I wouldn't have necessary gotten to like them this much if not for the overflow on Instagram and blogs. But hey, finally a trend, that actually keeps us warm! I'm wearing a bomber jacket underneath the puffer jacket, because the night before I froze my ass off waiting to get into the overpacked Puma party. Let me freeze once, I learn my lesson! I was even wearing yoga pants under my jeans. I kid you not.
To give the boisterous look a little feminine touch I decided to pair it with this lace top I love to pieces and my new Topshop sneakers aka Saint Laurent copycats I snagged off the sale for a mere 10€.
So much to I'm not a supporter of copycat fashion.. haha

These pictures were shot by lovely Tonya, a streetstyle photographer who I met through Instagram just after I watched my shows right in front of the new Fashion Week venue Kaufhaus Jahndorf. Thank you so much Tonya for snapping me! I love the pics.
Lois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-week Lois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-week lois-opoku-puffer-jacket-style lois-opoku-puffer-jacket-style Lois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-week Lois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-week lois-opoku-puffer-jacket-style Lois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-week Lois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-weekLois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-week Lois-opoku-Puffer-jacket-fashion-week Untitled
ph.: Tonya Matyu

Puffer Jacket I Jacke: Bershka
Blouse I Bluse: Bershka (exactalternative)
Jeans: Bershka (version 1version 2version 3)
Bag I Tasche: Zara
Earings I Ohringe: Finery London
Shoes I Schuhe: Topshop (still available on Zalando)

Love Lois xxx

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