Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Winter outfit leopard lisforlois

Some of my favourite winter accesories this season. My leopard hand shoes I got at H&M for I think 2€ years ago have been with me a while now. I recently rediscovered them in wardrobe and couldn't be happier about it because they give every outfit a little something. They're chic and total eye catchers, definitely the fancy kind of hand shoes.
As for the two pieces of jewelry, they were gifts from Valmano during the Valmano Experience night, where they invited us for a round of Bingo and Glühwein. I cannot be more thankful because I've always admired Sabrina Dehoff's jewelry and since its price is out of my league I kinda thought I won't be able to own a piece, at least not for now. So you can imagine how happy I was unboxing this. It's quite amazing what this blog has done for me and how it keeps showing me that nothing is impossible. I truly treasure this piece and try not to wear it everyday so it'll last longer before I wear it out with my love.
As for the Pilgrim necklace? It's a funny thing. If you know me you know I'm all about statement necklaces. Chunky huge ass necklaces that make you wonder how I carry around such a weight around my neck without dropping my head to the floor. The bigger the better, the more the merrier. But this simplest of simple necklace is actually one of my favourites atm and I'm practically wearing it daily. I tend to find much appreciation in the opposite extreme. If I'm wearing a big necklace, I wear this little one under my T-Shirt.

Spring is coming. Bye hand shoes for this season, but the jewelry stays..

Love Lois xxx

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