Saturday, January 25, 2014


Been browsing though online shops and kinda got hung up on inlovewithfashion. It's one of the very few online shops I've actually bought something from (Zara and ASOS being the other). I own exactly two pieces, my high low maxi skirt I'll probably wearing a lot more during summer again and this gorgeous maxi cut out dress I wore when I met my future husband Elyas M'Barek to the Musikexpress Style Awards. Inlovewithfashion like every existing shop else is having a major sale and you can use the code LFA30 for 30%. Here's what I'm currently drooling over:


  1. OMG die Sachen sind der Hammer!
    Wir müssen das nächste mal in Berlin unbedingt zusammen shoppen gehen :D


  2. i really like some of the pieces!

    xx, rebecca


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