Friday, June 21, 2013


ph. Dogukan Nesanir

It's definitely summer here in Berlin now with temperatures up to 35°C! And I thought L.A. was hot. Wearing my beloved all time favourite sneakers - Nike Air Max 1 Julep Lime. It's Till death do us part with these babies. Kinda funny how these are my favourite shoes and I'm practically living 24/7 in them since I got them, yet you've never seen them on the blog. But they're constantly on my Instagram though!
Have you noticed? This is the first time I'm not grinning like a chesire cat in my blog pictures. Haha! Trying the 'angry face model face' thing.

I look like I'm pissed cause my mom didn't give me chicken.. or something. Oh well..

Top: THANKS TO Motel Rocks
Shorts: H&M
Shoes I Schuhe: Nike Air Max 1THANKS TO Nike
Necklace I Kette: H&M

Love Lois xxx


  1. I love the denim on denim look!

  2. Du sieht gut aus!!! Hahaha, wollte gerade schreiben, weshalb schaust du so neutral aber Edgy steht dir auch sehr gut!!

    lg, Cherry

  3. klar denim denim denim baby!!!!!!! sieht süß aus! liebst die twins

  4. Bei dir sieht das echt gut aus! Ich bewundere jede Frau, der Denim Looks stehen, ich seh immer aus wie ein 90's Fail damit :-D

  5. Ich liebe deinen Style! Und du bist wirklich sehr sehr schön!

    liebste grüße ♥

  6. Zeitlos schick :)


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