Thursday, September 20, 2012


If I may be very honest, I was expecting something.. you know.. gaga.
Something very odd, very peculiar, like the scent of blood or something creepy like that. I mean come on! If you ask a woman that goes to the VMAs covered in nothing but meat to design her very own perfume, what would you expect her creation to smell like?
A woman that is not afraid to live art, to be art, to be different.
A woman that does not care the least bit of what others are going think.
Honestly I was expecting the scent to be so horrid that I would want to toss at the back of my room, but because I fell in love with the look of the flacon, it would have won a secured spot on my display.

Fame smells nothing like the above described worst case scenarios.
Lady Gaga's Fame, this completely black liquid (same as the shower gel), has a very pleasant scent. It's sweet with a fruity floral taste, nothing like black, dark, devilish, obscure or different, as we know of Lady Gaga and the flacon of this perfume may convey. It's not a summer fruity-floral, I don't know how to describe it, but I feel it's a bit more sensual than sweet, rather sexy than cute. More autumn than spring. I think what I mean to say is that it's not too sweet.

When I close my eyes I see: myself at night, in an LDB, bare back, wine red lipstick, glamorous waves hair. At a bar, a club...

I enjoy the scent of Fame, I really like it a lot.
And I honestly I'm really relieved it doesn't smell of sweat or blood mixed together with meat and shit.
I think I've found my scent for this autumn. It's Fame.

Composition: Belladonna, Honey, Saffron, Apricot Nectar, Tiger Orchid, arabic Jasmine,

Available from 17th September everywhere.

Thanks so much to the Lady Gaga Fragrance Team for this perfume!

Ps.: I really enjoyed writing a perfume review. It's probably different to what a real review should look like. Then again it's very personal. And these are all my associations. I think the hardest thing to do is describe a scent. We all perceive differently and I think perfumes smell slightly different on our skins.
Scent is one of our strongest senses, stronger than visuals, because a scent can create something visual.
Would you like me to do more reviews with "when I close my eyes I see"?

Love Lois xxx


  1. Ich finde es sooo kuhl, dass es schwarz ist!

  2. Lo du alte Schlange. Schick mir doch ein Bild von dir damit ich dein süßes Gesicht zeichnen kann :D

  3. love it dear!!!!
    xoxo and have a nice weekend=)

  4. Thanks for this review! I heard about this and now I'm glad you've given us an opinion!

  5. Ja aber so schlecht ist es auch nicht und der Flakon sieht hammer aus :D


  6. I'm so sorry the perfume wasn't all that. Sometimes expectations are too high and the product can never achieve our hopes.

    1. Hi Joana,
      I think you missunderstood. I really like the Parfüm ;)
      Love Lois xxx

  7. I really need to go smell this one! Everyone seems to love it. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. It's not that special, but it's exactly my kind of scent :)
      Love Lois xxx


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