Monday, March 12, 2012


Though you know I'm a big sceptic of print disasters and anything to heavy on the eye I find Mary Kantrantzou's use of prints in her design very intriguing. Contradicting. I know. The female mind rarely (never!!!!) makes sense.
Mary Kantrantzou's 5 piece collection for Topshop was launched just in time for the London Fashion Week Opening and Topshops 10 year anniversary of supporting British fashion. And I instantly fell in love with that (above.) dress! It has the typical tea cup skirt shape that always remind me of Mary Katrantzou.
I want it! Though I heard it sold out in minutes. The entire collection did. wowzaa!
I thought the common perceiver was rather hostile towards prints.
But then again, we are going crazy for prints right now, aren't we??


Ihr wisst ja, dass ich skeptisch bin bei Print Disasters, die zu sehr ins Auge stechen, dennoch finde ich Mary Kantranzou's Gebrauch von Prints nahezu faszinierend. Wiedersprüchlich. Ich weiß. Die weibliche Denkensweise macht selten (nie!!!!) Sinn.
Mary Kantrantzous 5-teilige Kollektion für Topshop wurde passend zum Start der Londoner Modewoche gelauncht und Topshops zehnjähriger Unterstützung britischer Mode. Und ich hab mich sofort in dieses (oben.) Kleid verliebt! Es hat die typische Teetassen-rock-form, die mich immer an Mary Katrantzou erinnert.
Ich will es! Aber ich hab gehört es war sofort ausverkauft. Die gesamte Kollektion war sofort ausverkauft.  wowzaa!
Hätte gedacht, dass die Menschheit eher print-unfreundlich ist.
Aber dann wiederum sind wir zur Zeit verrückt nach Prints, nicht wahr??

Love Lois xxx

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  1. love the dress,super cute.

  2. wow! lovely fabrics! kisses

  3. Very cute and unique but not for me.

  4. what an awesome pattern!

    xoxo, Florencece

  5. Your blog is inspiring!
    Beautiful dress, Great post. I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back

  6. sieht richtig toll aus, ich will soooommer

  7. ich muss mich unbedingt mal an so eine print kombo wagen. top :)

    X, Annie

  8. I love this dress, it's gorgeous! Can't wait until Topshop makes its way to LA!

  9. Das macht verdammte Laune auf Sommer! ♥

  10. Amazing prints and colors! Great designing! :)

  11. Love this!! great style and design!


  12. I wonder if this dress fit the pear body figure, but I love it!

  13. thanks for the comment chick :) and ya tis the season for prints, it's all about mixing and matching prints, i love that dress though, i can't remember but a blogger i follow was able to get her hands on this dress, and it looked amazing on her :)
    hope you're having a great day
    xoxo stephi

  14. This collection is so impressively creative fun and elegant. I was so impressed by the work put into it to make look like Mary Katrantzou and yet still be topshop wearable.
    Material Fixations

  15. Hi dear! Nice post :)

    There's a CHANEL GIVEAWAY on my blog, I'm waiting for you :)

  16. This collection was great, I couldn't get anything online though. Everything was sold out in few hours.

  17. i love that collection really feminine really beautiful!

  18. Prints are amazing!

  19. thanks for the sweet comment. ah, i love this dress!

  20. I love this dress<3!
    greetings and thank you so much for a nice comment

  21. lovely dress Lois!
    tnx for ur comment on my blog :)

  22. Dankeschöön :)
    Super Hübsch

  23. Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar :-)

    Das ist ein schönes Kleid!

  24. Tolles Kleid!

    Danke für deinen Kommentar :-)

  25. I really love that dress! Hope it will be available here ;)

    Kaye Awatin

  26. what a great print!
    Mary Katrantzou, is one of my favorites and I love her mixed print collections
    thanks for your comment, your blog is so amazing.
    I am following you, if you like mine pls do so
    xxx Ros.E.

  27. Thank you for your lovely comment!! And I think prints are cool, but only if you know how to wear 'em :)

    Follow my blog: Californian London

  28. was für ein genilaes bild. wie das Outfit auch völlig mit dem Hintergrund vereint ist :D
    Wünsche dir noch ein wunderschönen Abend <3

  29. mary kantratzou designs so nice clothes, I'm always in love with her prints! too bad most of the stuff is sold out but we should check eBay rrright? xx

  30. Das sieht ja richtig geil aus! Ich liebe solche bunten Aufdrucke. Wunderschön! Und die Tapete hätte ich irgendwie auch sehr gerne!


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