Thursday, January 06, 2011


I know it's already the 6th of January. So what? :D I usually don't take this new year's resolution thing so seriously. After all most of the things we write on our list, we don't actually do them. But I thought about what I want to change this year and ended up realizing, that this actually is new year's resolution. But I still like to call it my special to do list :)

  • First of all the usual stuff: be better in school, tidy my room, healthy diet, start sports... bla bla bla. (I'm actually more serious than I'm sounding about this :)  I do want to change )
  • Keep up with my diary. It's the first time I'm actually doing a diary. I've had one before, when I was six. It started out with "Dear Diary. I'm so glad I have you. I will always write into you and share lots of stories. Your Lois" And that's how it ended. I've attempted keeping diary 2 more times after that. Then I realized I'm just crap at that. This time I'm serious. No, I'm serious serious.
  • But above all I want to see my blog grow, flourish and become an inspiration for others. I want to do much more of outfit posts and focus a little more around fashion and style. I've only been touching the topics that I have in mind of really blogging about. More of NOTDs, OOTDs, Style, Make up, what makes me tick...I actually really want this to become a fashion blog with extras. Right now it's extras with a little fashion. Yeah, I don't blame you if you don't really see the fashion part. But believe my I have lots in mind. Also I'm still transforming the blog. But there are a few changes. See if you can spot them :)


  1. I don't take resolutions too seriously either... I always end up breaking them! I love your second resolution; I wish I'd always kept a diary.
    xo Josie

  2. Cute Blog <3

    What do you think about following each other ?

    Follow me and be sure I'll follow you back !

    Have a wonderful day ;)



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