Monday, April 10, 2017


Hey guys,

I finally had the chance to do a kickboxing class! Kickboxing, pole dancing and indoor cycling have been high up on my list of things to do and try before I do and I'm so happy I got to cross two of my list. (The other thing I tried was cycling - but more on that in a separate post..)
Odlo invited me to try out 45 mins for Kickboxing in light of their launch of their latest collection which includes a new technology called Ceramicool, an airing system that cools your skin down to 1°C during physical activities, as the material which has a special yarn mixed with ceramic, helps radiate your own body heat off meaning at even high temperates when your body is working, you have a cooling effect.
Especially now that's getting warmer and summer is approaching a Ceramicool shirt comes in very handy for outdoor activities.
The Ceramicool collections includes 3 different types - Ceramicool Seamless (entirely made from the ceramic yarn), Ceramicool Pro (mix from ceramic yarn and intelligent mesh positioning) and Ceramicool (ceramicool technology only in sensitive areas of the body i.e. armpits, neck and back).

After getting into our outfits and examining the new Odlo collection, we got on deck to start our very own personal kickbox class. A kickboxing class is cool. But a kickboxing class on top of a floating boat in the heart of Berlin is awesome! Our trainer was super lovely as well and I just had a lot of fun. Anh was a really good sport and my partner in crime Jacky. I think we made a good team!
Since that class my urge to pickup kickboxing has just increased. Might actually look for a boxing center here in Berlin. Any recommendations are welcome.
Huge thanks to Odlo for the fun day!
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ph.: Pascal Rohe


Pants I Hose: THANKS TO Odlo
Top: Odlo (I'm wearing the new Ceramicool - same color on sale)
Shoes I Schuhe: THANKS TO Nike (on sale!)

Shop more from the Odlo Ceramicool collection here:

Love Lois xxx

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