Monday, March 28, 2016


Lois Opoku Christmas lisforlois
Had to share these images I took with Mali for my christmas post. There were so many more beautiful images she took and they were in my tucked away in my flickr album, not seeing the light. It didn't sit right with me.

You might think, "..kinda already saw these during christmas and they pretty much all look the same." So click x on this post.
Otherwise, if you'd like to see the first photo set click here.
But first, keep scrolling.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Chanel Fortissimo 681 lisforlois
What's up my loves?
It's been a long time since I've done a beauty post and I've been feeling the need to revive this section. My first back to beauty post is dedicated to the one and only house of Chanel.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Dimitri Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
Almost my final runway report of this fashion season (one more special one to go!) is dedicated to the one and only Dimitri. I've been a huge fan of his shows ever since I started my blog and I may recall that all my Dimitri posts are mostly just pictures and hardly any to no text at all. That's because his collection speaks for itself and mostly leaves me somewhat speechless. When you can say it one word, why write an entire book i.e. post? Dimitri = amazing.

As for the day, Phillip and I nearly missed the show as we headed back from Marina Hoermanseder. It was nice to see Toni and Ruhama again and I sat next to them as we enjoyed the show.
It's the only show I didn't get Phillip to snap amazing runway pics for me. But it's the only show I have crazy good video material for my youtube video from.
I don't know, although these are iPhone pictures and some shots are super blurry and these pictures are exactly what I would never post on my blog, I feel like it has a very special touch to it. Very personal, very real, very close. A different kind of aesthetics.
Enjoy the show from my point of view, right of from the front row.
Good night peeps!
I'm off to study for my exams.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Lois Opoku Streetstyle lisforlois
What's up guys?
Just wanted to show you my final look for Fashion Week. I've got to be honest, I'm feeling completely demotivated penning this post. I do not know what words, what topic, what message, to choose to accompany this post. In fact I should just leave this text field empty. But it would be a mirror of the complete opposite of what's going on in my head.
Unclear. Unfocused. Uncontrolled.
Ironically this post seems unclear, unfocused, uncontrolled..

I think I've never been in such a confused state of mind. Emotionally, mentally.

Mein Leben steht am Rande des Umbruchs, wie der Cursor am Ende einer Zeile.

I'm listening to Xavier Naidoo's greatest hits right now (if you don't speak German - imagine the most sentimental life will go on, you're not alone, I love you more than words can describe - love and motivation songs wrapped in the most eloquent words one can imagine accompanied by the most beautiful harmonies and melodies..) Yeah that's me right now.. I'm also wearing sweatpants. King Karl would infamously say I've lost complete control of my life. I think he is right.

You probably just clicked this post because you're interested in what I'm wearing...
Scroll down.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Rebekka Ruetz Berlin fashion Week lisforlois
I have a hate-love relationship with Rebekka Ruetz. One season I'm loving it and the next I'm not shipping it at all, the season after I'm applauding and then I'm dissappointed again. This season however I loved it. The material and print mixes, the big belts as details.. I got me kind of inspired.
But see for yourself!
Enjoy the runway pics shot by Phillip once again and edited by me as per usual..

Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Footlocker vans Lois Opoku lisforlois
February marked the Hottest Month in every sneakerhead's calendar. The Hottest Month is a month full of daily releases at Foot Locker. From the hottest Nikes, to the Puma x Fenty release (daaaammmnnnn) to Adidas exclusives to Vans, it's mayhem!
Foot Locker allowed me to choose and style a pair and I went for the Vans metallics that are exclusive to Foot Locker. Now let me be completely honest with you. I chose them because my initial reaction was "ew what are thooose?!", immediately followed by a classic Barney Stinson like urge to make them work in a "Challenge accepted!" fashion.
Here is my result.
What are your thoughts?