Friday, March 28, 2014


HUB Footwear x Lois Opoku My Magic Hour by Jules Villbrandt lisforlois
My Magic Hour.. I remember those daybreaks after long party nights with my friends. We're on our way home, as one of points  to the sky "wow look at that sky today!" before my eyes fall shut and I wake up in my bed hours later questioning how I manage to get there safe.
My golden hours as day turns to night are usually spent during summer, somewhere at the Krumme Lanke while laughing with my friends and we forget ourselves, before we notice it has suddenly been dark for more than hour. And we get ready to skinny dip. There's the moment of freedom and carelessness in that magic hour and the sky, God's painting, corresponds.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


HUB Footwear x Lois Opoku My Magic Hour by Kevin Danzer lisforlois HUB Footwear x Lois Opoku My Magic Hour by Kevin Danzer lisforlois
ph.: Kevin Danzer

Preview of an upcoming project I did for HUB Footwear. My outfit is quite the contrast from my usual colourful "sunshine" looks. But I like the mood and atmosphere in these pictures. So had to share them with you. It's so hard to catch a good sunset or sunrise these days… Quite frustrating if that's exactly what you intend to do.
How have you been so far this week?

Love Lois xxx

Friday, March 21, 2014


#redfriday beni durrer Lois Opoku lisforlois
What's the best thing about Fridays? Weekend. That's true. What's the best thing about this Friday for me? Unpacking a package (I LOVE UNPACKING!) with a new lipstick and matching lipliner from Beni Durrer. And since it's #redfriday - just the perfect excuse to wear red lips. I'm so in love with this new lipstick because it's rich in pigmenation which is super important for me because of my dark skin and you know unfortunately drugstore makeup does not do it for me. It's the right shade of red. Ad with the lipliner I've learned to achieve the perfect red lips, which I'm willing to share with you below.

I made an easy 3-step tutorial on how to achieve perfect red kissable lips just like I do it. (To be honest it's the first time I'm actually implementing this 3-step tutorial myself, I usually skip the lipliner part and go straight for the lipstick. But alas! I've conquered the smudgy-lipstick-edges-problem. EUREKA! Lipliner before lipstick FTW!)
So next Friday, when you go out, be sure to wear red lips!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Nike NTC Berlin Lois Opoku lisforlois Nike NTC Berlin lisforlois Friday was actually my first time I entered the new Nike store at Berlin Ku'damm. I didn't make it to their opening because I was at lunch with The 7 Virtues and since then I haven't found time to check it out. On Friday I didn't go their to have a look at their new store or gear up on new fitness clothes (nothing keeps you more motivated than a pair of shoes, a new sports bra or the perfect fit fitness leggings right?) or Air Max 1. I was there to attend one of Nike's new fitness classes part of the NTC (Nike Training Club) program. Nike now offers, besides their really cool app with virtual trainers and progress tracking, fitnesses classes like yoga, Pilates, NTC, Core Strength, Dance and much more with real trainers in their own studio.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Lois Opoku Seek No Further Berlin Pop Up Store Opening lisforlois Seek No Further Pop Up Store Opening Berlin lisforlois
Last week Seek No Further opened its doors to their new Pop Up store in the heart of Berlin Mitte. The store opening was quite a success, since the store was packed as Schwarz Don't Crack ?? for good tunes and the margaritas kept coming way passed closing time. Best margarita's ever! (Yes yes yes to melon and passion fruit margaritas straight from a slushy machine).
I enjoyed myself checking out the store during the press preview hours and had a closer look at the collection. I came back for the little welcoming party afterwards and even had a good chat with their London manager in the breezy night. Berlin's nights are becoming warmer and warmer. Hello Spring? (Let's not get too excited all yet. Don't wanna jinx it!) Perfect time to stop by for some Spring/Summer basics at their Pop Up Store. Seek No Further is the new premium line of Fruit of The Loom and offers clean cut basics and not so basic basics with a little twist made from different high quality materials. They are very experimental with textures and materials. A white jumper thats actually black but completely printed white? Or inside out jumpers? Already got my eyes on that slippers I saw and the dark printed dress. Definitely keeping Seek No Further on my watch list..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Winter outfit leopard lisforlois

Some of my favourite winter accesories this season. My leopard hand shoes I got at H&M for I think 2€ years ago have been with me a while now. I recently rediscovered them in wardrobe and couldn't be happier about it because they give every outfit a little something. They're chic and total eye catchers, definitely the fancy kind of hand shoes.
As for the two pieces of jewelry, they were gifts from Valmano during the Valmano Experience night, where they invited us for a round of Bingo and Glühwein. I cannot be more thankful because I've always admired Sabrina Dehoff's jewelry and since its price is out of my league I kinda thought I won't be able to own a piece, at least not for now. So you can imagine how happy I was unboxing this. It's quite amazing what this blog has done for me and how it keeps showing me that nothing is impossible. I truly treasure this piece and try not to wear it everyday so it'll last longer before I wear it out with my love.
As for the Pilgrim necklace? It's a funny thing. If you know me you know I'm all about statement necklaces. Chunky huge ass necklaces that make you wonder how I carry around such a weight around my neck without dropping my head to the floor. The bigger the better, the more the merrier. But this simplest of simple necklace is actually one of my favourites atm and I'm practically wearing it daily. I tend to find much appreciation in the opposite extreme. If I'm wearing a big necklace, I wear this little one under my T-Shirt.

Spring is coming. Bye hand shoes for this season, but the jewelry stays..

Love Lois xxx

Monday, March 10, 2014


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Last week I had the honor of being Bombay Sapphire's guest, a premium Gin label with an exotic touch, in their quest to for the World's Most Imaginative Bartenders. Unfortunately I didn't take any outfit pictures - or pictures at all to be honest, but I documented the night between the World Most Imaginative Bartenders and their self-created drinks with my iPhone in a sort of Instadiary. Clearly as the above depicts we were having way too much fun at Bar 1000, a little underground bar right at the water of Friedrichstr. 
I wore a my green silk dress, that . It's definitely too gorgeous to be kept in the back of my wardrobe and I should show you in a better outfit post some time. But it was one of those buys you know you won't be wearing so often but save it for special occasions and moments like this Bombay Sapphire Event. 
I enjoyed my night between music and my usual blogging partners in crime sipping away one Bombay Sapphire mix after the other and smartly dressed bartenders. Speaking of smart, Bombay Sapphire's brandmanager is such a piece of chocolate (pun intended ;) ), I wouldn't say no to a drink with him #fosho! Congrats to all the winners! 
We actually got two bottles of their finest bottles to take home. Those Bombay Sapphire bottles are super gorgeous and I can't wait to use them to decorate my room. I'm actually more excited about them being empty than endeavoring them.
Killed one bottle on the weekend with my friends, one more to go!

Oh and drink responsibly, right? But that goes without saying.. ;)

Love Lois xxx