Thursday, October 31, 2013


Michael Kors #watchhungerstop lisforlois

In the month of October Michael Kors dedicated its energy to helping the poor, depraved and hungry in partnership with the United Nations WFP (World Food Programme) by not only designing a watch specially dedicated to this purpose whose entire profit was donated to the WFP (one watch = one hundred meals) but also by raising awareness through the power of social media. October 16th marked the World Food Day and Michael Kors called upon fashion lovers and shoppers to stop by their Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and their two New York boutiques SoHo and Rockerfeller Center to slip into a T-Shirt and get their pictures snapped, displaying the images hashtagged #watchHungerStop on their billboards in NY Times Square.

Together with some friends I stopped by the Berlin Michael Kors Boutique at Rosenthaler Straße to get our pictures snapped, help create a buzz in our own social media channels and even ended up on NY's billboard trice.

As of today 2 140 300 meals have been delivered so far. You can read more about the campaign here and learn how to donate here.

Michael Kors #watchhungerstop lisforlois

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Levis Grazia Magazine Event Berlin Revel lisforlois
Last Thursday Ina and I headed to the Grazia x Levi's Shopping Night, which was a ladies-only event organised by Grazia as sort of an Meet&Greet between Grazia and readers, but the actual highlight of the night was the presentation of the new Levi's Revel Jeans, which I have to admit fit quite amazingly and make a really good ass. With drinks by Ciroc (SO GOOD!!) and finger food, we had the chance to shop all night with a 15% discount all accompanied by a DJ set. But what was more exciting was the fact that we had the chance to get styled by Grazia and complete the look with Make Up by Rituals and get snapped infront of the Levi's photo wall.

Ina and I took the opportunity for a styling session with the Grazia Team and with Mirjana we searched the store for nice outfits. After waiting for what seemed like forever (the store was packed!) but with drinks to get by, Ina and I made our way into the changing room and I finally got to slip the new Revel jeans over my legs. Kinda digging my all jeans look. Check out the pictures below.
Ina went for a festival look.
Levis Grazia Magazine Event Berlin Revel lisforlois

Sunday, October 20, 2013


foot locker sneaker mix lisforlois

What happens when sneakers meet music and you add Foot Locker into the equation? That's right, you get a late night party with Stripers (=workers at Footlocker) dancing on the superdimensional deck, the world's first ever sneaker mixing deck (!), creating music with some sick beats, light shows and crazy visuals and an exclusive collection of sneakers that launched this spring/summer. Each pair of sneaker from the Foot Locker Sneaker Mix collection 2013, whether Converse Peelback, Nike Free Run +2 or Adidas Honey Hi as seen in the clip; they all come with a different sound, different visual and different beat that allows sneaker fans to create some cool mixes when interacting with the deck.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Adidas style room lisforlois Adidas style room lisforlois

"Unite all originals" is next year's big over all theme at Adidas and therefore Adidas is reviving some of their old historic classics as for example the ZX850 sneaker.
As for Adidas Originals in particular - next season in honour of the World Cup to be held in Brasil, Brasil itself has become an inspiration which is visible in the Adidas Originals collection in form of footballs printed all over pullovers or simply the color green and jungle prints as a reoccurring theme.
And what's happening at Adidas NEO? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will be designing another collection for Adidas NEO next season. Already got my eyes set on Selena's bomber jacket with the sheer arms and floral details.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Ugg Australia Rowland streetstyle lisforlois
Hey Guys,

I'm back from the Adidas Showroom which pretty much was like a party between clothes coming up for next season. That DJ? Helllo? Awesomest music ever! Plus I picked up your Selena NEO pullover you can win in my Birthday Box giveaway. The Adidas teams are always open and it's always great to chat with them. Such cool people! After that I headed to Micheal Kors to support their #WatchHungerStop initiative in honour of World Food Day.
Anyway I wanted to show you my first look combining my Ugg Boots. It's getting super chilled lately in Berlin and it's time for fall. I picked out my full leather trousers my mom once got me maybe years ago (one of the few things she brought home and I actually loved xD), which I must admit have completely lost their fit and look baggy in some pictures. However I'm kinda digging that and I'm considering getting baggy leather pants that are meant to be baggy ever since I saw a pic of Kim Kardashian sporting some and actually looking quite fit. Anyone else noticed how rad her style has gotten ever since she started dating Kanye??
I think leather goes so well with my new UGGs. You'll probably be seeing more of that combo.
Anyway I'm so ready for bed.. Press Days start tomorrow and I got a few appointments and on top of that I'm looking forward to checking out some PRs here in Berlin.

Nightie Night!
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Monday, October 14, 2013


Coke Light Hör auf dein Herz Campus Sixx lisforlois Coke Light Hör auf dein Herz Campus Sixx lisforlois

Heart disease is the number one killer amongst women living in Germany, not cancer as most people would presume. This is what I learned at the Coke Light Hör auf dein Herz Campus an initiative supported by Coke Light.
With the right diet and a good amount of sports each week you all can contribute to the health of your own heart. I enjoyed the day at the campus since it was a good mix of information and learning by doing. The interactive cooking lessons with those cute guys (who actually have their own restaurant here in Berlin) and a bit of sports with a personal trainer, the medical check up (can't wait to receive my results and find out what my heart is like) and talks with Palina Rojinski, Nadja Uhl and experts all contributed to a good day where I did learn a lot.
Coke Light is having a donation campaign. You can help by using the hashtag #zeigeHerz on pictures with heart motives on instagram. For every picture submitted Coke Light donates 1€. I've already submitted 2 pics. You can check them out on Instagram if you like and find out more here.
Although heart failure and diseases are something that affect old age, it's now that we're still young we can make a difference for later.
As my mom always says "Prevention is better than cure." And I'm starting to get the gist of it.

Coke Light Hör auf dein Herz Campus Sixx lisforlois

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hey guys!

How have you been? I turned 20 this week and in order to celebrate with you am giving away a birthday box which includes awesome new earphones by Philips, Beauty goodies thanks to Pointrouge, the Adidas NEO Selena Gomez jumper and Porefessional by Benefit.

You need to be a follower of this blog and simply fill out the giveaway form below. Don't forget to fill out the bonus entries for a higher chance to win! Facebook like, Instagram and Twitter follow will count as extra chances :)
Good luck!!

Giveaway ends in 2 weeks :)
Have a great start into the new week!

Love Lois xxx

Monday, October 07, 2013


1. MICHAEL KORS Hamilton Bag  2. JENNIFER ZEUNER Necklace  3. NASTYGAL Ring Set  4. NASTYGAL Caged Bracelet  5. NIKE Air Force 1  6. JOSEPH Leopard Sweater  7. SAINT LAURENT PARIS Purse  8. ISSUE 1.3 Olga Pants  9. SHEINSIDE Leather Jacket  10. NASTYGAL Sunglasses  11. HALSTON HERITAGE Cross Body Bag  12. RiRi <3 M.A.C. Talk That Talk  13. NIKE Air Yeezy 14. MARC JACOBS iPhone Case  15. J.COLE Born Sinner Album  16. BAUBLEBAR Stament Necklace  17. MICHAEL KORS Watch  18. NIKE Blazers  19. NASTYGAL Body Chain  20. CANON EF 50mm/1,8 II Standard Lens    

It's been a while since I've done a wishlist post on my blog and since it's my birthday tomorrow I thought this is the perfect occasion to do one again. To be honest all of the above are things I wouldn't mind owning but it's nothing I'm really dying for. I can't remember the last time I seriously wanted something - oh yes I do, the purple Longchamp Shopper I got for my 17th birthday. Since then all my materialistic wishes have been temporary wishes that come and go and I can surely live without. I'm quite content with what I have at the moment and there's nothing I seriously want or need. (Except well maybe the white Air Force 1 to take me one stop closer to a timeless wardrobe).
Anyway I just wanted to give you the opportunity to shop my wishlist, things I'm currently into and let us dive together into the world of materialistic fulfillment. At the end of the day true wishes are things money can't buy, those things that truly make you happy in the long run as opposed to just a momentarily satisfaction.
I'm really looking forward to a chilled night with my friends tomorrow evening.

Shit am I getting old and wise and poetic already? Relax, I'm turning 20..

Love Lois xxx

Thursday, October 03, 2013


UGG Australia Rowland boots lisforlois UGG Australia Rowland boots lisforlois UGG Australia Rowland boots lisforlois

Meet my new UGG Boots, a present from UGG Australia. My model is called Rowland and they're from their new fall/winter collection. I must admit when I first saw them on a picture I wasn't so sure about them, but in reality they look so much better. The military look has something edgy to it.
It's definitely something different from the classic UGG Boot. I'm already thinking about all the ways to combine them and make the military look work on me.
And I most likely do not need to tell you that the comfort and warmth of these shoes is beyyooonndd.. ugh!

Thanks so much for the boots UGG Australia!

Love Lois xxx

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


SoHo House Berlin lisforlois
Hey Guys,

This is my outfit today, right now.
How are you today? I had breakfast at the SoHo House this morning and met up afterwards with my best friend to plan my birthday. I'm out and about today but just found a quick minute to share today's outfit with you. Weather is amazing today and I'm about to head out with Ina to take some pictures. After that I'm headed to the Muro.exe shoe launch and the Weekday Men's wear collection presentation with my friend Miles. Can't wait to hear his judgy self have a take on both launches tonight.

See you around babes! Don't forget to join my Benefit Giveaway. Ends tomorrow!