Saturday, February 28, 2015


Lois Opoku Mario Testino in your face vogue opening party berlin lisforlois
Mario Testino in your face vogue opening party berlin lisforlois
One of the most exciting invitations I got for Fashion Week was an invitation by Vogue. An invitation to the opening of Mario Testino's In Your Face exhibition.
One thing I want to do more: visit galleries, look at art and let it completely overcome me.
Standing there between Mario Testino's works I remembered the power of a room of art having over me, the hold on me it could have and the feeling it would leave me with for hours if not sometimes days after, from my a-level time (my main courses were art & english) as we'd visit galleries on the regular.
Mario Testino's In Your Face exhibition is a must look-at. For photography lovers, fashion lovers and anyone with an appreciation for moods captured in a pure moment.
And it left me craving again.
So here is one thing I want to do more often: visit galleries.

Friday, February 20, 2015


lois opoku esprit x caroline blomst swimwear collection launch lisforlois esprit x caroline blomst swimwear collection launch lisforlois
You may have seen on my Instagram (@LisforLois) that I've had my first swim this year! Esprit rented out the Stadtbad Neukölln, which by the way is one of the most beautiful swimming pools I've seen in Berlin. Ancient paintings and frescos, greek architecture.. ah! All to present their latest design collaboration with none other than Stockholm Streetstyle's very own Caroline Blomst. I've always admired her sense of style and her vision to discover great looks on the streets of pretty much anywhere now, not limited to Stockholm as the name of the blog may convey.
I was looking forward to see what she created.
After arriving two hours late - yes, sadly I missed the swim dancers, I had misread my invitation - I still took my time to browse through the new collection while sipping freshly made smoothies and munching on my fruit bowl.
Jasmin, me and Cindy from the Esprit took it upon ourselves to jump into the pool. The water was so inviting! While most girls left, we couldn't complain having the pool all to ourselves. I mean why did Esprit rent the entire place for, right? :)

My favorite piece of the Esprit x Caroline Blomst collection has to be the white bathing suit, that has such a timeless cut. The bikinis are well padded and have very flattering cut for your cleavage. Trust me, even my mini boobs looked nice and plum. The collection mainly plays with different patterns and different kind of mix and match styles to every pattern and cut.
Overall a cute collection Esprit and Caroline Blomst have created together.
I'm summer ready..

Monday, February 16, 2015


dimitri berlin fashion week runway gif dimitri berlin fashion week runway gif januar 2015 lisforlois dimitri berlin fashion week runway gif januar 2015 lisforlois dimitri berlin fashion week runway gif Dimitri runway gif berlin fashion week lisforlois
ph.: Mercedes Benz official, Video by Benny Opoku-Arthur, gifs by me

DIMITRI. FALL/WINTER 2015. So on point!
Full MBFWB DAY 2 here

Love Lois xxx


fashion week streetstyle winter Lois Opoku lisforlois
So finally continuing with my fashion week diary series. Uni is killing my vibe, my energy and my happy spirit. But what can I do. PS.: I just got the news that I passed my first exam.
Let me take you into my crazy adventures of Day 2 at Berlin Fashion Week.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


happy valentines day roses lisforlois Happy Valentines Day Loves!

I just wanted to leave you with a few impressions of Valentines Day to in celebration of the day of Love. Isn't it wonderful that we have a day dedicated to the most beautiful thing on earth, Love? I know Valentines Day can be so overrated and "just about the gifts" or making single people feel more miserable about being lonely than they already are. I know Valentines Day shouldn't be singling out a day to love, because everyday should be a day to love.
But I think it's nice we have a day on which the theme of love is omnipresent and we can appreciate the fact that we are able to fall in love, share and spread love and love another. May it be your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your family, your best friend, your pet or simply someone you love.
What you make of Valentines Day is entirely up to you.
No, I don't have a boyfriend to be snuggling up to and expecting chocolate and bouquet of roses from.
Yet I choose to spread love and be in love with the fact that everyone is sending love. I stay completely blind to the anti-valentines-day advocates. I see what I want to see, and that is love being around at least for a timespan of 24 hours.

Valentines day for me is all about red Lips and roses. And red dresses maybe? So cliché!
This year I was very happy to be surprised with a bouquet of roses from a handsome guy dressed in a tuxedo at my door step. Thank you Durex for this! We even took some selfies. Check it on Insta.

Beauty-wise I stay simple with my fav mascara by YSL, black eyeliner highlighted with gold on the end of the wing (YSL babydoll eyeliner in gold!) and red lips. This year I choose the new Style Lip Lacquer in matte red.

Special gifts can be hard to find for Valentines Day. I've fallen in love with the idea of love locks.
Lock a dream in devotion to love yourself and putting you first every once in a while more, lock your friendship with your best friend or lock your love with your lover. I got super cute locks from NOTHS.
You can find them on or and have them engraved as well.
Put that on your gift list for next Valentines Day!
valentines day selfie lois opoku lisforlois