Monday, November 23, 2015


The ICONIC, the every-girl's-dream bag.
The level of sophistication and .
This is a vintage Chanel passed on to generation after generation. And over the years the respect and admiration for a Chanel only grows. I too want to pass on a Chanel to my daughters and their daughters. I want them to feel what it is like to grace yourself with a bag like this.
I suddenly feel especially lady like, empowered, exclusive and extraordinary.

It is amazing what one little bag embossed with a double C can make, how it can have such a strong hold and impact on you. How you suddenly carry yourself in the presence of that sign.
Chanel will always stay magical.
It is the embodiment of iconic.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


puma creeper rihanna 
Last night I attended the Puma preview party and latest sneaker release of Puma by Rihanna The Creeper. Great music, the best drinks I've had at an event so far (hell yeah blinking mug Absolut cocktails!) and a good crowd. You know, I love the sneaker scene and their parties. The people are the realest. And yes finally a party they don't play crappy electro beats, but some good old hip hop. The new store located directly at Hackescher Markt looks good and it's spacious spread across two floors. I enjoyed my evening with my main squeeze Joeva and met Sara Joleen and Nhi who happen to be the cutest!
Not only were we celebrating the opening of the new Puma Mitte store, but also the first and early glimpse of the new Puma by Rihanna creeper. And judging by the crazy amount of likes I got on my picture on Instagram yesterday, I think it's safe to say, these babies have caused a major hype.

I of course immediately alerted you on Snapchat as the shoes went live on and of course you were able to be with me at the party right as it was happening. (my SC handle: loisopoku - yes, you are welcome ;) )

Monday, November 09, 2015


Levis 700 los Gallery lisforlois
When it comes to jeans Levis is a classic, iconic. A brand you immediately associate with the word 'jeans'. Levis organized a little gallery opening celebrating their 700 jeans line in forms of works of art. All shot by a gifted photographer Stephanie Pfaender. Curated by girls like me - fashion bloggers/influencers. I was lucky to be part of the evening in my Levis 710 and get a glimpse of the photography admits the artists themselves.

It was then I met one of my favorite bloggers I've been following ever since I discovered the bloggersphere: Sabrina of afterDRK. Struck and completely in awe I forgot to ask Sabrina for a selfie, you know as a little memory to keep. But I'll keep the moment as a memory forever.

Friday, November 06, 2015


hm balmain pre launch party lisforlois
Hey guys!

Here are the pictures from the H&M x Balmain Pre-Launch party. The clohtes themselves were gone before I could get there as I came late thanks to work. Word on the street was that the clothes were gone within the first 15minutes, long before the entire guests were even admitted. So attending a H&M pre-launch party does not necessarily come with a relaxed shopping experience.

However I really loved the collection and it is by far my favorite designer collaboration H&M has ever done. Balmain itself has gotten a lot of attention in the last year so the hype around the collection was immense, and that even long before the launch. H&M shops were literally raided the next day on the official launch and I think it even was the fastest selling collection to date.

Did you manage to get a few pieces from the collection? Were you planning on?